Wednesday, March 14, 2012

And another one in the books...

...another long run that is :)

I re-worked my training schedule for this week and did my long run today instead of this weekend. I had 7 miles on schedule and I woke up feeling good and ready to run!

I did my 7 miles at a 12:30-12:40 pace (I'm slow...I know) and then when I got to 7 miles I realized I was still more than a half a mile from home, so I did a long cool down walk (read: slow). All together I did 7.60 miles and my overall pace (including warm up and cool down) was 13:33. I looked back on my 7 mile training run from the last half marathon I did and my average pace was 15:57, so I'd call that an improvement! I did a lot of walking on my long runs last time (not A LOT- maybe 2 miles on a 10 mile run?) but this time I'm really trying to run as much as possible. I stopped to walk twice today, for about 5 minutes each time.

I've decided that training for a long race and trying to lose weight is actually pretty difficult. You wouldn't think so, I mean...more miles = more calories burned = more pounds lost. But what you don't take into account is just how hungry you get when you log 25-30 miles each week. Especially on my long runs, I feel starved for the rest of the day (if I stay within my 1350 calories). I hate eating my exercise calories back, but I might need a few today.

Now that I've got all my bigger runs done this week, all I have left is a 2 mile speed run, a 3.5 mile tempo and 40 min cross training. Between now and Sunday- I will definitely be able to get that accomplished (and hopefully more!)

And just a side note- I have made another goal for myself to get down to a certain weight before my birthday. This magic number is a number I haven't seen since literally middle school or before. I'm FIVE pounds away and I have one month until my birthday (April 13). I've been losing pretty slowly lately (half a pound a week, average) so I'm really going to need to work extra hard to meet this goal. I'm going to reward myself with a one hour massage and thats all the motivation I need! (well...and fitting into the next size down jeans helps too!)  I'll keep you updated (cause I'm sure you'll all be on the edge of your chairs!)

Have a great day! Happy Hump Day!

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  1. "when you say you are SLOW, do you mean compared to the people who never exercise or the vast majority of people whi cant run a mile without stopping?"!!!

    whether its a 14 minute mile or a 7 minute mile its still a MILE! :)