Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday ramblings

Today has been a really good day! Beautiful weather and I got a lot of things accomplished.

First off- heres a picture of the broccoli we harvested from our garden this weekend. I steamed some the other night with our turkey meatloaf we had for dinner and I'm using the rest tonight in broccoli cheese soup. Why are vegetables so much better when you grow them yourself?
In an effort to meet my 85 mile goal this February, I decided I'm gonna need to throw in quite a few extra dog-walks to make it :) When I set that goal for myself, I forgot to take into consideration that February is a short month, so its gonna take some extra work! Nothing that can't be done though :) 

Since today was such a nice day, I took the dogs with me to walk and get Austin from school (about a mile away). They had fun getting out and getting a little freedom :)
And this morning I did my first long-ish run that I've done in awhile. I've been doing between 2-4 miles lately but after all the Superbowl snacks yesterday, I knew I needed to work extra hard today. I really hate gaining back pounds that I've already lost! I set out to run 5, but was feeling really good and decided to keep going. I did a 5-10 min warm up and cool down and ran the rest of the time. I averaged between 12:30-13:30 the whole time (told ya I'm no speed demon!) 
Wayman and I are planning on doing a circuit workout each night after the kids go to bed (using the elliptical, dumb bells & resistance tube) so I'll be able to add that my workout log tonight too! 

Ok, back to putting laundry away & doing homework with the boys!

Hope everyone had a good day! 

Oh, and if you haven't already checked it out, Jessica featured me on her blog today for "Motivate Me Monday" Check it out! 

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