Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

Ok blogger is being all wonky and won't load my pictures correctly, so there just gonna have stay a little all-over-the-place today. I'll try and not let it bother me too much.

My Valentines Day is going very lovely so far. Hubby ended up staying home "sick" from work so its been nice to have him home to spend the day with! Not to mention having him home means that I get to run today. Usually Tuesdays are my non-run days or my run-and-die-pushing-a-40 lb-kid-in-a-20-lb-stroller day. So, its a double plus- have my Valentine at home AND I get my run in. Score!

Since yesterday was a school holiday, the boys and I (ok, lets just admit it, it was all me) made special Valentines Day treats for their class today. I can't claim this as my idea as I got it from a friend at church (can you believe its not Pinterest? I'm gonna link this post to pinterest when I'm done though, because it definitely deserves some re-pins!)

It's simple, fun and the best part? Sugar Free and about 5 calories a piece!

I'm not sure the technical name, but we'll just call them "Jello filled orange slices". Creative, I know. 

You'll need:
6-8 lbs small-medium oranges (24 oranges total)
Jello (you'll need 2 small boxes to fill them all, but I used 5 boxes cause I wanted all different colors)

And thats it! Told ya it was simple. 

1st step: cut oranges in half and scoop the orange out. Be careful not to puncture the orange as your scooping. Won't work with holes :) the smoother you can get the peel/rind/whatever you call it, the better. Place the empty orange peel halves in a cupcake/muffin pan (2 pans)
(I saved all the oranges and made fresh squeezed OJ for later. Well, what was left after the boys got a hold of the bowl)

Next step: Prepare jello according to package and pour into individual bowls. If you use all one color Jello, you are doing yourself a favor and making life much easier. Thats not how I roll...unfortunately. I like to make things difficult for myself apparently. So basically I just did one color at a time and poured the jello in a measuring cup with a spout, and then poured from there into the orange halves. 
Ok again, blogger is being dumb and I can't post above that last pic. So after you've poured the jello into the oranges, place the whole muffin pan in the refrigerator. You might wanna make sure not to undertake this project after you've just gone to Costco & the grocery store and you're fridge is jam packed. Not that I did that. Just sayin.

Mine took about 12 hours to set all the way. Once they are set and firm (not jiggly), take an extra sharp knife (NOT serrated) and slice down the middle, making 2 out of each orange half. 

I promise your kids will gobble these up. I made so many that they didn't fit on the 2 Valentines plates I had so my lucky kids got to have jello slices with their toast & eggs for breakfast. I know, I'm a cool mom :) At least they thought I was!


So now I need to plan a last minute, fun Valentines dinner for the kids, cause I had a change of heart for what I was making for dinner tonight (I'll update my "Whats for dinner" post cause basically my entire menu for the week changed after finding some yummy stuff while grocery shopping this weekend). I'm gonna attempt a quiet, candle lit dinner for Wayman & I and the boys are having a Valentines Day picnic in the playroom with a movie! We're having asparagus & cheddar stuffed chicken breasts, some kind of quinoa- haven't decided yet & honey glazed carrots. And then we're all having gluten-free, organic double chocolate cookies for dessert. 

Feel free to leave any suggestions for fun Valentines Day dinners! Until then, I'll be hittin up Pinterest...which never lets me down :)

Hope your day is filled with love and laughter!!

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