Monday, April 16, 2012

Birthday weekend extravaganza

Hello all!

These pictures are not in order and I'm too exhausted to try and figure out how to switch them around (I'm sure theres gotta be a way to change the order around once they are attached?)

So lets start out with Sunday and work backwards! Yesterday was my youngest son's 4th birthday party. We had a John Deere party in the barn for him :) Right up his alley!

 Since Sunday was my rest day, I didn't get a workout in. I kind of hoped to anyway, but I was way to worn out to fit one in. Since I had 6 workout days in a row, I'm sure the rest was needed anyway. I passed on my mother-in-laws cupcakes which was really hard to do, but I felt good afterwards and didn't have anything to feel guilty about. 24 hours later- the cupcake doesn't even seem that appealing anymore. Definitely glad I didn't waste my calories- especially considering I didn't have any exercise calories to dip into. 

Ok, lets go back to Friday for a few minutes now:

In my last post I said it was my birthday and that we were going to Outback for dinner that night
 I ordered what I had planned- grilled pork tenderloin with garlic mashed potatoes and steamed green beans (660 calories for the entire meal, and I only ate 1/2 the potatoes and gave 2 of the 5 slices of meat to my husband and brother in law). I passed on the bread (not even ONE slice!) and only broke off 2 tiny little onion pieces of the bloomin onion. Not a section- just 2 pieces of 1 section.

Since it was our birthdays- they brought us an ice cream sundae. I'm not a big ice cream fan so that was easy to pass around the table for the others to eat :)
 After dinner we went to my parents house. My parents gave me my card and my brother gave me a gift card to Champs sports. I knew that he knew I was planning on buying my Nike+ watch with my birthday money so I figured the gift card was intended to be used towards that.  Little did I know- he had the exact amount of my watch (including tax!) put on the gift card :)))))) He took me to get it that night, right as the store was closing and I left with my brand new watch in hand. I can't say enough how thankful I am to him- that was sooo thoughtful and he did not have to do that for me. He's a great brother, thats for sure. I love that we share a love of running and fitness and can connect on lots of levels. Even though theres a 7 year age difference (I'm older), we are still super close and the best of friends.
I used my watch on my run on Saturday (3 miles) and it works awesome. I love not having to haul my iphone out with me every time I run. 

Ok and jumping back to TODAY! Today is Carson's actual birthday. My husband took the morning off and we went out to breakfast before taking Austin to school. We came home and I ran while him and Carson did yardwork and played with new toys. I ran 5.65 miles (I had 5 on my schedule) and felt awesome.  It was pretty warm out and I wasn't wearing a hat or a headband, so I had to deal with sweat running into my eyes which is never a pleasant experience. Once I hit 5.5 miles, I contemplated just running an extra 3.5 to make it my long run of the week (9 miles) so that I wouldn't have to do it on Wednesday. However, as I passed the house, I realized I was really thirsty and starting to get hungry. I didn't bring a GU with me since I hadn't planned on running more than 5, otherwise I would have kept going. Oh well- I'll be able to start earlier on Wednesday so hopefully it wont be quite as hot. 

This afternoon we're still just hanging out and playing, watching new movies and relaxing. I had my husband take these pictures at exactly 1:41 this afternoon- exactly 4 years- to the minute! that Carson was born.  

Tonight we're having all the grandparents over for cake and ice cream to celebrate our special little boy. I  made him a big chocolate cupcake with chocolate frosting and we're having chocolate ice cream. Can you tell his favorite? I'm gonna have no problem passing it up, it doesn't even sound very good for some reason. Now if you were to tempt me with chips and dip- that might be another story :) 

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