Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Staying on track when you're away from home

I don't know if its just me- but I do great eating at home when I'm in my normal environment and routine. The second you take me away from my "normal", I often have a hardtime making good decisions. I get lazy and don't think about the reprecussions. 

This past weekend we went on a day trip. We took the kids to Monterey to visit my brother's girlfriend and go to the aquarium.  

I knew ahead a time there would be LOTS of temptation (Fish & Chips, clam chowder, Ghiradelli chocolate store...heaven right?) so I knew I had to be prepared.

Sundays are normally my long run days, but since I wasn't going to be able to run, I got up at 4:30am and did the elliptical before we got ready to go (left at 6:30). We also walked around for at least 6 hours so I figured that counted as calories burned also :)

As far as eating- that was gonna be the tough part! I planned out my whole day on My Fitness Pal the night before and tried my best to stick to it.

Heres how my day looked:

Breakfast (5:30 am, ate at home before we left)
Oatmeal Banana Muffin
Egg White omelet with veggies & 1 Tbsp cheese

Morning snack: (8:00am, ate in the car on the drive there)
Greek Yogurt & a handful of cashews

Lunch: (11:00am, packed from home, ate by the ocean)
Turkey pastrami sandwich on whole wheat bread
1/2 serving Pop Chips
Baby Carrots & Cucumber slices dipped in Tzatziki

Dinner: (3:30pm, Bubba Gumps- early dinner because we were all hungry and there was already a 2 hour wait! Did not order what I planned cause it didn't sound good once I got there)
Cajun Charbroiled chicken sandwich with bacon, pepperjack cheese and fresh guacamole (ate half sandwich)
French fries (fairly small portion, ate them all!)
2 of Austin's popcorn shrimp
-did NOT leave dinner stuffed at all. I know for a fact I ate way more calories than planned, but portion wise I was okay

After dinner: (5-7pm, walking down Cannery Row in Monterey)
Ghiradelli chocolate sample & chocolate covered strawberry (did NOT get the ice cream sundae or brownie like everyone else!)
Small shrimp cocktail (split it with Wayman)
1/2 the bread roll that came with shrimp cocktail

All said and done- I know I went way over calories. I was tempted to weigh myself the next morning but decided not to and to just wait until Friday when I normally weigh. 

So it IS possible to stay on track while you are out of your normal environment, but man its hard. I wanted so badly to just forget my healthy habits and tell myself I'd "just start again tomorrow"...but I would only be hurting myself. I knew how I'd feel after eating something I normally wouldn't eat and it just wasn't worth it. 

I'm proud of my decisions & also happy that we saved a lot of money by eating breakfast at home & packing our lunches. I packed the same lunch for all of us (except the kids got yogurt & applesauce also) and they ate every single bite. It was nice to spend the day feeling good & not stuffed :)

And just for a fun, here are a couple pictures from our day:
{Inside the aquarium}
 {On the balcony, outside the aquarium}
 {My brother, my mom, me}

 {Haylie & I}
 {The whole gang, minus Haylie, after dinner}
 {On the beach}
 {Chocolate covered strawberry...delish!}

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