Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday, Monday

Happy Monday everyone! Are you ready to tackle the upcoming week and make it a GOOD one!? I sure am :)

This morning was my long run- 6 miles. Every week for the next 7 weeks, my long runs will increase by one mile each week. I am going to do my longest training run at 12 miles, about 10 days before my half in May. I want to make sure my body is completely trained and ready, but also rested and ready for my race. 

I've read a lot about other runners using GU Energy gels for their long runs and after trying one at my last half in November- I didn't want anything to do with them every again. Nasty flavor and horrible texture (I believe I tried orange creme? or maybe cherry creme?) Anyway- while I was at the running store picking up my race packet a few weeks ago, I saw a couple new flavors that sounded interesting- Chocolate Outrage and Peanut Butter. A few other bloggers I follow had tried and loved these flavors so I bought one of each just to try them out. 

I'm going to take one every 4 miles during the half (and during training runs) cause thats when I notice I tend to lose a little steam and need a boost. Today I took the Chocolate Outrage with me and took it at Mile 4.25. I absolutely loved it! I could have eaten 3 of them lol. It tasted like chocolate frosting and did NOT have that slimy gel texture that the others have. This one also has caffeine in it. It kicked in after about 5 minutes and I felt really good. I got just the boost I needed to finish the last 2 miles and finished them faster than any of the first 4 miles.  I hope that the peanut butter one is just as good- I'll let you know next week after my long run.

When I got home, I changed the laundry and took a nice hot shower. I love getting cleaned up after getting all hot and sweaty- thats the best feeling. Since I am just spending the day at home cleaning up and doing a few projects, I put clean gym clothes back on so I'd be comfortable.
I'm going to take the boys on a bike ride later this afternoon after their naps, so I will get another short work in squeezed in. I usually don't do that on my longer run days, but this won't be a real tough workout, it will more or less be a lesiurely bike ride. 
The other day I had the laziest, most "blah" day- I didn't get much accomplished and ended up snacking a bit too much. At around 8:30 that night, Wayman asked if I was still going to do the elliptical. I said no, that I just wanted to go to bed early instead. He hopped on and did 30 minutes and started bragging how he burned 500 calories, and that was all it took. I put my shoes on and jumped on, and was secretly determine to beat his calorie burn. (secretly because I didn't tell him I was trying to compete haha). 30 minutes later, and I had burned a whopping 600 calories. Hows that for making up for a lazy day? I went to bed feeling MUCH better and was so happy that I decided to workout, even though I had been putting it off all day. This is the pic taken, post elliptical:
I am about 10 miles away from my 90 mile goal for the month of March. I will be able to get that done no problem by the end of the week. My weight loss goal however- probably not going to happen unless I pull a REALLY big number this week! I've been working out a lot, but also been eating more than normal (because I've been so hungry from burning so many calories). After about 10 days of going over my calorie goal every single day, I decided to just raise my limit and see how it affected my weight loss goals. I raised my goal from 1350 to 1500 and so far- its working out perfectly. I've lost about 1.5 pounds in 2 weeks since I've raised it (whereas the scale wasn't budging before). I think its important to note that I'm not using that extra 150 calories on empty calories- I'm making the most of every single one. Most of the time its an extra snack in the afternoon- peanut butter & banana, apple & string cheese, whole grain cereal & fat free milk, wasa cracker & avacado w/ balsamic vinaigrette. I am trying to fuel my body, not eat because I'm bored and want to snack. If I'm not particularly hungry, I don't end up using those extra calories. 
Ok- well I'm off to pick up my little guy from preschool and not long after that, it will be time to get Big Brother from kindergarten!

Make the most of your day- get out there and enjoy this beautiful sunshine and burn some calories!!!


  1. Great long run. I've never used Gu, I used Clif Shot Blox before and I used Larabar pieces for my run on Saturday and liked it and will probably continue with that. I think it is important to listen to your body and if you need to eat the extra 150 it will only help with your weight loss in the long run.

  2. Ohhh I'm all about that Chocolate Gu, it's so dang yummy! Makes me want to run just so I can eat one :)