Sunday, January 22, 2012

Vision Board

A few weeks ago Rebecca (my cousin & running buddy) and I sat down with a big pile of magazines and a pair of scissors. We were on a quest to find pictures, phrases, words and anything else we thought represented what WE wanted to become in 2012. We both have similar goals when it comes to health & weight loss so it was something we had a lot of fun doing. The next weekend we got together again and arranged all of our clippings on a foam board. I had planned on hanging it on the wall somewhere- but decided I liked it better on my bathroom counter instead:
(these are all phone pictures, not the best quality)
A closer look:
Some of my favorites that I have:
Bye Bye Baby Weight, Hello Miniskirts
Personal Best
Be Healthy Inside & Out
No More Mommy Body
Train To Lose 
(and obviously the pictures of the perfect bodies that I dream of having someday!)
Its a good reminder of the things I want to accomplish and I get to stare at it every morning while I'm drying my hair and doing my make up :) 

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