Saturday, March 17, 2012

Brian Sturgeon/Cerebral Palsy race- 4 miles

This morning I braved the rain and ran the Brian Sturgeon UCP race. I've been checking the forecast all week and its never changed: 100% chance of rain. I never thought about backing out, but I definitely wasn't looking forward to running in rain! 

Praise the Lord it wasn't raining when I got there. It rained allll night but literally stopped for the duration  of the race. The second we got back in the car, it started coming down hard.

Austin had practice for a special competition he's going to be in for AWANA this morning and so we stayed at my parents for the weekend and gave Wayman a few days to himself :) He had a lot of work to do in the yard so it actually worked out nicely. Since we live 30-40 minutes away from most of the races I do (in Fresno), its convenient to stay at my parents since they live so much closer. My dad took Austin to practice this morning and my mom and Carson came to the race with me. They stayed in the car until it was almost time for me to cross the finish line (I estimated my time).

The first mile was not enjoyable. I actually wasn't even having a very good time. I couldn't find my groove and I just felt out of breath. Right about that time, it started raining. I wasn't wearing sunglasses (obviously because the sun was no where in sight) but I wish I would have because it would have helped keep the water out of my eyes. It only rained for about a mile and then it was just a fine mist. 

I started to feel a little better and get into my groove right before I hit the 2nd mile (maybe cause it was an out-and-back course and I was just relieved to be on the "back" portion?!). I never went out with a time goal in mind, mostly because I never run 4 milers and so I wasn't trying to PR to beat a previous time. I really just wanted to have fun!

As I approached the finish line, I noticed that the clock was turned off! I was using my Nike+ but my phone was in my arm band under the arm of my sweatshirt so I never knew my time through the whole race. I was really bummed not to know my time as I crossed the finish line. When I got my phone out of the armband, I was at 4.08 miles and 48:30 so I'm guessing I finished right around 47.00 (11:30 miles). I didn't run my hardest at all, so I know I could have gotten a better time if I had tried...but I just wasn't in a "run fast" mood today. 

After the race they were handing out Luna Bars, oranges & bananas and my favorite: semi-frozen peach cups. SOOO good. Definitely perfect post-run snack. They also had a lady making balloon animals for the kids. 

Overall I'm happy with my performance and ended up having a really good time! This was my 2nd year doing this race and I will do it again next year! And now for the pictures:

Taken in the parking lot right before I walked to the Start line

 People coming in to finish
 I'd like to think I'm blurry in this picture because of my incredible speed, but really its just my mom is a still-learning photographer :) Either way- Good job Mom! You made me look fast!

 Carson anxiously awaiting for his balloon snack to be made!

And because I know you're dying to know: the balloon lasted less than 20 minutes and then I had one broken hearted little man. Apparently he wasn't aware these things didn't last forever :/

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  1. Great job! Even if you didn't run your fastest it sounds like you had a really good time.