Friday, March 30, 2012

This is how my day went...

600 am- wake up and realize my husband is still laying next to me, meaning that he didn't wake up for his Friday morning run with his buddies
601- ask him if hes still gonna go, or if I can go before he leaves for work...he says I can go
601-615- lay in bed contemplating my day and whether or not I should run NOW or wait til the kids are at school...decide to wait until later. I'll admit it, I was being lazy.
616-630- lay in bed until the absolute last minute possible before having to get up and get myself and the kids ready for school
630- throw on my gym clothes, put my hair in a fresh pony tail (day 4 of no washing, thankyouverymuch) and brush my teeth
640- pack lunches and set them out on sink
645- go into boys room to wake them up and help them get ready for school (in case you don't know, 3 & 5 year olds don't move very fast)
700- we're all up and dressed and sitting at the table for breakfast. the boys= yogurt & chocolate milk. me= oatmeal. hubby= eggs & toast
720- help the boys brush their teeth and hair
725- throw in a load of laundry and make my bed
735- back packs on, hugs to daddy and out the door
740- get to Austin's school, walk him to class and back to the car
745- take Carson to school
750- back home, fold laundry in the dryer, make the boys bed and clean up breakfast dishes
815- head back to Austin's school to work in his class for "Pirate Day"
820-1100- play Pirate games, sing Pirate songs & go on treasure hunts with 30 overly-excited and sugar-filled kindergarteners. oh what fun! (actually, it really was).
1100-1210- run errands. Walmart. 99 cent store. Save Mart. Needed specific things from each place and was in desperate need of groceries (and Mega Million tickets...I'm $5 poorer tonight)
1210-1230- put away groceries like a madwoman, in fear that my window of available time to run is slowly getting smaller. switch laundry and fold dry load
1230-120- run 4 of the best and worst miles of my life (if we're on friends on FB, you probably have already seen this) Long story short: never run (alone) on country roads/through vineyards again. Random, and suspicious SUV with 2 men inside approach me from opposite direction (on a dirt road that I've never once seen a vehicle on- its not a street, its actually a riverbank with a dead end), once we pass each other, they stop their car and flip around to follow me. PANIC!!!! I knew I had to get away but couldn't figure out the safest and most public route to do so- ended up running across a canal (empty)  because I knew the car couldn't drive over that.  Sure, they could chase me on foot, but I was more afraid of being pulled into a car. Anyhow- 2 very fast miles later, I was out of the muddy vineyard, the SUV was out of sight (but not out of mind) and I found myself running along the side of Austin's school. Awww, familiar territory. I will definitely not be running through the peaceful country by myself anymore, unfortunately. To sum it up: WORST- duh. BEST: definitely some of my fastest running, I impressed myself.  
120- take picture below after walking in the door, bright red and dripping sweat (it was almost 80 today)
125-155 catch my breath, FB my recent excitement, take a shower and get dressed for the day (finally). And yes, I washed my hair.
155- put new load of laundry in, fold dry load
200- change sheets on my bed. bye bye winter flannel, hello spring cotton.
215- leave to get Austin from school
225- get back home and FINALLY sit down for 5 minutes. Oh, and the most important part- lunch. Which was a big bowl of air popped popcorn. And lots of ice water
225-315 try and catch up on the Young & the Restless while also holding a conversation with Austin about Star Wars
315 leave to pick Carson up
315-515 decide that since its such a beautiful day, why not take the kids to the park to play. 
515- Carson has to pee....Mommy doesn't handle dirty, park bathrooms well- so we leave
520-600 boys play in playroom while i once again switch the laundry and get things out for dinner
600- daddy gets home- yay!!!!
600-615 make dinner- homemade pizzas.
615-635- eat dinner
635- decide to let the kids have their dessert (root beer floats) now instead of waiting til after their bathed and in jammies. smart decision on our part.
655-715- Daddy gives boys a shower, Mommy cleans up the kitchen
715-845 play Kinect Sports on the Xbox. We all have our specialties- mine happens to be track & field. Just sayin.
845- boys get tucked in. they got to "stay up late" since its not a school night. woohoo!
845-930- talk to my mom on the phone. we do this everynight btw.
930-940- put in the LAST load of laundry for the day, pajamas on, wash my face & brush my teeth
940-1000- attempt to watch TV in the living room, but keep falling asleep because I haven't for a few days and I miss it. And I'm obviously just bored since I've had NOTHING going on all day. I really should get a life (ha!)

Heres hoping tomorrow is a quieter & more peaceful version of today- but filled with the same amount of love and blessings! 

and P.S. Im trying not to think about the creepy running incident because if I do, I'll become obsessive and never want to set foot outside alone again. Who knows, maybe those men had no harmful intentions whatsoever. But ya just never know. I DO know that I was prayin like theres no tomorrow (literally) and God got to me a safe place, in one piece and I'm here to tell about it! Amen, right?! 

TGIF! (and happy Easter Vacation to those who get next week off like we do!)


  1. Wow, you have one jam packed day!!! I think it's awesome that you fit in your run even though there are a hundred things you need to do! Making time for fitness is so important, kudos! Maybe you should carry some pepper spray when you run, I do sometimes usually for stray scary dogs :)

  2. Very scary! I had a similar experience when I was younger and delivering a paper route at 5:00 in the morning. Thank goodness for your fitness and speed!

    Just an FYI, 15 and 17 yo boys don't move quickly either. Unless, for my boys, it's on a basketball court. SIGH!

    Your day was a FULL one! Filled with some great events! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Scary scary running incident!! I would have flipped the eff out!! Glad nothing bad happened and you are safe! Your day looks about like mine, mommies are busy ladies!!

  4. Hi, I popped over from seeing your blog on Katie's blog list. Your running incident scares the begeeses out of me! I have such a paranoid fear when I walk outside alone. I once had a song kick on my iPod that had a big bass and the first thump had me jumping about 4 feet in the air!