Thursday, March 1, 2012

February RUNdown & March goals

My goals for February were:
Lose 9 pounds 
Run 85 miles 

Did I meet those goals? Not exactly.

I only lost 3 pounds and was hoping for 9. However, about halfway through the month I realized that setting such a lofty goal for a short month probably wasn't very reasonable. My weight loss has slowed down dramatically in the past few months so 9 lbs wasn't the best goal for me to have. What can I say, I aim high :). I'm not exactly happy with only losing 3 pounds this month, but it's 3 pounds that are forever gone and hey, at least the scale went down and not up right? I finally busted through the plateau and hopefully I'll start losing steadily again over the next few months.

I DID however meet my goal of running 85 miles. I actually completed 88. Now that I've started training for the half in may, my mileage will be increasing each week & so my monthly total will grow as well. I'm excited about that :)

SO- I didn't lose all the weight I had hoped to, but I did get the miles in. I'll call it a win :)
(but next month, I'm really hoping the scale moves a little faster)

March goals:
Lose 5+ pounds
Run 90 miles

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