Saturday, February 18, 2012

Race Judicata 5k

Today kicked off "race season" for me. We (Rebecca, Wayman & I) literally have races planned every other weekend (or every) for the next 4 months! 

Its quickly becoming my favorite time of year!

And what better way to kick off our race season than by all three of us PR'ing!?

Rebecca & I waiting for the race to start. We're those people that get there 30 minutes early to people watch :)
 My biggest fans :) (and one little boy who was still sleepy)
 He seriously can never just smile right for the camera
 Only person missing is my brother who had to work :(
 I love standing on only chance at being taller (or even) with anyone else!
 The front of the pack
 Starting off strong...actually too strong...but isn't that how it always happens!?
 The boys and my parents were waiting about 1/8 mile up from the finish line. Last year when I did this race, the boys came out and ran the last little stretch with me. This time, only Austin ran cause Carson had just fallen and hurt his hand. 
 Here we go! I'm not sure if he was prouder to run alongside the big people or if I was prouder to have him by my side. Love to pass on the love of running to him, and was so sweet to have him cross the finish line with me
 And because my husband likes to make sure he never misses a shot (he knows I'll complain about the ONE angle he didn't catch...he's learned) is a series of pictures as we crossed the finish line. 

 Running definitely isn't a glamourous sport (unless your Skinny Runner and then you look perfect even after running an Ultra Marathon!...not that Im jealous or anything)
 After we took a quick shower and got dressed, we went out to breakfast to re-fuel :) 

Race Re-cap:
This 5k course was fairly flat, with only 2 medium-ish sized hills (underpasses going under freeway). It definitely wasn't a very scenic route, but it wasn't horrible and it beat running the same Eaton trail at Woodward that we most often do. I kept a steady 10:45 pace the entire time and was surprised at how comfortable I was. I got really, really tired towards the end and wanted to stop to catch my breath but when I looked at my phone and it said I only had .25 miles to go, I decided there was NO way I was going to slow down when I was so close to the end. On my daily runs, I almost always run a 11:30-12:30 pace. I was determined to PR this time, no matter how hard I had to push myself. My previous best 5k time was 35:05 and today, my official chip time was 33:47. Shaved over a minute off my time! I was definitely excited and know that I can keep training longer and harder to eventually run a sub 30 minute 5k. It might take me another year to get there, but I'll do it! I'm not really focusing on my speed for my half training, Id rather run a slower and easier pace so that I can run the whole, or almost the whole thing. Speaking of half training- it starts on Monday! 

Next race: Blossom Trail 10k on March 3


  1. Way to go girl! So proud of you, look at you go. Good luck this it.

  2. Great job!! What a great new PR! I wish I could do a 5K every other weekend, I love them! But there aren't enough in Porterville and Visalia and I can't drive to Fresno that often :-( So sad!!