Saturday, March 31, 2012

A good run, self criticism & the perfect pizza

Hello everyone!

I hope you're all having a good weekend so far! I started off my day by sleeping in until 8:00 (which was glorious after such a busy day yesterday). I made my current favorite breakfast: half a whole wheat english muffin with 1 Tbsp peanut butter and a little honey drizzled on top, and 1/2 cup plain greek yogurt, 1 packet of Splenda & frozen mixed berries mixed in. Delicious and packed full of protein and nutrients! After I picked up the house a little, played with the boys and got a few other things done, I left for my run at about 11:00. After having such a hard run yesterday, I told myself that todays run was just gonna be fun & easy. No pressure- no checking pace. I even decided that if I felt like walking half of it, than I would (I had a 4 miler on schedule). I did my 5 min warm up and then took off running. It was warm, sunny and breezy- the PERFECT running weather in my opinion. Not windy enough to be annoying, just breezy enough to dry the sweat on my face as I ran against it :) Glamourous, I know. 

Turns out, I had much more oomph in me than I thought cause I ran the entire 4 miles without stopping or slowing down. Looking back on my splits, each mile was between 12:15-12:30, so pretty consistent (for me). I stopped my Nike+ right when I hit 4 miles so I could get my average for just my run. I was still a ways from home so I restarted it and walked .88 miles home. Grand total= 4.88 miles. I am going to calculate my total miles for March and post them tomorrow with my March Re-cap and goals for April. I think I'm also going to take my measurements since I haven't done so since January. I feel like I haven't lost very much since then, so maybe seeing a difference in inches will boost my self confidence a little.

I had Wayman take a picture of me when I came back (the camera on his phone- same phone as me- is SO much better. Maybe cause his phone doesn't get tossed around in a purse or thrown around by kids all the time. Jealous? A little) Anyway- here I am, all sweaty and ready for a shower
I hate to admit it, but I look at this picture and see nothing but flaws. Even though I've lost 75 pounds and have gone from a size 20 to a size 10, I still see the massive flabby arms and a stomach that unfortunately will never be flat, without the help of a plastic surgeon (which I am NOT against in any way, and I will attempt to get it covered by insurance just as soon as I'm done losing weight). Anyway- I hate that I'm so hard on myself and wish I could just see the positive changes- but I guess I'm just human. I'm not perfect and I shouldn't expect to be. I just feel like I'll never be 100% happy with my appearance, no matter how much weight I lose. There will still be "things" that bug me and I will constantly try and fix (arms, legs, stomach). Don't get me wrong- I can definitely see a difference in my body and I have made dramatic changes. I love shopping for clothes now and I'm amazed at what my body is capable of doing. I just need to focus on those things a little more and be grateful for what God has given me- a strong and a healthy body (and just a little fluffy ;) )
Remember how I said that Wayman's phone takes such better pictures than mine? Exhibit A:
This is right by the back door, the door I use when I leave for my runs. When I come back in, I write my mileage on the white board (or whatever workout I did- elliptical, 30 day shred, etc) and then the calendar hanging on the bulletin board is what my running schedule is written on. I have all my workouts scheduled (I use Hal Higdon's half marathon training program) and cross of each workout as I complete them. Sometimes I don't go in order, I switch runs within the same week according to whats going in my life! I'm happy to say that I didn't miss any workouts, the only box that is not crossed off is a rest day, because I ended up running 2 miles and just never crossed it off :)
After I took a shower and got ready, I made the boys lunch (whole wheat english muffin pizzas) and I made this beauty of a pizza for myself:
Definitely my new favorite lunch and I'll probably eat it for the next 2 weeks until I'm sick and tired of it!
Whole wheat flatbread (90 calories), toasted in the oven
Spread a layer of spinach on the flatbread, then top with 2 thinly sliced tomatoes (30 calories)
Sprinkle skim mozzarella- I used a little less than half a cup (160 calories)
Top with fresh or dried basil
Bake until edges are crispy and cheese is melted and bubbly
For 280 calories- you can't beat it! The flatbreads are full of protein and fiber and are the perfect size for a pizza.
I skipped sauce and used fresh tomatoes instead so that I could cut out a ton of unnecessary sodium, and also I was going for a more "fresh" taste. 
As for the rest my Saturday, I'm planning on sitting on the couch and working on a few blog things, while watching this crazy wind and rain storm outside (so glad I ran this morning when it was beautiful out instead of waiting like I had planned!) I am in desperate need of a lazy afternoon and this seems to be the perfect day for it. 

Tonight for dinner I'm making baked chicken breasts & Quinoa mac n cheese with broccoli mixed in. Its a new recipe, sounds delicious and I can't wait to try it out.

PS Hello to all my new followers! I posted my link on Katie's blog, Runs for Cookies, and I've noticed a lot of traffic over the past few days. Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the blog world :) You can read my entire story, from the beginning by clicking on the picture in the right hand column, or just by going HERE. I love hearing from you in the comments- so thanks to those for taking the time to do so!
Do you ever feel guilty for needing or wanting a walk break while running?
I do- and I'm trying to get over it.

Are you hard on yourself when you see pictures of yourself? Do you use it to improve the areas you see flawed or do you just let it drive you crazy and upset you?
I do both, unfortunately.

What's your idea of the perfect pizza?
Besides the one above- anything from Me N Eds is heaven on earth. Not healthy in any way- but a definitely splurge. Would make a good pre-run meal when you are trying to carb load :)

Friday, March 30, 2012

This is how my day went...

600 am- wake up and realize my husband is still laying next to me, meaning that he didn't wake up for his Friday morning run with his buddies
601- ask him if hes still gonna go, or if I can go before he leaves for work...he says I can go
601-615- lay in bed contemplating my day and whether or not I should run NOW or wait til the kids are at school...decide to wait until later. I'll admit it, I was being lazy.
616-630- lay in bed until the absolute last minute possible before having to get up and get myself and the kids ready for school
630- throw on my gym clothes, put my hair in a fresh pony tail (day 4 of no washing, thankyouverymuch) and brush my teeth
640- pack lunches and set them out on sink
645- go into boys room to wake them up and help them get ready for school (in case you don't know, 3 & 5 year olds don't move very fast)
700- we're all up and dressed and sitting at the table for breakfast. the boys= yogurt & chocolate milk. me= oatmeal. hubby= eggs & toast
720- help the boys brush their teeth and hair
725- throw in a load of laundry and make my bed
735- back packs on, hugs to daddy and out the door
740- get to Austin's school, walk him to class and back to the car
745- take Carson to school
750- back home, fold laundry in the dryer, make the boys bed and clean up breakfast dishes
815- head back to Austin's school to work in his class for "Pirate Day"
820-1100- play Pirate games, sing Pirate songs & go on treasure hunts with 30 overly-excited and sugar-filled kindergarteners. oh what fun! (actually, it really was).
1100-1210- run errands. Walmart. 99 cent store. Save Mart. Needed specific things from each place and was in desperate need of groceries (and Mega Million tickets...I'm $5 poorer tonight)
1210-1230- put away groceries like a madwoman, in fear that my window of available time to run is slowly getting smaller. switch laundry and fold dry load
1230-120- run 4 of the best and worst miles of my life (if we're on friends on FB, you probably have already seen this) Long story short: never run (alone) on country roads/through vineyards again. Random, and suspicious SUV with 2 men inside approach me from opposite direction (on a dirt road that I've never once seen a vehicle on- its not a street, its actually a riverbank with a dead end), once we pass each other, they stop their car and flip around to follow me. PANIC!!!! I knew I had to get away but couldn't figure out the safest and most public route to do so- ended up running across a canal (empty)  because I knew the car couldn't drive over that.  Sure, they could chase me on foot, but I was more afraid of being pulled into a car. Anyhow- 2 very fast miles later, I was out of the muddy vineyard, the SUV was out of sight (but not out of mind) and I found myself running along the side of Austin's school. Awww, familiar territory. I will definitely not be running through the peaceful country by myself anymore, unfortunately. To sum it up: WORST- duh. BEST: definitely some of my fastest running, I impressed myself.  
120- take picture below after walking in the door, bright red and dripping sweat (it was almost 80 today)
125-155 catch my breath, FB my recent excitement, take a shower and get dressed for the day (finally). And yes, I washed my hair.
155- put new load of laundry in, fold dry load
200- change sheets on my bed. bye bye winter flannel, hello spring cotton.
215- leave to get Austin from school
225- get back home and FINALLY sit down for 5 minutes. Oh, and the most important part- lunch. Which was a big bowl of air popped popcorn. And lots of ice water
225-315 try and catch up on the Young & the Restless while also holding a conversation with Austin about Star Wars
315 leave to pick Carson up
315-515 decide that since its such a beautiful day, why not take the kids to the park to play. 
515- Carson has to pee....Mommy doesn't handle dirty, park bathrooms well- so we leave
520-600 boys play in playroom while i once again switch the laundry and get things out for dinner
600- daddy gets home- yay!!!!
600-615 make dinner- homemade pizzas.
615-635- eat dinner
635- decide to let the kids have their dessert (root beer floats) now instead of waiting til after their bathed and in jammies. smart decision on our part.
655-715- Daddy gives boys a shower, Mommy cleans up the kitchen
715-845 play Kinect Sports on the Xbox. We all have our specialties- mine happens to be track & field. Just sayin.
845- boys get tucked in. they got to "stay up late" since its not a school night. woohoo!
845-930- talk to my mom on the phone. we do this everynight btw.
930-940- put in the LAST load of laundry for the day, pajamas on, wash my face & brush my teeth
940-1000- attempt to watch TV in the living room, but keep falling asleep because I haven't for a few days and I miss it. And I'm obviously just bored since I've had NOTHING going on all day. I really should get a life (ha!)

Heres hoping tomorrow is a quieter & more peaceful version of today- but filled with the same amount of love and blessings! 

and P.S. Im trying not to think about the creepy running incident because if I do, I'll become obsessive and never want to set foot outside alone again. Who knows, maybe those men had no harmful intentions whatsoever. But ya just never know. I DO know that I was prayin like theres no tomorrow (literally) and God got to me a safe place, in one piece and I'm here to tell about it! Amen, right?! 

TGIF! (and happy Easter Vacation to those who get next week off like we do!)

Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday, Monday

Happy Monday everyone! Are you ready to tackle the upcoming week and make it a GOOD one!? I sure am :)

This morning was my long run- 6 miles. Every week for the next 7 weeks, my long runs will increase by one mile each week. I am going to do my longest training run at 12 miles, about 10 days before my half in May. I want to make sure my body is completely trained and ready, but also rested and ready for my race. 

I've read a lot about other runners using GU Energy gels for their long runs and after trying one at my last half in November- I didn't want anything to do with them every again. Nasty flavor and horrible texture (I believe I tried orange creme? or maybe cherry creme?) Anyway- while I was at the running store picking up my race packet a few weeks ago, I saw a couple new flavors that sounded interesting- Chocolate Outrage and Peanut Butter. A few other bloggers I follow had tried and loved these flavors so I bought one of each just to try them out. 

I'm going to take one every 4 miles during the half (and during training runs) cause thats when I notice I tend to lose a little steam and need a boost. Today I took the Chocolate Outrage with me and took it at Mile 4.25. I absolutely loved it! I could have eaten 3 of them lol. It tasted like chocolate frosting and did NOT have that slimy gel texture that the others have. This one also has caffeine in it. It kicked in after about 5 minutes and I felt really good. I got just the boost I needed to finish the last 2 miles and finished them faster than any of the first 4 miles.  I hope that the peanut butter one is just as good- I'll let you know next week after my long run.

When I got home, I changed the laundry and took a nice hot shower. I love getting cleaned up after getting all hot and sweaty- thats the best feeling. Since I am just spending the day at home cleaning up and doing a few projects, I put clean gym clothes back on so I'd be comfortable.
I'm going to take the boys on a bike ride later this afternoon after their naps, so I will get another short work in squeezed in. I usually don't do that on my longer run days, but this won't be a real tough workout, it will more or less be a lesiurely bike ride. 
The other day I had the laziest, most "blah" day- I didn't get much accomplished and ended up snacking a bit too much. At around 8:30 that night, Wayman asked if I was still going to do the elliptical. I said no, that I just wanted to go to bed early instead. He hopped on and did 30 minutes and started bragging how he burned 500 calories, and that was all it took. I put my shoes on and jumped on, and was secretly determine to beat his calorie burn. (secretly because I didn't tell him I was trying to compete haha). 30 minutes later, and I had burned a whopping 600 calories. Hows that for making up for a lazy day? I went to bed feeling MUCH better and was so happy that I decided to workout, even though I had been putting it off all day. This is the pic taken, post elliptical:
I am about 10 miles away from my 90 mile goal for the month of March. I will be able to get that done no problem by the end of the week. My weight loss goal however- probably not going to happen unless I pull a REALLY big number this week! I've been working out a lot, but also been eating more than normal (because I've been so hungry from burning so many calories). After about 10 days of going over my calorie goal every single day, I decided to just raise my limit and see how it affected my weight loss goals. I raised my goal from 1350 to 1500 and so far- its working out perfectly. I've lost about 1.5 pounds in 2 weeks since I've raised it (whereas the scale wasn't budging before). I think its important to note that I'm not using that extra 150 calories on empty calories- I'm making the most of every single one. Most of the time its an extra snack in the afternoon- peanut butter & banana, apple & string cheese, whole grain cereal & fat free milk, wasa cracker & avacado w/ balsamic vinaigrette. I am trying to fuel my body, not eat because I'm bored and want to snack. If I'm not particularly hungry, I don't end up using those extra calories. 
Ok- well I'm off to pick up my little guy from preschool and not long after that, it will be time to get Big Brother from kindergarten!

Make the most of your day- get out there and enjoy this beautiful sunshine and burn some calories!!!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

What's for dinner?

Monday- orange chicken & quinoa "fried" rice
Tuesday- quinoa burgers & salad
Wednesday- no cooking! Awana night!
Thursday- pork chops, scalloped potatoes & steamed broccoli
Friday- flat bread pizzas & salad
Saturday- Baked Chicken Breasts & broccoli-cheese quinoa casserole, fruit
Sunday- Dinner @ Mom & Dad's

*after reading over my menu this week- I've realized we really like Quinoa!! It's so versatile and can be used with just about everything. I'm trying a few new recipes so I will share the recipes of they are winners!!

*I will be back to regular blogging this week- I just needed a little break :)

Monday, March 19, 2012

A Bad Decision & A Big Decision

First let me start off with the Bad Decision:

Last night I made breakfast burritos for dinner (chorizo, eggs, potatoes, onions & homemade beans). I made to sure to make plenty of extra so that we could all eat the leftovers for breakfast this morning. Got up, got my running clothes on, got the kids dressed and ready for school and we all sat down to eat. After I ate what looked like a big pile of dogfood, but really tasted like heaven...I realized...oh CRAP...Im running 5 miles in about 20 minutes. I'm not exactly sure why that thought didn't cross my mind before I ate such a big, heavy breakfast. I'm usually an oatmeal or eggs & toast kinda girl. Lets just say it was a long 5.5 miles and my stomach was in knots the entire time. Lesson learned!

And now for the Big, more exciting decision:

I've decided to run a full marathon next year. I have never really felt the urge to run 26.2 miles until this weekend. I've always been satisfied with challenging myself by running half marathons. I decided that I wanted to do it at least once in my lifetime, just to say that I DID IT. I scoured the internet for marathons around California. I really wanted to do one of the Rock N Roll series but they don't have next years schedule up yet and I kind of wanted to commit to one sooner than later. So, after much searching- I've decided to run the San Luis Obispo (SLO) marathon next April. Its about two and half hours from where we live and we are very familiar with the area. I've gone on family vacations to that area almost every year since I was little and so it will be a nice little getaway. I am beyond excited (although completely overwhelmed and intimidated by the idea) but I know this is something that I want to accomplish and I feel like I will be more than ready by next April. 
This morning I did my long run for the week. I accidentally looked at that wrong week on my calendar last week and thought my long run was supposed to be 7 miles, when really it was supposed to be 4. I ended up doing 7.60 and realized that night I had screwed up. Not a huge deal, better to run more than less I guess. I went back to my original training plan today and did my scheduled 5 mile run. The rest of my runs this week are 3.5 miles and 2 miles so it will be an easy week. As the weeks go by, my mileage will really start picking up so I'm enjoying these smaller weeks! As soon as I walked in the door from running (total 5.40 miles) my neighbor Ashley texted me and asked me if I wanted to run tonight. I told her I had just ran but I was definitely up for a couple more miles! So- tonight after dinner I'll be logging a few more :) Can't hurt my mileage goal for March (90 miles)...I'm up to 58 as of today. 

Have a nice Monday everyone!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Whats for dinner?

Monday- Chicken Enchiladas, leftover beans, fruit
Tuesday-Chicken shawarma salads
Wednesday- no cooking! Awana night
Thursday- meatloaf, mashed red potatoes & corn
Friday- pizza for boys. Girls Night for me!
Saturday- baked chicken breasts & broccoli cheese quinoa casserole
Sunday- dinner at mom & dads

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Workout Log 3/11-3/17

Monday- 3.18 miles, 20 min elliptical
Tuesday- 3.28 miles
Wednesday- 7.60 miles
Thursday- REST DAY
Friday- 2.18 miles
Saturday- 4.09 miles

Didn't feel great all week (cold? bad allergies?) so I didn't get any workouts in, besides running. Hoping to do more elliptical & strength training this week.

Brian Sturgeon/Cerebral Palsy race- 4 miles

This morning I braved the rain and ran the Brian Sturgeon UCP race. I've been checking the forecast all week and its never changed: 100% chance of rain. I never thought about backing out, but I definitely wasn't looking forward to running in rain! 

Praise the Lord it wasn't raining when I got there. It rained allll night but literally stopped for the duration  of the race. The second we got back in the car, it started coming down hard.

Austin had practice for a special competition he's going to be in for AWANA this morning and so we stayed at my parents for the weekend and gave Wayman a few days to himself :) He had a lot of work to do in the yard so it actually worked out nicely. Since we live 30-40 minutes away from most of the races I do (in Fresno), its convenient to stay at my parents since they live so much closer. My dad took Austin to practice this morning and my mom and Carson came to the race with me. They stayed in the car until it was almost time for me to cross the finish line (I estimated my time).

The first mile was not enjoyable. I actually wasn't even having a very good time. I couldn't find my groove and I just felt out of breath. Right about that time, it started raining. I wasn't wearing sunglasses (obviously because the sun was no where in sight) but I wish I would have because it would have helped keep the water out of my eyes. It only rained for about a mile and then it was just a fine mist. 

I started to feel a little better and get into my groove right before I hit the 2nd mile (maybe cause it was an out-and-back course and I was just relieved to be on the "back" portion?!). I never went out with a time goal in mind, mostly because I never run 4 milers and so I wasn't trying to PR to beat a previous time. I really just wanted to have fun!

As I approached the finish line, I noticed that the clock was turned off! I was using my Nike+ but my phone was in my arm band under the arm of my sweatshirt so I never knew my time through the whole race. I was really bummed not to know my time as I crossed the finish line. When I got my phone out of the armband, I was at 4.08 miles and 48:30 so I'm guessing I finished right around 47.00 (11:30 miles). I didn't run my hardest at all, so I know I could have gotten a better time if I had tried...but I just wasn't in a "run fast" mood today. 

After the race they were handing out Luna Bars, oranges & bananas and my favorite: semi-frozen peach cups. SOOO good. Definitely perfect post-run snack. They also had a lady making balloon animals for the kids. 

Overall I'm happy with my performance and ended up having a really good time! This was my 2nd year doing this race and I will do it again next year! And now for the pictures:

Taken in the parking lot right before I walked to the Start line

 People coming in to finish
 I'd like to think I'm blurry in this picture because of my incredible speed, but really its just my mom is a still-learning photographer :) Either way- Good job Mom! You made me look fast!

 Carson anxiously awaiting for his balloon snack to be made!

And because I know you're dying to know: the balloon lasted less than 20 minutes and then I had one broken hearted little man. Apparently he wasn't aware these things didn't last forever :/

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

And another one in the books...

...another long run that is :)

I re-worked my training schedule for this week and did my long run today instead of this weekend. I had 7 miles on schedule and I woke up feeling good and ready to run!

I did my 7 miles at a 12:30-12:40 pace (I'm slow...I know) and then when I got to 7 miles I realized I was still more than a half a mile from home, so I did a long cool down walk (read: slow). All together I did 7.60 miles and my overall pace (including warm up and cool down) was 13:33. I looked back on my 7 mile training run from the last half marathon I did and my average pace was 15:57, so I'd call that an improvement! I did a lot of walking on my long runs last time (not A LOT- maybe 2 miles on a 10 mile run?) but this time I'm really trying to run as much as possible. I stopped to walk twice today, for about 5 minutes each time.

I've decided that training for a long race and trying to lose weight is actually pretty difficult. You wouldn't think so, I mean...more miles = more calories burned = more pounds lost. But what you don't take into account is just how hungry you get when you log 25-30 miles each week. Especially on my long runs, I feel starved for the rest of the day (if I stay within my 1350 calories). I hate eating my exercise calories back, but I might need a few today.

Now that I've got all my bigger runs done this week, all I have left is a 2 mile speed run, a 3.5 mile tempo and 40 min cross training. Between now and Sunday- I will definitely be able to get that accomplished (and hopefully more!)

And just a side note- I have made another goal for myself to get down to a certain weight before my birthday. This magic number is a number I haven't seen since literally middle school or before. I'm FIVE pounds away and I have one month until my birthday (April 13). I've been losing pretty slowly lately (half a pound a week, average) so I'm really going to need to work extra hard to meet this goal. I'm going to reward myself with a one hour massage and thats all the motivation I need! (well...and fitting into the next size down jeans helps too!)  I'll keep you updated (cause I'm sure you'll all be on the edge of your chairs!)

Have a great day! Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Boring Blogger

So after a day where 90% of my time was spent on the couch with a 3 year old watching cartoons, I finally got out tonight after dinner and got some cardio in. I'm loving the time change (except for in the morning!).  

I hit the trail and did an easy 3.25 miles. I actually wasn't even the slightest out of breath and nothing hurt, thats how I know it was easy. I'm planning (weather permitting) to do my long run- 7 miles- tomorrow and so I didn't want to over do it tonight. I really prefer to do my long runs on Sunday's when I'm in town and have a running buddy, but its supposed to be cold and stormy all weekend.
Does anyone else have issues with these headbands/sweatbands? 
I like that they hold my bangs back and that they keep my hair out of my face, but as I run they start to slide off my head, eventually just slipping right off. I feel like I waste more time re-adjusting it than I do running! Tonight I even put 2 bobby pins on the bottom (underneath my pony tail) and one on the top of my head and it STILL slid off. 

OK, well thats all for tonight- sometimes I wish I had more interesting things to blog about like Hungry Runner Girl or Skinny Runner. Maybe one day I will :) 

Back to the Biggest Loser!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday Ramblings

Well unfortunately I'm still sick. What started out as bad allergies has now turned into a bad cold/virus. My head is completely congested, my voice is gone, I've got a pounding headache and absolutely no energy. Its the pits, for sure. 

I did pretty good maintaining my eating well & workout out up until yesterday. We had lunch at my in-laws and on top of eating more than normal,  the food was much higher in calories than what I usually eat and so that kinda set me off for the rest of the day. Its hard to pass up good food- what can I say? Being sick makes my decision making go down the drain I guess.

I felt horrible by the time I got home, I literally just wanted to go straight to bed. I didn't feel like eating dinner so I decided to make the boys something and just pop some popcorn for myself after they were in bed. That was all fine & dandy until my husband volunteered to run to McDonalds to get me a Diet Pepsi (because he secretly wanted one!). Somehow my Diet Pepsi request turned into a hot fudge sundae request. Whoops :/ (although, it was the BEST hot fudge sundae ever, if that counts for anything?)

I woke up this morning feeling 10x worse than last night, but knew I had to go out and get my run done because its supposed to rain for the rest of the week. After I dropped the boys off at school, I drug myself out the door for my 3.5 mile scheduled run. I ran the first half mile and my lungs were just NOT cooperating. I couldn't breathe and I just felt miserable. So instead of running the entire 3.5 miles and dying- I did intervals- ran half a mile, walked half a mile, repeat. Wasn't ideal but it was better than nothing. Burned 375 calories and can't really see anything wrong with that! Thanks to Daylight Savings, I'm going to take the dogs for a walk this evening after dinner. Not running, but I might try and jog. 

I had planned on weighing myself daily this week until my added pounds come off (I'm up 1.6 from last week). However I forgot to weigh first this morning and didn't remember until after I'd eaten breakfast and taken a shower. I still went ahead and weighed but I was up 2.2 instead of the 1.6. I know its not accurate since I always weigh first thing, before eating. Then again, I did eat 600+ extra calories so a lot of it could be water weight also. I KNOW I didn't gain 2.2 pounds of fat this weekend- so thats some relief :)

I've got the laundry started & now I'm going to work on a few other little projects around the house. Nothing major cause I am seriously lacking in the energy department. As long as we have clean clothes & clean dishes by the end of the day- I'll call it a success. 

How was your weekend?
Did you get any good workouts in?
Hope you have a fabulous Monday!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Workout Log 3/4-3/10

Sunday- 2 miles
Monday- 4.40 miles
Tuesday- 2.21 miles, 20 min elliptical, 10 min strength training
Wednesday-3.77 miles, 20 min elliptical, 10 min strength training
Thursday-30 min elliptical, 30 min yoga, 10 min strength training
Friday-6.60 miles
Saturday-4.45 miles

What's for dinner?

Monday 12- Quinoa chili & cornbread
Tuesday 13- BBQ chicken in crockpot, salad & fruit
Wednesday 14- no cooking! Church night
Thursday 15- chicken enchiladas & crockpot refried beans
Friday 16- Breakfast burritos (chorizo-soy, diced potato, egg whites, cheese & leftover beans)
Saturday 17- eating at Mom & Dad's? (in town all day for St. Patricks Day Race)
Sunday 18- eating at Mom & Dad's

Friday, March 9, 2012


Today started bright and early with a doctor appointment for my youngest son. He has really bad ear infections and is going to need a second set of tubes put in. His surgery should be scheduled in the next couple weeks to a month. 

After the appointment, I had some errands to run and so I dropped Carson off my with my dad so they could spend the morning together. They cleaned the backyard, went to breakfast and had a good time. 

After my errands, I headed to the park for a run. I had worn my workout clothes to the doctor in hopes that I would be more motivated to get a workout done while I was kid-free :)

My long run (6 miles) is Sunday but I'm not going to be able to run that day. I am running tomorrow but wanted to get it done today so that tomorrow would just be a "whatever" run. I'm still gonna run 6 tomorrow if I can, but now I at least know that I have it out of the way :)

It was a beautiful day- high 70's and sunny. I actually got my first sunburn while running. 
I had a decent run. Its gonna take me a couple weeks to get adjusted to the warmer temps. The first mile is always the hardest for some reason but after I pushed through that, the rest was pretty good. From where I park my car, I run 3.30 miles one way to the end of this path and then 3.30 miles back. Miles 2.5-3 are all downhill...meaning that coming back- they are all uphill. And I'm not talking little rolling hills- they are pretty steep. As I was coming back up the hill, 2 guys (teenager'ish) said "Wow, good job taking those hills. Even the hardcore guys usually walk up it" I took that as a compliment :) I wanted SO badly to walk up the hill and I'm glad I didn't since there were people watching haha. 

I stopped to walk for about 2 minutes towards the end because I kept getting phone calls and texts. I checked my phone to make sure there wasn't an emergency and then went back to running to finish up my 6 miles. 
                    Today was my weigh-day and unfortunately the scale was not very kind. I was up 1.6 lbs from last week. Not exactly sure why cause I feel like I've had a pretty good week. Oh happens. I'm gonna weigh in the morning again just to see what the difference is. To make myself feel better, I pulled out my new spring/summer clothes to run in. Amazing how new clothes can make you feel better :)

I know this is basically the same picture- but can someone tell me why my iphone takes such horrible pictures? My husband has the same exact phone and his camera is amazing. 
Ok, well I'm off to prep dinner. My boys have requested homemade hamburgers so thats whats on the menu! 
Hamburgers with turkey bacon, pepperjack cheese, jalepenos & sauteed mushrooms & onions. 
Cole Slaw
Sweet Potato Fries

Can it just be dinnertime already?!

Hope everyone has a good weekend!

Thursday, March 8, 2012


That pretty much describes my mood/attitude today.

My allergies are beyond miserable and the medicine doesn't really help, it just tops off the miserable-ness with an extra dose of drowsy-ness. And yes, those are both words :)

Today was technically supposed to be a rest day...I've run for many days straight and have a lot of miles planned for this weekend, so I decided to rest my legs and take it easy today. I never feel good about just taking a complete rest day (aka not doing any form of exercise) so I did the elliptical for 30 minutes this morning and then some strength training. I'm hoping to try my new yoga DVD this afternoon, but I might take a nap instead. Its just that kind of day.

The kids still aren't 100%. Carsons still complaining that his ears hurt (we see the ENT tomorrow) and even though they are both still on antibiotics, Austin woke with with a nasty croupy cough this morning. I swear it never ends. I hate that they just catch one thing after another. How in the world can I build their little immune systems? They eat healthy, take their vitamins, get plenty of sleep, play and move their bodies, wash their hands...I'm not sure what else I can do to prevent them from getting sick!

Anyway- Carson and I have had a nice relaxing morning (aka we've sat on the couch and done nothing but read stories, color & watch cartoons). The beds aren't made yet, the laundry hasn't been started and I'm pretty sure our breakfast dishes are still in the sink. But....its gonna stay like that for a little while longer. Maybe I'll get a burst of energy later on. Hope so at least.

On the plus side- I just realized I have 2 new magazines I haven't read yet and I'm pretty sure that today is the perfect time to catch up on my reading :)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

New Shoes & Random Tidbits

Today I had a 2 mile run on the schedule and I ended up doing a 2.25 mile power walk- pushing the stroller into an insane wind storm. I'm pretty sure it was 100% more difficult than just running 2 ordinary miles ;) We went first thing after we dropped Austin off and when we got back home, I did 20 minutes on the elliptical and then a quick 10 min strength workout. I've made up my own strength/hand weights/resistance band workout and have broken it up into 2 different sets. I'm going to do the first set (10 min) in the mornings before/after my run and then the second set (10 min) in the evenings. Breaks it up a little and maybe I won't get bored. I always get bored with strength training. However- summer is coming and my arms are super we've gotta do something about that! 
After running the 10k Saturday I decided it was time for new shoes. The inserts in mine were literally unglued and moving around while I ran. I've been wanting new shoes for awhile because mine had 700+ miles on them (bad, I know) but I was trying to save a little money and get nice ones. 

I tried on multiple pairs- both $$$ and not so $$$ and ended up with the same brand I always get- Adidas. I have a wide foot with an extra high arch and Adidas just seems to fit my foot the best. 
I've worn them for the past 3 runs and they have about 10 miles on them now-I love them! Usually I get blisters after the first few runs with new shoes, but these seriously feel like they were already broken in. They are so comfortable (and cute!)
They will get their race debut at the St. Patricks Day 4 miler on the 17th! 
Have you ever had a toothache so bad that you dread eating? 
Its not fun.

Mine has been aching a little bit for about 2 weeks now, but in the past 2 days, it feels horrible. Anytime I eat (and for about an hour after) the whole side of my mouth just aches. I know exactly which tooth the pain is coming from (not that helps me at all). I can't get into the dentist until next Wednesday so I'm not sure what I'm going to do until then. 
I've gotten several emails, facebook messages & texts lately telling me how much they are inspired by my story and congratulating me on my weight loss. I can't tell you enough how much that means to me. My sole intention for even posting my story was to encourage others in the same place as myself and to let them know that weight loss IS possible. Changing your life IS possible. Whether you have 15 or 150 pounds to lose- you have to start with just 1. If your dedicated and committed to the process, it will just snowball from there and before you know it, you'll be closer to your goal than you ever imagined. Thank you to those who have contacted me about my story- it means a lot that you care enough to share with me & I'm SO happy to make any kind of difference!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Blossom Trail 10k

Ok I'm back and ready to re-cap the race from this weekend :)
I'm not sure if being outside amongst all the blossoms is whats causing it, but I am suffering from one of my worst allergy attacks ever. My throat, ears, eyes & head all feel miserable. Allergy meds make me tired, but if I don't take them I literally can't function cause I just sneeze all day. Its a lose lose situation so I'm trying to make the best of it ;) Ok, on to the race :)
Saturday morning, my whole family ran in the Blossom Trail 10k race in Sanger, California. Its about 45 minutes from our house and its a small town out in the country. Wayman and I did the 10k (6.21 miles) and the boys did the race for kids 5 and under, which was 1/8th mile. 
 Getting their bibs on!
 Showing off their muscles, ready to run!

We couldn't have asked for more perfect weather. It was already in the high 50's, low 60's at 7:00am and it got a few degrees warmer by the end of the race. The sky was clear and blue, the sun was out, but there was still a cool breeze in the air. I will miss racing in this kind of weather as summer gets closer. HOT HOT HOT. 

There were about 100 kids in the age bracket/race that the boys did. They all looked so cute running and giving it everything they had!
It was hard to get good pictures cause there were so many people, but heres one of Austin coming in towards the finish line

 Swing those arms!
 And Wayman ran with Carson...just cause there were so many kids and we were afraid he'd get distracted and not make it to the finish line ;) Hard to tell in the picture, but he has a huge smile on his face
 Almost there!
 Papa congratulating him on a job well done :)
 My little runners! They did so good! Ran the entire way and had a blast! Unfortunately it set their coughs off pretty bad afterwards :/
 Getting ready to head towards the start line for our own race
 We were led by police on motorcycles down the streets of downtown Sanger
 About 1/4 mile in (in the middle, all black)
 Wayman coming in towards the finish line
 Me coming in to finish
 allllllllmost there!
 And we made it!!!!
 (cute pictures beside the darn sun runing it!)

My official time is 1:09 (according to my Nike+ I finished in 1:07 and actually ran 6.31 miles instead of 6.21. I know its calibrated correctly so I'm not sure why there was such a big discrepancy. Kind of annoying) Wayman isn't showing up on the finishers list on their website for some reason, but according to his Nike+ he finished in about 54:00. 

My first mile was 9:40, which is my fastest mile yet. I run comfortably at a 12:00 pace, and when I'm giving it everything I have, I usually end up with about 10:30 miles. I have no idea how I maintained under an 11:00 pace for all 6 miles, it seems crazy to me! It definitely was hard and I could tell I was pushing myself, but at the same time it was a very enjoyable and relaxing run too. Maybe it was the course (through downtown and then out into the country amongst all the blossom trees) or maybe I just wasn't thinking about the effort I was exerting. Either way, I never stopped walking for a single step and maintained a pretty good pace (for me) the entire time. I felt really good the first 4 miles, I wasn't out of breath and my legs were feeling warmed up and good. Mile 5 was a little harder because I noticed a blister on the arch of my foot and it was all I could think about! By mile 6, I was getting pretty tired. My blister was killing me, I had sweat running in my eyes and they were burning (note to self: always wear a viser or hat to races!) and I was having trouble controlling my breathing. My legs still felt perfect fine, luckily. I'm not familiar with the streets of Sanger or this race course so I felt like the last half mile went by really really slow. I didn't think I'd ever see the finish line. When I finally rounded the corner and saw it, I kicked it into high gear and ran the last .25 mile at a 9:00 pace. I was so excited to beat my goal time (of 1:15). I not only beat it, but I blew it out of the water! My previous 10k time (back in June) was 1:17, so I cut nearly 10 minutes total off. Thats more than a minute off each mile.

Once I stopped running, my blister started to feel worse and I could not WAIT to get to the car and get my shoe off. My legs also tightened up afterwards because I didn't think to stretch. I realllly need to get better about stretching after I run. It took me about 30 seconds to catch my breath and get my heart rate back down- I love the quicker recovery time. I used to be out of breath and my heart would race for like 20 minutes after I worked out, now- its seriously less than a minute. Thats one way I can tell I'm in much better shape than a year ago. 

Overall- I had a really, really good run & I'm still pretty stoked about my PR! I woke up sore the next day, but only after just getting up from sitting/laying. Walking around I felt just fine. My blister is better and my legs are back to normal today. I was really bummed that Rebecca, my running buddy, wasn't able to do the race with me, but she's got a medical issue going on and hopefully she gets cleared to this week to start running again! It wasn't the same without her :)

Next race: Brian Sturgeon St. Patricks Day 4 miler (March 17, 2012)

Sunday, March 4, 2012


Hi guys. As much as I'd love to fill you in on my 10k this weekend, it's gonna have to wait. I'm feeling under the weather and need to go to bed and try and sleep this off. I've got too much going on to get sick!!

Just a teaser- I totally PR'd and surprised even myself!! Pictures and race re-cap will be up tomorrow morning after my run.

Good night!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Running is NOT easy

I think a lot of people assume that running comes naturally to people. That they just put on their shoes, fly out the door and bust out an easy 10 miles with no effort at all. And maybe for some, it does. Others, like myself....thats soo not the truth.

Just because I happen to LIKE running and do it A LOT, does not mean that its easy.

I think if running were easy for me, it wouldn't be so fun. I like the challenge. I like to push my limit and see what I'm capable of.

When I'm towards the end of a particularly hard or long run, I'll remind myself of how far I've come. 18 months ago, I seriously could not run for 1 minute straight. Dead serious! And now I've completed a half marathon. Hard work and determination DO pay off.

If you were to run with me, see me when I'm running or see me after I've run- I'd bet it would be pretty obvious how NOT easy it is for me :) I'm smelly, sweaty, beat red & exhausted. But I feel like those are badges of accomplishment. I feel like I've earned those things.

Whenever I'm doing a race, I always feel like the fattest and least fit person there. In reality, I'm totally not- but I just see it that way in my mind. I wish I didn't, and maybe that will change, but for now-its how I feel.

Even if you come in last place (and I have once, a very small 10k I was DEAD last) it doesn't mean that you've failed. It took me a long time to finally realize that. Just because you didn't run as fast as someone else, doesn't mean you've lost. You ran- you completed- you won. I've said it before- I am NOT fast. My 5k PR is 33:27 which is 10:48/mile average. Thats slow according to "racing" standards, but according to my own standards, fitness level and running background- thats pretty dang fast ;) The fact that I'm short and stumpy does NOT help with my speed but I finally decided speed just WASN'T that big deal to me anymore. I'd rather run my entire half marathon in May without stopping to walk, than to finish in a certain amount of time. Sure I'll have a goal time, but my over goal is just to RUN!

If you think you can't do something- challenge yourself. Go out of your comfort zone and prove to yourself that you ARE capable. It doesn't have to be running- it can be Zumba, yoga, weight lifting, cycling, pilates, elliptical- whatever....pick a goal and work towards it. Make it hard, but not impossible.

It all goes back to what your parents told you growing up- you can do anything you set your mind to.

I can promise you it won't be easy, but I can also promise you it will be worth it.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Night Run

I've come to love running in the mornings for a few different reasons. The biggest reason is that I like starting out my day with a good workout. It sets the tone for the rest of my day, improves my mood and helps me clear my mind and make better food choices for the rest of the day. Another reason I like running in the morning is because during the week, its really my only chance on most days. I try and get my workouts done when my kids are either asleep (early morning) or at school so that when they are home, I can be 100% present with them. Of course it doesn't always happen like that, I do have to run while they stay home with daddy once in awhile. Not a huge deal. 

Today I subbed in Austin's class (tomorrow too) and so I wasn't able to run this morning. I could have gotten up at 5:00 and ran but it was raining and I'll be totally honest- I had already done my hair the night before and didn't want to spend the extra 1 hour this morning re-doing it. (I'm using the term "done" very loosely- I had washed it and let it dry wavy instead of straightening it, and then french braided it. Wake up, unbraid and I've got clean, natural waves. Love it!)  Anyway, I digress. What's new?

While I was out at recess with the kids today, I looked up at the sky and saw this
That bright beautiful sky, cool breeze, the blossoms on the trees, the sun shining...PERFECT running conditions. I was so bummed that I was stuck at school for another 2 hours and by the time I got home, I wouldn't be able to run (kids home, homework, etc). 

I had a 3 mile run on the schedule today and was getting really sad that I might have to skip it. I talked myself into running as soon as Wayman got home from work  (6:30) even though it was wet and already pitch black outside. I do NOT like running in the dark.
a) I'm afraid of tripping on uneven pavement 
b) I'm afraid of being hit by a car
c) I'm afraid of the "unthinkable" happening

I know, I worry too much.

I sucked it up, stayed on main streets and hit the ground running (quite literally). I did a little bit under 3 miles at 11:20 pace. My average is over a minute faster than it was just a few months ago. I can't keep that pace for longer than 3 or 4 miles yet though, I'm building up to that. 

Theres something really calming about running at night. You don't have to worry about lathering up with SPF, you don't have to wear sunglasses or a hat & I don't feel like people notice me so I'm more comfortable just doing my thing!

Even though it was cold and rainy, I still worked up a goooood sweat

(so i looked at this picture and realized my pictures on the wall are crooked. Went to go fix it...totally straight! optical illusion in the picture I guess!)

After I finished my run I hopped on the elliptical for 20 minutes (6 resistance, 20 incline, 2500 strides) and called it a day. 

I'll have to admit- ending my day with a workout is almost as good as starting my day with one. I enjoy the endorphins all day, but I'm also really enjoying the relaxation afterwards.