Monday, April 23, 2012

A little secret

I have to confess...i don't go to the grocery store....

We do 90% of our grocery shopping at Costco. We are a family of 4 and buying in bulk just makes the most sense for us- on most items. The other 10% is either bought from Target (salad dressing, condiments, crackers, smaller things we wouldn't buy in bulk) and my secret store: the 99 cent store. We have one about 5 minutes from our house and I'm there at least once a week. Today's trip resulted in the following:
6 Dannon Light & Fit yogurts
2 dozen eggs
Baby carrots
6 pack of tomatoes
Green onions

And the grand total: $7.60

I could NOT buy all that in a regular store for the same price. Its my secret treasure and I'm hoping the whole world doesn't catch on soon. They have a TON of organic produce, name brand dairy products (yogurts, sour cream, cottage cheese, pudding, etc). I'm in love! We are a one income family so saving money wherever we can definitely eases some of the pressure off the already tight budget!

Ok, on to the next topic! RUNNING!!!

I got up bright and early (5:45) to go on my run. I ended up cleaning up the kitchen, prepping breakfast and packing lunches beforehand so I wasn't out the door until after 6:00. I had planned on doing 5 miles but since I left later than I had planned, I only did 3. Which is ok, I always switch up my runs during the week anyway. It was a great run- the weather was still cool (60's) and the sun wasn't shining hot and bright yet. There were quite a few other runners out on the trail and it was just quiet and peaceful. Not a lot of traffic like my usual 8/9:00 run. I didn't pay attention to my pace, I just ran what I thought and hoped were 12:00 minute miles. Here's the splits taken from my Nike+

I decided when I was out there that I want to try running that early more often. It's not always possible because my husband has meetings before work once or twice a week- but when I can- I want to get out there by 6:00. It frees up the rest of the day to get more accomplished around the house and with the kids. Its nice to start my day on the right foot and I swear I'm in a better mood because of it. I was able to come home, shower, get dressed and Austin dressed and ready for school and have him there by 7:30- 20 minutes early!   

The little one woke up with a tummy ache so he spent most of the day between the couch and the recliner. He took a mid-morning nap (which he NEVER does) and he woke up feeling a little better. Its nice to have my little buddy home with me a couple days a week :)
Tonight they have their very first t-ball practice (Austin played last year but this is Carson's first year and they are on the same team). They are both super excited, as am I!  I'm planning on getting my strength workout done tonight once the kids are in bed. 

Thanks for all the sweet comments lately- I love getting feedback from you guys!


  1. The 99 Cent store is my favorite California discovery. I buy bags of fresh spinach there - it's almost $3 at the grocery store right next door! And grapes in the summer - 99 cents for a bag, not by the pound?! Can't beat it.

  2. Ohhh I totally checking out the dollar store by me! I spend sooooooo much money at Costco sometimes I hate going! I ALWAYS feel better after an early morning run, it sets the tone for the rest of the day :)

  3. Sorry about the little guy being sick!
    I buy lots of produce at The 99 Cent Store too!! It's such a great find! I go crazy on the asparagus and baby carrots there! I always go on Wednesday because that is when my store gets their produce. I wish we had a Costco in town because I'd do a whole lot of my grocery shopping there, but I'm too lazy to drive to Visalia weekly.