Sunday, April 1, 2012

March RUNdown & April goals

My goals for March were:
Lose 5+ pounds
Run 90 miles

Did I meet those goals?
Pounds lost: 3.4 (no, didn't meet goal)
Miles ran: 90.56 (YES!)

I'm happy with my weight loss, because I finally broke through my plateau and have been seeing the scale go down- slowly but surely. I actually raised my calories to 1500 (from 1350) and obviously thats what I needed to shock my metabolism. Before, at 1350 calories, there were days when I was getting so hungry that I'd eat all my exercise calories back. Now- I'm perfectly satisfied with 1500 calories and there are some days I don't even need that many. I think the extra running and working out has a ton do with being so hungry. 

I met my goal of 90 miles and didn't have to squeeze any last minute miles into complete it. I woke up today with 4.32 miles left to meet my goal and I had a 4.5 run scheduled. Perfect :)

My goals for April:
Lose 5+ pounds
Run 95 miles


  1. Way to go!! 3.4 pounds it great! And 90 miles rocked!! I'm sucha slacker and haven't been tracking my miles this month so I have no idea where I stand. You really had a great month!!

  2. Congrats on the 90 mile goal! That is great! Keep up the good work and be a little easier on yourself this week. :)