Monday, April 2, 2012

Monday happenings

Today is Monday (obviously!) which also means its my long run day. Being that my husband and kids have the week off for Easter, it was a little harder to get out the door for my run- but I managed to get moving around 9:15 this morning. I knew within the first few steps that it was going to be a good/easy run. My legs felt light, the weather was perfect and I wasn't on any kind of time schedule. I was relaxed from the start. I had a hard time keeping my pace closer to my Half pace, but I knew if I ran faster than I would be tired and wouldn't be able to run the entire thing without walk breaks (which is my goal). I tried to slow myself down and ended up running 7.01 with a 13:00 pace. So yeah- some would definitely call that jogging and not running...but in my opinion, running is running! My 5k/10k pace is closer to 10:00-10:30 but for longer distance, I definitely kick it back a notch and try to run easier. I hate getting to the very end and feeling so completely exhausted that I can't finish. I'd rather run the whole thing at a comfortable pace and finish strong. 

I had my GU Energy Gel at mile 4, like I've been doing on my longer runs to prepare for the half. This time I tried Peanut Butter and while it was delicious, I still like the chocolate better. Which I guess is a good thing considering I just bough $10 worth of them at the running store yesterday :) I think I'll probably alternate between the chocolate and peanut butter just so I don't get burned out. 

The only time I stopped to walk was while I ate the GU, which only took about 60 seconds. I was pretty excited that even after I got to mile 6.5 I still wasn't gasping for air and could totally hold a conversation if needed. Some would say that means I'm not running hard enough, but I disagree. I finished my 7 miles, stopped my Nike+ to get my average and walked the rest of the way home (.25 mile). My legs (quads) were a little sore, but nothing major at all. I'm sure I'll feel it in my hips tomorrow. I usually do the next day. 

Speaking of tomorrow- Wayman and I, along with my aunt and a few cousins, are going on a 10 mile hike near Auberry (about an hour away). This is my first time hiking and I'm not quite sure what to expect. Its a pretty big climb, but supposedly easy terrain. I can't wait, and of course I'm taking my little point & shoot camera to document our fun :) 

After my run today, I took a quick shower and got clean workout clothes on (seems to be my outfit of choice 90% of the time). We took the boys to the park down the street to play a little baseball- T-ball starts at the end of the month and they love getting in a little practice time. Austin (our oldest, 5 1/2) did great and is already showing lots of improvement from last season (this will be his 2nd year). Carson, the  youngest (4) will be playing for the first time this season and he did a great job too. I can't wait to see them out there playing together. 

After we were hot and hungry, we decided to head home and get lunch and put the kids down for a nap. We ran by Lowes real quick on the way home and I was SO happy to get home and eat lunch afterwards. I was so hungry I was starting to get light headed! 

The rest of the day is gonna be pretty laid back- lots of picking up to do & lots of  hanging out and playing! We're having everyone over for Easter on Sunday so later in the week we will have to do a major house/yard cleaning- but I'm gonna put that off til the last minute so I can enjoy Spring break too. 

What are/were your plans for Spring Break? Doing anything fun for Easter?
Besides a few projects around the house and our hike tomorrow, we really don't have much "planned". I need to work on some stuff for Carson's birthday party the next weekend though. And for Easter- Saturday we're going to Caruthers to spend Easter with Wayman's family and Sunday everyone comes here. Lots of family and lots of fun!

What do you use during your long runs to re-fuel? Anything?
I've only used GU Energy Gels but I want to try Clif Shot Bloks.

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