Thursday, April 12, 2012

Just another reason why I love Target

First of all- I know you can't tell from my high-quality cell phone picture- but I am LOVING my new Elliptical setup in the garage. We flipped the elliptical so that I can now set my laptop on the shelf in front of me, turn off the garage light and watch Hulu. I went through and added a bunch of shows I hadn't seen to my Queue and right now I'm watching "What About Brian?" I think its from 2006 and only lasted for one season but I'm loving it so far- it reminds me of a drama similar to Brothers and Sisters- only with friends instead of family. Each episode is about 45 minutes and the time seriously flies by! I rarely look at the timer on the elliptical because I'm so engrossed in the show. It definitely makes working out more appealing :)
 We spent a good part of Monday cleaning out the garage because it looked like an episode of Hoarders before hand. Seriously- I'm not even exxagerating. I really wish I would have taken a before picture. After throwing a bunch of stuff away, making a "donate" pile, a "yard sale" pile and just organizing the stuff we are keeping- it looks like a normal garage now!! I swept and swept until you could literally eat off the floor- if you were crazy, obviously :) We started to make one side of the garage our workout area. So far we have the elliptical, a few sets of handweights, a jumprope & a medicine ball. I've got my yoga mat laid out to do floor exercises also. We want to add to our collection of workout equipment, so I've been browsing Craigslist occasionally for good deals. We'd like:
-a few kettlebells (lighter one for myself, heavier for hubby)
-a balance ball
-stationary/spinning bike
-bosu balance trainer (if you haven't seen these- google it- it looks awesome)
-and the biggest want: a treadmill (I LOVE running outside and would never choose a treadmill over fresh air...BUT there are certain times (late night, rain, etc) that call for indoor running. I'd also love to use it for speed training and intervals)

So there you have my wish list- aren't you glad I shared? :)

While I was at Target yesterday I was walking through the aisles near the pharmacy and noticed that they now carry Clif Shot Bloks & Engery gels (I've occasionally seen the Bloks before, but never the gel, much less CHOCOLATE!) Just one more reason for me to visit Target more than once a week. I guess its a good thing that its 30 minutes away. Saves me from having to make a special trip to the running store just to buy GU (because I rarely come out without buying something else...)

My mileage this week seems to be a bit lower than I'd like, but the weather has been wet, windy & unpredictable plus I've had Carson at home with me all week. He hasn't felt well so I kept him home and tomorrow is his first day to go back. Its also my birthday- so my birthday present to myself is that I finally get to go on my normal morning run after dropping them off. Then I'll have the rest of the day to do whatever I want :) I've tried to compromise and get other workouts in since I haven't had the opportunity to run as much as I'd like, heres what my week looks like so far:
Monday- 8 miles (long run day), 30 minutes on elliptical
Tuesday-1 mile, 45 minutes on the elliptical, strength training
Wednesday- Rest day
Thursday- 45 minutes on elliptical, strength training and scheduled to do 4.5 miles tonight as long as its not raining
Friday- My birthday run :) 4.5 miles...pending weather :/
Saturday- busy day but hoping to get at least 2 miles in
Total weekly mileage: approximately 20
I'm .02 pounds away from getting back to my pre-Easter weight. I gained 1.5 over the weekend and its really wanting to hang out with me as long as it can :/ I'm determined that tomorrow when I step on the scale, that .02 will be GONE and I'll be at a new all-time low. I just LOVE seeing new "never-seen-before" numbers on the scale! I was just telling Wayman that I haven't been this size/weight since probably 6th grade. Its an amazing feeling, and even better knowing how I'll feel after the last 40 pounds are gone. My 10 year High school reunion is in August so thats even more motivation for me to keep up the hard work! 


  1. The new setup looks and sounds great! Hoping to do something similar in my basement one day!
    And I have to say- I LOVE Target also! I'm there at least once a week and always find something to buy!
    Happy early Birthday!

  2. You can have my treadmill! I hate the wretched thing. I would literally rather run in the rain or freezing cold. Of course, my husband wouldn't be so happy with me if I got rid of it. : )

  3. I like the Clif gels for long runs/rides but can only find them at Raley's - I hope my Target starts to carry them soon!

  4. Great setup! I had no idea Target had Gu, thanks for sharing, I too can't go to the running store with out spending more than I should :)