Saturday, February 4, 2012

My new toy!

We have been looking and saving and researching the best elliptical and this week we made our decision. And where did we find it? Costco of course! 

(I couldn't save the image from the website for some reason, so heres a picture from my phone)
So far Wayman & I both love it and I can tell its going to get a lot of use! Its a nice alternative to running, although it will never take the place of running. That will always be my #1 :)

Some of my favorite features:
-I can plug my iPhone into it and listen to Pandora on my music on my phone
-It has a built in (powerful!) fan to cool you off if you need to
-It has 30 workouts to choose from
-Built in heart rate monitor
-iFit compatible...if you have never heard of iFit before- click on the link and check it out! Its basically an "app" that connects to google maps and allows you draw a route literally ANYWHERE in the world and run (or whatever you do on the elliptical haha). You can choose to run through Central Park in New York and see all the sights around there- or Paris, Hawaii, any favorite vacation spot...or even your own neighborhood! Makes the time go by a lot quicker :)
-The screen on the control panel is very clear (a little mini TV screen)
-has a place to keep my water bottle (I'm easily amused)
-folds up for easy storage (although its still pretty big)
-QUIET! You can hardly hear it at all, even when you are going full speed

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