Saturday, March 31, 2012

A good run, self criticism & the perfect pizza

Hello everyone!

I hope you're all having a good weekend so far! I started off my day by sleeping in until 8:00 (which was glorious after such a busy day yesterday). I made my current favorite breakfast: half a whole wheat english muffin with 1 Tbsp peanut butter and a little honey drizzled on top, and 1/2 cup plain greek yogurt, 1 packet of Splenda & frozen mixed berries mixed in. Delicious and packed full of protein and nutrients! After I picked up the house a little, played with the boys and got a few other things done, I left for my run at about 11:00. After having such a hard run yesterday, I told myself that todays run was just gonna be fun & easy. No pressure- no checking pace. I even decided that if I felt like walking half of it, than I would (I had a 4 miler on schedule). I did my 5 min warm up and then took off running. It was warm, sunny and breezy- the PERFECT running weather in my opinion. Not windy enough to be annoying, just breezy enough to dry the sweat on my face as I ran against it :) Glamourous, I know. 

Turns out, I had much more oomph in me than I thought cause I ran the entire 4 miles without stopping or slowing down. Looking back on my splits, each mile was between 12:15-12:30, so pretty consistent (for me). I stopped my Nike+ right when I hit 4 miles so I could get my average for just my run. I was still a ways from home so I restarted it and walked .88 miles home. Grand total= 4.88 miles. I am going to calculate my total miles for March and post them tomorrow with my March Re-cap and goals for April. I think I'm also going to take my measurements since I haven't done so since January. I feel like I haven't lost very much since then, so maybe seeing a difference in inches will boost my self confidence a little.

I had Wayman take a picture of me when I came back (the camera on his phone- same phone as me- is SO much better. Maybe cause his phone doesn't get tossed around in a purse or thrown around by kids all the time. Jealous? A little) Anyway- here I am, all sweaty and ready for a shower
I hate to admit it, but I look at this picture and see nothing but flaws. Even though I've lost 75 pounds and have gone from a size 20 to a size 10, I still see the massive flabby arms and a stomach that unfortunately will never be flat, without the help of a plastic surgeon (which I am NOT against in any way, and I will attempt to get it covered by insurance just as soon as I'm done losing weight). Anyway- I hate that I'm so hard on myself and wish I could just see the positive changes- but I guess I'm just human. I'm not perfect and I shouldn't expect to be. I just feel like I'll never be 100% happy with my appearance, no matter how much weight I lose. There will still be "things" that bug me and I will constantly try and fix (arms, legs, stomach). Don't get me wrong- I can definitely see a difference in my body and I have made dramatic changes. I love shopping for clothes now and I'm amazed at what my body is capable of doing. I just need to focus on those things a little more and be grateful for what God has given me- a strong and a healthy body (and just a little fluffy ;) )
Remember how I said that Wayman's phone takes such better pictures than mine? Exhibit A:
This is right by the back door, the door I use when I leave for my runs. When I come back in, I write my mileage on the white board (or whatever workout I did- elliptical, 30 day shred, etc) and then the calendar hanging on the bulletin board is what my running schedule is written on. I have all my workouts scheduled (I use Hal Higdon's half marathon training program) and cross of each workout as I complete them. Sometimes I don't go in order, I switch runs within the same week according to whats going in my life! I'm happy to say that I didn't miss any workouts, the only box that is not crossed off is a rest day, because I ended up running 2 miles and just never crossed it off :)
After I took a shower and got ready, I made the boys lunch (whole wheat english muffin pizzas) and I made this beauty of a pizza for myself:
Definitely my new favorite lunch and I'll probably eat it for the next 2 weeks until I'm sick and tired of it!
Whole wheat flatbread (90 calories), toasted in the oven
Spread a layer of spinach on the flatbread, then top with 2 thinly sliced tomatoes (30 calories)
Sprinkle skim mozzarella- I used a little less than half a cup (160 calories)
Top with fresh or dried basil
Bake until edges are crispy and cheese is melted and bubbly
For 280 calories- you can't beat it! The flatbreads are full of protein and fiber and are the perfect size for a pizza.
I skipped sauce and used fresh tomatoes instead so that I could cut out a ton of unnecessary sodium, and also I was going for a more "fresh" taste. 
As for the rest my Saturday, I'm planning on sitting on the couch and working on a few blog things, while watching this crazy wind and rain storm outside (so glad I ran this morning when it was beautiful out instead of waiting like I had planned!) I am in desperate need of a lazy afternoon and this seems to be the perfect day for it. 

Tonight for dinner I'm making baked chicken breasts & Quinoa mac n cheese with broccoli mixed in. Its a new recipe, sounds delicious and I can't wait to try it out.

PS Hello to all my new followers! I posted my link on Katie's blog, Runs for Cookies, and I've noticed a lot of traffic over the past few days. Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the blog world :) You can read my entire story, from the beginning by clicking on the picture in the right hand column, or just by going HERE. I love hearing from you in the comments- so thanks to those for taking the time to do so!
Do you ever feel guilty for needing or wanting a walk break while running?
I do- and I'm trying to get over it.

Are you hard on yourself when you see pictures of yourself? Do you use it to improve the areas you see flawed or do you just let it drive you crazy and upset you?
I do both, unfortunately.

What's your idea of the perfect pizza?
Besides the one above- anything from Me N Eds is heaven on earth. Not healthy in any way- but a definitely splurge. Would make a good pre-run meal when you are trying to carb load :)


  1. Your meals sound and look so YUMMY! I'm always looking for new ideas. I'm definitely trying it all.

    I hate my arms, stomach and legs too. I love how I feel as I'm getting stronger but then when I see pictures they don't match with how I feel. Someday.

  2. Great job on your run! Sometime just relaxing and going with the flow is the best bet! When I started losing weight I thought how if I ever got down to 150 I would look amazing, well 110 pounds later I'm still looking in the mirror and seeing all my flaws :) I'm guessing that just part of being a woman, never being totally satisfied!

  3. I don't feel guilty for walk breaks, but I use Jeff Galloway's run/walk method for all long runs so I run 9 and walk 1 and I love it! I am very hard on myself, I can always see things I need to improve in photos. I think you look great in that picture! No saggy arms, fresh healthy and smiling! Perfect pizza for me is Chile Verde pizza from a little place in Lindsay, amazing!! After my Whole30 I'm going to get pizza!