Sunday, September 9, 2012

Marathon Training: Week 8

Sunday: 6 miles + 30 day shred
Monday: 4 miles + 40 day shred
Tuesday: 30 day shred
Wednesday: 4 miles + 30 day shred
Thursday: 30 day shred
Friday: 14 miles
Saturday: rest day

Total miles: 28 miles

*long run went great this week! I wore my husbands knee band and it helped tremendously. My knee didn't start hurting until afterwards, but icing & aleve seemed to take ease the pain. My feet however, they were killings by mile 9. I was wearing new shoes (I'd worn them all week, but this was my first long run in them) and they aren't nearly as padded as my old shoes. I love them though and I'm sure once I'm used to them, it won't bother me anymore.

*i broke my 30 day streak for 30 day shred. I'm not throwing in the towel- in just doing to double up on my non-run days this week so that I can make up for the 2 misses workouts

*no loss this week. I actually gained .08. I'm not stressing- this always happens during marathon training. If I can maintain my current wait until the marathon and not gain anything, I'll be happy. However I'm REALLY trying to get rid of these last 30 pounds. I will not give up :)

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Maybe I spoke too soon yesterday when I said my knee pain was under control. I thought that the combo of glucosamine, icing, stretching and rest was the magic ticket but today I've been proven wrong. It hurts. Its sore and tender and even when I'm not walking- it hurts.

Since I'm also doing The 30 Day Shred along with my marathon training, its hard to pinpoint just how I hurt it. I have a very good feeling its from Jillian though. Just one more reason not to like her (I kid). There is a lot of jumping in Level 2 and its very likely I landed wrong. So today when I did the Shred, I did just the upper body and ab workouts. I did the cardio but I modified it so that I had to use my knee/legs as little as possible. It was still a tough workout, maybe even tougher because I focused all my attention on my arms, shoulders, abs and back (which tend to be my weakest points). I'm hoping that if I do that for the next few days, the pain in my knee will lessen or go away. Hoping-Hoping-Hoping.

I only have one training run left this week (a 4 miler) besides my long run (14 miler) on Friday. Im planning on going out for a nice, easy 4 miles tonight after dinner so that I'll have Wednesday and Thursday to rest my legs before my long run. I've been barefoot or in flip flops all day, which always makes my knee feel worse. Usually the second I put on my running shoes (or other similar, supportive shoes) the pain lessens immediately when I walk. If I start running and the pain is just to much- I'll stop. I'm not willing to risk a long-term injury on a short training run. I'm going to wear my husbands knee band  and see if it helps any. And then my plans for the rest of the night include icing, elevating and pinteresting (you know that last one had to be thrown in there).

Monday, September 3, 2012

Marathon Monday: Week 7

Week 7 is complete! Heres a recap of last weeks workouts:

Monday- 6 miles + 30 Day Shred
Tuesday- 30 min elliptical + 30 Day Shred
Wednesday- 4 miles + 30 Day Shred + 2.25 mile walk
Thursday- 30 Day Shred
Friday- 12 miles + 30 Day Shred
Saturday- REST
Sunday- 4 miles + 30 Day Shred

Total Miles: 28.25

I think its safe to say that this was probably my best week of training yet. My runs all went pretty well (thanks in large part to the slightly cooler weather) and I was able to fit them all in without rearranging my entire life.

I did have to split my long run into 2 separate parts on Friday because of time constraints. I had a funeral to go to that day and knew I didn't have enough time to drop the kids off at school, run 12 miles, get ready and make it to Fresno in time for the funeral. So instead, I got up at 5:00am, did 30 Day Shred and ran 4 miles before coming home to get the kids up and ready for school. After I dropped them off 45 minutes later, I ran the remaining 8 miles. I felt like I was "cheating" since I obviously wont be able to do that during the marathon but it was really my only choice. It was either that or cut it short so I'm happy with the choice I made.

I need to focus on not being so hard on myself. If I don't finish right at or under my target pace, I feel discouraged for the rest of the day. There is more to life than overall times and paces, I  need to remember that :) If I don't finish under my what? Its not the end of the world. I will still have completed a marathon and thats way more than I ever, ever thought I'd be able to say. So what if I'm slow, or slower than I want to be...I'm still running the same 26.2 miles as the 1st place winner. We are still crossing the same finish line...right?

I have been religiously taking my multivitamin and Glucosamine in the hopes that it will help my knees and joints. It might just be in my head, but I feel like its made a difference. My knee has held up pretty good all week, as long as I stretch really good and ice it for awhile after I run.

30 Day Shred is going well. I did end up taking Saturday off (I challenged myself to doing it 30 days straight) but I'm making up for it by doing it twice today. Again, not ideally what I planned when I made the challenge for myself but I have to be flexible. I just started Level 2 and WOW! It is NOT easy. Level 1 was becoming too easy, I  mean I broke a sweat and got my heart pumping each time, but it was definitely not as hard as Day 1. I'm hoping the same will be true for Level 2. All I know is that I felt like Jillian Michaels was torturing me for 30 minutes.

Weight loss to date:
-1.8 this week
-76.6 to date

Monday, August 27, 2012

Marathon Monday: Week 6

I have completed week 6 of 16 of my training schedule. As the weeks go on, the training is getting much more rigorous and time consuming. I think I've decided that this will be my first and last marathon for awhile. At least a year or so. I just don't have the time it takes to dedicate to a strict training schedule, and I feel like its taking some of the fun and enjoyment I got out of running. Who knows, maybe I'll change my mind- but right now- I feel like I'm just going through the motions. I don't have that awesome runners high afterwards, I just feel exhausted. I can't run to clear my mind and sort my thoughts like I used to- now I'm too busy thinking about paces and averages and mile markers and elevation and refueling. 

Sunday: Rest Day
Monday: 4 miles
Tuesday: 30 minutes elliptical + 30 Day Shred
Wednesday: 5 miles + 30 Day Shred
Thursday: 3 miles + 30 Day Shred
Friday: 11 miles + 30 Day Shred
Saturday: 4.64 miles + 30 Day Shred (this was actually supposed to be a rest day, but I've got a busy week and had some free time that day, so I got one of my 4 mile runs for the upcoming week out of the way)

Total Miles:  28 miles

*My right knee always starts hurting about mile 5. If I stop and take a 5 minute walk break, it eases up and I can start running another mile or two without any problems. 
*I have found that walking breaks is the only way I'm going to successfully complete 26.2 miles. I feel like I'm cheating when I walk, and I know thats not the case. I just really hoped to RUN 26.2 miles. No one "walks a marathon". I'm not fast by any means. If I can keep my running between 11:00-12:00 pace, then my 14:30ish walk breaks don't bring down my overall pace too terribly bad. I just want to finish under 6 hours, thats my only goal. The clock runs for 8 hours but the streets are only closed off to traffic for 6. I just can't even fathom people who run 3-4 hour marathons. I'm jealous, I don't think I will ever, ever be that fast!
*The toe next to my big toe has been causing me some problems. I think it started out with cutting my nail too short, but now the nail is lifting off my toe and it feels bruised. Im going to the doctor at the end of the week
*I will be SO glad when the temperatures cool down and I don't have to run with the miserably hot sun beating down on me. 

I'm back...I think :)

Ok friends- are any  of you still out there?!

I took a much needed summer off from blogging. I had planned on at least announcing it, but apparently I never got around to it ;) With the husband and kids home from school/work all summer, I consciously planned on making family and fun a priority, and not blogging. I love blogging, I love the friends I've made, the opportunities I've been given and sharing my journey with everyone, but every once in awhile its nice to just to take some time off. I'm back though! Everyone has gone back to school and I once again have a little extra time on my hands. So, there you have it. I can't promise I'll post every single day, but I'll post as often as I can.

And now for the important part, pictures. Right? Haha here are a few pictures of my summer

Austin's 6th birthday
 Trying out the whole hat thing...can't decide if it works for me or not
 LOTS of hikes this summer!
 4th of July. Yes I take lots of self-pics. It helps me choose my outfit for the day...dont judge haha
 A night hike 
 Running with Carson. He ran 1/2 mile with me! (hes four years old)

 Probably the one time I straightened my hair and wore it down all summer. Who has the time or energy when its 110 outside?
 On our way to Yosemite National Park to climb Half Dome. Well, attempt.
 My brother and I right before we started the 12+ hour hike/climb.
 We started at 11 pm and planned to make it to the top of Half Dome around sunrise. Unfortunately, I got horribly sick from the altitude about 2.5 hours into the hike and ended up having to go back to the car for the rest of the night. It was a terrible disappointment, I was very frustrated and I felt like a failure. Physically, my body could have kept going. It was a HARD hike, VERY hard. But I felt like I was in good enough shape to accomplish it. Unfortunately, that didn't help me when it came to the altitude sickness. If you've ever had it, you know what I mean. Horrible, smashing headache, dizziness, ear & sinus pressure, nausea. I knew I wouldn't be able to make it to the top and I didn't want to push myself into the "danger zone" so I stopped when I felt like it was safe for me. I can't say I'll ever try again, it was a traumatic experience. Out of our group of 6, my brother was the only one who actually made it all the way to the top (his second time doing this). If you've never seen pictures of Half Dome, please google it or look it up on YouTube, its crazy! 

Myself, Rebecca & Allison

Ok, and now for the real reason everyone is still reading: Have I lost, gained, maintained?

Today I weigh 1 pound more than I did when I ran my half marathon in May. I gained 4 pounds over the summer, mainly due to my marathon training but I have managed to get those off and am working on the last 30 til I'm at goal weight. 

Marathon training is hard. Its not only physically challenging but its mentally challenging as well. Not to mention it takes up a ton of time. I've read many things about marathoners never losing weight while training, despite the increase in mileage/running time. I didn't believe it at first, because it seems like common sense: more running= more calories burned= more weight lost. So not true. Sure you burn more calories, but you also consume more than normal because all that extra physical activity makes you ravenous. I crave peanut butter like a pregnant woman craves pickles and ice cream. Only I'm not pregnant, I promise. We all know peanut butter isn't the lowest calorie food either. I listen to my body though and I have been having 1 serving of peanut butter pretty much everyday. Natural, no salt added, organic peanut butter. That makes me feel a little better ;) 

About a week ago I decided I really, really wanted to get the ball rolling with these last 30 pounds and so I decided to add in MORE exercise along with my running 4 times a week. I have lost 80 pounds (in about 2 years, lots of maintenance/plateau months throughout those 2 years) so 30 should be a piece of cake, right? It seems like it would be but so far, notsomuch. 

I have challenged myself to doing Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred everyday for 30 days. I started last Tuesday and September 20th will be my 30th day. This morning I completed Day 6 and as Jillian says, if you stick with it, it really does get easier. I'm planning on doing 10 Days of level 1, 10 days of  level 2 and 10 days of level 3. I'll keep you posted on my progress. I took before pictures and will take after pictures as well. Not sure if I'll be posting them for the whole world to see, but I guess I'll wait and see what kind of changes I see at the end ;)

Ok, well I think thats a long enough update for now. I'm planning on posting my Marathon training progress each Monday, so look for that post later this afternoon.

P.S. Even though I haven't been blogging all summer, I have still been keeping up with my google reader and reading everyones posts- keep up the good work friends!!! 

Monday, June 4, 2012

a few exciting things to share

Is there anyone still out there?!

Life is crazy, as usual!!! I wanted to give you all an update- just in case you're on the edge of your chair waiting :)

I didn't do a May RUNdown and goals for June post because well...I just didn't think about it! The month ended and the thought never crossed my mind. I will pick back up with it next month. Quickly though- I did NOT meet my mileage goal (goal of 100, I finished around 75) but I did meet my weight loss goal of 5 pounds for May.

I think the biggest news I have to share is that I signed up for my first FULL marathon!!! I will be running 26.2 miles on November 4 and I could not feel more terrified about it! I took the past week off from running because I was feeling burned out. I did the elliptical and walked instead and when the week is over, I felt bloated, out of shape and just blah. I definitely ate more than normal also, but the lack of running really threw me off. I NEED to run to feel balanced. To feel whole. To feel productive. So after 7 consecutive days of logging 0 miles, I picked back up today with a short 2 mile run. I would have run longer but that brings me to my next bit of news- I'm starting the Insanity program. After I ran my 2 miles this morning I completed the Insanity Fit Test and I'm pretty sure I flunked. Ha ha in all seriousness, I did better than I expected and I know I'm going to feel it tomorrow. I'm excited to complete the 60 day program and hopefully watch my body transform. I think (hope!) it might be just what I need to kickstart my metabolism and start losing weight more consistently. Don't get me wrong, I like maintaining, but I'd much rather be maintaining my goal weight!

So I will continue to do a few short (2-5 miles) runs 4 or 5 days a week and I will be doing "double days" and also doing the Insanity workouts. Its summertime, everyone is home and its pretty laid back (schedule wise) so I'll have plenty of time to get 2 workouts in. I'm actually looking forward to it!!! I will start my marathon (eeeek!!!) training on July 9 and I've decided to follow Hal Higdon's Novice plan. I've heard quite a few good reviews about it and since I used his half program and liked it I'm already familiar with his training schedules. My Insanity & Marathon training will only overlap by 3 weeks at the end, which is not too bad. I've heard that it really helps runners with their endurance so I'm hoping thats the case!

Anyway- no pictures in this post, sorry! It was just supposed to be a quick update and to let everyone know that I haven't dropped off the face of the Earth :)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

California Classic Half Marathon

I know I know- its been almost 2 weeks since I've posted. Did you think I fell off the bandwagon and abandoned running all together? Well I'm happy to report that is definitely not the case :) I promise to try and be a better blogger!

If you've been reading my blog for any length of time, you probably have heard me mention (just a few hundred times) that I've been training for a half marathon. Well this past Sunday was the big day and now that its over, I wanna do a re-cap for my own memories but also to share with you.

I spent the night at my parents house the night before, since they live about 10 minutes from the race site and I live about 40 minutes. My brother also ran and so we got up at 4:00 am to have breakfast. He made ground chicken burgers (basically a hamburger but with ground chicken instead of beef) and scrambled eggs. Kind of an odd meal to eat at 4 in the morning, but we both knew that anything with fiber would not be the best idea. So we loaded up on simple carbs the day before, and protein the morning of. It worked out perfectly- I didn't have any stomach/bathroom issues and I also didn't get hungry through the whole race. 

We left the house about 6:00 to drive to the starting line in downtown Fresno. The race started and ended at Chuckchansi Stadium, were our local minor league baseball team plays. We lined up around 6:40 and the gun went off at exactly 7:00. I love when races actually start on time :)

Bad picture, but taken with my phone waiting at the starting line
Here are a few more (not so great quality) pictures before we left the house that morning

 Kevin- my brother, fractured his foot a few weeks ago and upon his doctors advice, he was still able to run the race. He has been taking anti-inflammatory meds and also wears a heated insole in his shoe. The doctor told him to take it easier than normal and not push himself, but that he was still ok to run if he felt up to it. He went back and forth but finally decided he would run at a slower pace...aka my pace. I was so excited to have someone to run with because 13 miles is a long time to run all by yourself. We started off strong- stronger than I ever, ever run. I felt great from the beginning and never felt out of breath or tired. He got ahead of me a few times and I had to either catch up to him or call him back, but for the most part we ran together. The first 3 miles flew by. We ran through the tower district, downtown Fresno and some older residential neighborhoods. There were lots of spectators out cheering us on and I can't tell you what a difference that makes! I kept a close eye on my watch to check my pace and was surprised that I was running so much faster than normal, but still feeling okay. I was wearing my Taz Running tattoo and I kept glancing at it when I would come up to each mile marker. I realized I was about a mile ahead of my goal, time wise. That scared me a little because I was really afraid of burning out towards the end. When we got to mile 6, we ran through Roeding Park and the zoo. My parents, grandma, cousin, Wayman and the kids were there waiting to see us pass by. Kevin got there before me but stopped to wait for me to catch up

 We stopped for a quick picture and so I could eat my GU energy gel and then it was time to start back up and head for the zoo!  I realized at this point that there was no way I could maintain his pace for the rest of the race and since his foot was obviously feeling okay, I didn't want to hold him back. I told him to go on ahead of me. I hated knowing I still had 7 more miles to run- by myself- but I knew it was for the best. When I run with someone, naturally we talk the entire time which messes up my breathing and pacing even more. I knew if I ran alone for the last half, Id be able to concentrate on my breathing and finish as strong as possible.
 We ran through the zoo, back through the park and passed our cheerleaders once again (about mile 7.5). After this, I was a little bummed cause I knew I wouldn't be seeing anyone again til the finish line. This is also when it started to get really, really hot.

 There were police patroling on motorcycles through the whole race and one of them let the boys sit on the bike with lights on. If you know Carson- you know this MADE HIS DAY. He has wanted to be a "motorcycle policeman" when he grows up for the longest time, and this just sealed the deal. He was one happy little 4 year old.

 I got to mile 8 and there were two tables set out- one that said "water" and one that said "gatorade" and had several full cups on each table. I was extremely hot and starting to feel lightheaded but I knew if I drank too much I'd feel sick. So instead of drinking, I quickly grabbed 2 cups from the water table and poured them over my head. Immediately, I realized that it wasn't water. It was gatorade. The cups were not on the correct table. If you have never experienced sweat + gatorade burning your eyes- you are lucky. That held me up for at least 3 or 4 minutes because I had to get water (yes I double checked) and flush out my eyes so that I could see again. It hurt BAD. As soon as I started running again, the man behind me threw his half-full cup of gatorade on the ground and it splashed up on my legs. So not only was I running with sticky hair, arms and face, but now I had to run with sticky legs. At this point I could have cried, but I decided to just laugh about it and keep going. I figured at the next aid station I would rinse my legs off it bothered me that bad.

Well- the next aid station was not until Mile 10 and they WERE OUT OF CUPS. All they had were a few 1 gallon jugs of warm water that they were pouring into peoples mouths. I'm a major germophone and that just did not sit well with me. I asked the girl to pour it over my head and down my back, hoping that would hydrate me a little and at least cool me off. It definitely helped cool me off, but running in clothes that are soaking wet isn't that comfortable. This was also right around the time that we had to race the one and only hill of the race. It was a rather large overpass and I decided that I was going to take a small break and walk the overpass. It only took me about 5 minutes and I was thankful that I had banked so much time in the beginning and had a few extra minutes for walking breaks if needed.

By mile 12, I was mentally done. I didn't see an end in sight. Instead of it being a straight run to the finish line, we had to weave in and out of the streets of downtown and we would pass the stadium (finish line), and then run half a mile away from it only to re-trace that half mile on the next street up. It was mentally exhausting. My legs were getting a little sore but nothing unbearable at all. I took 2 or 3 walk breaks (probably about a minute each) just to get myself back on track mentally.

Everyone was waiting at the finish line for us and was able to get pictures of both my brother and myself coming across the field to home plate, where the finish line was.
 Another complaint about the race (besides the hot water and lack of water and cups throughout the race) was that the bibs were very cheaply made. Mine was only hanging on my 1 safety pin by the end.
 I stopped my Nike+ right as I crossed the finish line and it said I ran 13.12 miles and my finishing time was 2:38. I've checked the official results online and they say my time is 2:44. I'm not sure why there is such a discrepancy, but its not a major deal to me. 2:44 is still under my 2:45 goal and I still cut 15 minutes off my last half marathon. So I'm proud either way. 
Here are my splits:

 After crossing the finish line we got to walk up a huge flight of stairs to the top of the stadium where they were handing out ice cream, beer & hot breakfast. The lines for beer and breakfast were huge so I just stuck with the ice cream. My little guys were up there waiting as soon as I got to the top of the steps!
 Happily displaying our second half-marathon medals. Many more to come in the future!
 My cousin Rebecca and my grandma who came to watch us

 My parents

 Proudly displaying Mommy & Daddy's medals (Wayman rode the Century Ride the day before- 100 miles!)
 We came home to shower and then put our race shirts and medals on before heading to Sweet Tomatoes for a post-race lunch

I had a great time and I'd definitely do this race again, despite the lack of aid stations and a few other minor complaints. It was a lot of fun and I'm looking forward to running it again next year. 

My next half is in November and until then, I'm going to focus on improving my 5k time. I'm going to re-start Couch 2 5k but instead of comfortably running, I'm going to give it all I've got! I really, really want a sub 30:00 5k at some point in the next year :)

Monday, May 7, 2012

April RUNdown and May goals

My goals for April were:
Lose 5+ pounds
Run 95 miles

I lost 6.2 pounds (woo hoo!)
I ran 101 miles

I'd say I met, and exceded my goals :) Some months are better than others and this month rocked for me. I didn't have to squeeze any last minute miles in to make my goal, I really had them spread out and balanced through the entire month.

I think I'm finally breaking through my 2nd plateau. I was up or down with the same 2 pounds for 3 months. I'm finally past it and am losing weight at a much faster pace than I have been. 

As far as my goals for May (which I know has already started!)
Lose 5+ pounds
Run 95 miles

It will be a little harder to meet the mileage goal this month, only because when my half is done with (on May 20) I am going to be cutting my mileage way back. I'm still gonna leave that goal high though and work to meet it. I've been working on distance for the past few months and now I really wanna spend the summer working on my 5k time. I am determined to get sub 30:00.

I haven't disappeared!

Hi friends :)

Thanks for all the comments and emails asking where I am and if I'm okay. Truth is- I'm perfect...just busy! The kids were sick last week with strep throat and then I came down with something too. It was just an off week for us. Even though the sick germs invaded our house, I was still able to get all my scheduled runs done, including an 11 miler on Friday. My toes were still blistered from my 10 mile race the week before so that was a pain (literally) to deal with as I ran. Fortunately I think they've cleared up and are on the mend. 

This past weekend the boys had their first baseball game! They looked so cute in their uniforms :)
I spent the afternoon prom dress shopping. Why, you ask? Well, the kids were taking naps at my parents and Wayman was at a volleyball tournament so...why not?! I had fun :) This was one of my favorites. 
I have one more week of training and then next week is a taper week before the race. I can't believe its less than 2 weeks away, I am getting so excited :) I feel completely prepared and ready to tackle the 13.1 miles ahead of me. 

Just wanted to let you know I'm still around and haven't abandoned the blog :) I'll work on my April RUNdown and May goals this afternoon and get that up too!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Shinzen 10 mile race

This morning my alarm went off at 5:45 and by 6:20 I was standing on the starting line. Thats why I like staying with my parents on race weekends- they live so much closer than we do! My dad dropped me off so I wouldn't have to find parking (which ends up, wouldn't have been too difficult). He saw me off and then he went back home to pick up my mom and Grandma to come back and watch me run. They planned on coming to the mile 5 turnaround but the course ended up being on a trail, off the road, so they would have had to park and walk quite a ways. They ended up catching me towards the end instead. 

Alright- basically today was the absolute perfect day for a race. I wore a running skirt and tank top and I never got hot or cold the entire run. It started out kind of chilly, but it felt awesome (it was in the 60's the whole time). 

Standing around, waiting for the start

 I brought my little point and shoot camera with me during the run and took a few pictures of the course. It was a pretty small turnout for the 10 miler (40 people?), thats why it looks so empty :) There were a ton of 5 miler racers

 It was supposed to be a "fast and flat" course. It was a ton of rolling hills which killed me. I train on flat, flat, flat and so the hills threw me for a loop. I didn't mind, but it did slow me down a little
 I felt really, really good the whole 10 miles. I got tired and my legs hurt, but my breathing was 100% under control the entire time. I never "hit the wall" and was happy to be there and running (sometimes during a race I curse myself for deciding to pick running as a hobby lol)
 My parents caught me at mile 8.5, right as I was about to make the final loop around the park to the finish line

 Coming through the finishers area

 I don't have my official results yet, but according to my Nike+ (on my phone) I finished in 2:04. I wanted to finish between 2:00-2:10 so I was happy with that. I had to stop and walk twice- once around mile 6 (to adjust my shorts under my skirt that were riding up, and then also to drink water) and then again right before mile 9. I walked for 2 minutes and then picked it up again

 My grandma and I after the race
 My parents and I

We came back to their house so I could take a shower and get ready for breakfast! We went to our favorite restaurant and let me tell you, just the thought of it was keeping me from hitting the wall during the run haha

 After breakfast, my mom and I did some grocery shopping and went to visit my grandma. My brother and I got our massages this afternoon (HEAVEN!!!!) and then he wanted to go to REI and the running store.  We also stopped for some fro-yo :) My bowl: tiny bit of cookies and cream with mini chocolate chips and french vanilla with fresh strawberries. It was soo good!
 Obviously I can't smile with the sun in my eyes
 Brother let me borrow his glasses :)
 I had a really full day and I was on my feet for 12 hours straight, but it really helped me from getting stiff and sore. I feel awesome tonight and am even considering doing the elliptical for 45 minutes before bed (I wanna catch up on my Hulu shows!).