Saturday, April 28, 2012

Shinzen 10 mile race

This morning my alarm went off at 5:45 and by 6:20 I was standing on the starting line. Thats why I like staying with my parents on race weekends- they live so much closer than we do! My dad dropped me off so I wouldn't have to find parking (which ends up, wouldn't have been too difficult). He saw me off and then he went back home to pick up my mom and Grandma to come back and watch me run. They planned on coming to the mile 5 turnaround but the course ended up being on a trail, off the road, so they would have had to park and walk quite a ways. They ended up catching me towards the end instead. 

Alright- basically today was the absolute perfect day for a race. I wore a running skirt and tank top and I never got hot or cold the entire run. It started out kind of chilly, but it felt awesome (it was in the 60's the whole time). 

Standing around, waiting for the start

 I brought my little point and shoot camera with me during the run and took a few pictures of the course. It was a pretty small turnout for the 10 miler (40 people?), thats why it looks so empty :) There were a ton of 5 miler racers

 It was supposed to be a "fast and flat" course. It was a ton of rolling hills which killed me. I train on flat, flat, flat and so the hills threw me for a loop. I didn't mind, but it did slow me down a little
 I felt really, really good the whole 10 miles. I got tired and my legs hurt, but my breathing was 100% under control the entire time. I never "hit the wall" and was happy to be there and running (sometimes during a race I curse myself for deciding to pick running as a hobby lol)
 My parents caught me at mile 8.5, right as I was about to make the final loop around the park to the finish line

 Coming through the finishers area

 I don't have my official results yet, but according to my Nike+ (on my phone) I finished in 2:04. I wanted to finish between 2:00-2:10 so I was happy with that. I had to stop and walk twice- once around mile 6 (to adjust my shorts under my skirt that were riding up, and then also to drink water) and then again right before mile 9. I walked for 2 minutes and then picked it up again

 My grandma and I after the race
 My parents and I

We came back to their house so I could take a shower and get ready for breakfast! We went to our favorite restaurant and let me tell you, just the thought of it was keeping me from hitting the wall during the run haha

 After breakfast, my mom and I did some grocery shopping and went to visit my grandma. My brother and I got our massages this afternoon (HEAVEN!!!!) and then he wanted to go to REI and the running store.  We also stopped for some fro-yo :) My bowl: tiny bit of cookies and cream with mini chocolate chips and french vanilla with fresh strawberries. It was soo good!
 Obviously I can't smile with the sun in my eyes
 Brother let me borrow his glasses :)
 I had a really full day and I was on my feet for 12 hours straight, but it really helped me from getting stiff and sore. I feel awesome tonight and am even considering doing the elliptical for 45 minutes before bed (I wanna catch up on my Hulu shows!).

Friday, April 27, 2012


Hello :) Is everyone as excited as I am that today is FRIDAY?! I loooove weekends. This one is going to be particularly spectacular :) I'm doing a 10 mile race tomorrow morning that starts really, really early so I'm going to spend the night in Fresno- solo! I love my husband and kids to death, but "me" time is invaluable. I'm staying at my parents house and then after the race we're going out to breakfast and then my brother and I are going to get massages. I am giddy I'm so excited. Now  if I can just get through that 10 miles I'll be good to go! 

I don't have lots to say today (shocker, I know) but I do have a few pictures I wanted to post. A few pictures from last weeks 5k were just put up on FB so here they are. I don't often get mid-race pictures so these were kind of fun. All my pictures are usually of the start and finish line.
It was a beautiful shaded trail, not completely flat but definitely not horrible

Coming up the last hill before the finish line. 
Another exciting thing happened this week too! On Wednesday, I got to run with my friend from high school who now lives in North Carolina. She and her husband have also started running over the last couple years, have lots a lot of weight and they both look awesome. They are here in California to run the Big Sur MARATHON on Sunday!!! I was originally going to do this with her but because of a lot of other things going on, I had to back out. We met up at the park late Wednesday afternoon for a 3 mile run. It was humid and overcast and start raining right as we finished. It was so fun to run with her and catch up. It's been at least 5 years since I've seen her, but even longer since we've actually hung out for longer than a minute! 
I'm so excited to hear all about their marathon and see all the pictures. I know they will both do great. Good luck Owen and Malissa!
I did my 5 mile run this morning and since I have a long run tomorrow I decided to take it super easy today. I'm not trying to PR by any means tomorrow- I just want to try and maintain my half marathon pace (12:00-12:30) and use it as a training run, instead of a "race". Today's run was easy and my legs still feel fresh and ready to go for tomorrow. Now its time for me to get a few loads of laundry done, pick up the house and pack my stuff for the weekend. I'm so excited :) I won't have my laptop with me so I probably won't be posting a race recap until late tomorrow night when I get home. If you follow me on FB, I'm sure I'll update there soon after the race. Goal time: between 2:00-2:10. 

Thursday, April 26, 2012

The proof is in

I've got quite a few new readers that have come from Katie's blog (hi guys!) so I thought I would put together a little timeline of pictures. In case you haven't already read about my weight loss journey, you should go and read that first :)

I went through my Facebook albums and found older picture of myself, and them some newer ones. The "before pictures" were all taken in 2009 and 2010. I officially started my weight loss journey at the end of 2010.

Ok- GROSS! I'm embarassed to even put all those pictures up there for the entire world to see. But its part of my journey and even though I'm not proud of letting myself go- it happened. I gained weight...but more importantly- I made the decision to lose weight. Here are some more recent pictures, taken in 2011 and 2012. They aren't in any particular order, thanks to Blogger! I am not done with my weight loss journey so I'm not calling these my "after" pictures. I'd consider them my "during" pictures or "in the process". 

January 2011- my first 6 mile race (3rd race overall, I had done 2 5k's in the months before). I was down about 50 pounds here.
 November 2010- my first 5k (down about 30 pounds here)
 And more recent...
January 2012, same 6 mile race as above- just 1 year later.

 (down 75+ in the following pictures)

 (most recent, taken last weekend)

As of today, I've lost 76 pounds. My weight loss is going much, much slower these days. Where I used to be able to lose 2 pounds a week without a problem, now I only lose about .05 lb a week. I've used running and counting calories from the beginning because those things work for me. 

Well thats about it- just a little walk down memory lane. I've been kind of frustrated that I haven't been losing consistently while training for this half marathon, but looking at these pictures has helped me realized just how far I've come. My journey is not over- but my life has changed so much and I love the new me. I love that I'm healthy, athletic and more fit than I've been in my entire life. 

I've said it before and I'll say it again- its not easy....but its worth it!