Friday, April 13, 2012

A new year for me

Today is my 28th birthday. Meaning I only have 2 years until I'm 30....why does that scare me SO much?! Over the next few weeks I'm going to be coming up with a "bucket list" of things I hope to accomplish by the time I'm 30. Some that are easily attainable, others will take a lot more work. I like to have goals- it keeps me on track and focused :)

Last night after dinner, I ran 5 miles in the wind (and occasional light rain). It wasn't a horrible run, but I've definitely come to the conclusion that I have a much harder time running on days I've done the elliptical and lower body strength training. Seems pretty common sense! My legs did NOT want to move, they felt like bricks. I convinced myself it was okay to run at a slower pace and not push it (I'd already done 45 minutes on the elliptical and a tough 20 min weight/strength session earlier in the day). I kept a steady 12:30 pace and with my warm up and cool down walks (both 5 minutes each) my overall pace was 12:50. A minute slower than my 8 mile run the other day but not the end of the world.

Today, my legs are soooo sore. I'm wearing new (tight) jeans and the combination of the sore muscles and tight pants is enough to make me want to wear yoga pants for 2 weeks straight. I'm going out to dinner for my birthday so I figured normal clothes might be better than my standard running shorts & tank top that I'm usually dressed in ;)

I was supposed to run 4.5 miles this morning but when I got to 2.25, it started raining pretty hard so I just came inside (I was just passing the house). I could have toughed it out and ran in the rain (its not really cold, about 55 degrees) but my legs were hurting & I didn't want my phone to get wet. I came inside, took a hot shower, got dressed and ready and then lounged on the couch until it was time for my doctor appointment.

I had my very first podiatrist appointment this morning and it went well. Ive been noticing numbness in my toes after runs, or when I get cold and also my toenails seem a little funky. My pinky toes are also a purplish color which was kind of freaking me out. Apparently the numbness is Raynauds Disease (basically unusually cold hands and feet, despite having good circulation) and the purplish pinky is from excessive trauma (aka running daily). Not harmful, no cure...just deal with it basically. He said the toenails I was worried about was a little fungus, but nothing major and could be treated with OTC Lamisil- also another common runners issue apparently. Overall- everything I was concerned about was normal for runners and there really wasn't anything I could do to change it- well, besides not run- like THAT will ever happen! ;)

Tonight we're going to Outback for dinner and I've already got my dinner picked out (thanks to their website) and entered into My Fitness Pal. I'm having sweet glazed pork tenderloin, garlic mashed potatoes and fresh steamed green beans. Total calories for entire meal: 660. I will still finish the day with 50 calories left over- which may or may not be consumed with a bite of bloomin' onion that I'm sure everyone else will order. One bite is all I need to be happy :)

The rest of the weekend is going to be jam packed as well- yard sale in the morning, errands all afternoon, birthday dinner with my family tomorrow night and Sunday is church and my 4 year olds birthday party! Maybe one day I'll be able to sit and lounge all day!


  1. Happy Birthday!! Hope you had a great dinner!! I'm finally going to brave the rain (maybe) tomorrow, since I'm running a 5K trail run in Visalia. Glad nothing major is wrong with your feet, I have the major cold feet and hands too.

  2. Happy birthday! The weather has been pretty ridiculous here the past few days, I'm dying to get out and run! Hopefully the paths aren't too flooded :[ not used to all this rain!

  3. Happy Birthday!! I was scared of 30 and it came and went and I still feel 26 :) I feel ya on the yoga pants, tight jeans are so uncomfortable!