Saturday, April 21, 2012

Run for the Reef 5k Recap

Wow, say that 5 times fast!!

This morning started out MUCH earlier than I had hoped. At about 3:45 Carson (my youngest, 4) came into our room crying and said he didn't feel good. He ran to our bathroom an threw up, we cleaned up him and brushed his teeth and then he curled up at the foot of our bed like a little puppy dog. He threw up a few more times and never went back to sleep. My alarm went off at 5:45 so we all got up and got ready to leave at 6:30 for the race. To make a long story short (I'll give an in depth explanation on my family blog if you want to read about it) Carson is allergic to hot dogs and Mother of The Year here accidentally put them in his lunch box the other day, intending them to go in Austin's. I felt terrible. Anyhow- this happens whenever he has hot dogs- it takes about 48 hours to "digest" or move through this system and then he breaks out in a cold sweat, goes white as a ghost, gets lethargic and vomits the undigested hot dogs. TMI, I know. It only lasts a few hours and then he's back to normal- thank goodness. Anyhow- he was starting to perk up by the time we had to leave. 

Luckily I had all my race things laid out the night before. Since I didn't get much sleep- this was very helpful :)
 Waiting for the race to start. Since this wasn't an "official" race (no clock, bibs, times recorded, etc) I asked Wayman if he would mind pacing me today. He is MUCH faster than I am (he usually finishes a 5k in 23-25 minutes) but since this wasn't really a competitive race, he didn't mind holding back (waaaay back haha) and running with me. I know he had a hard time when everyone flew past us, but he stuck right next to me and helped me maintain my 9:30-10:00 pace the whole time.
 The starting line- it was an out and back course along a really pretty, shaded trail. I've never run this part of the trail before so it was nice to see new scenery instead of the same ol same ol. It was 90% flat with a small underpass hill that we had to run down and back up- but noting major. It was really pretty and I loved the shade trees- definitely helped since it was so hot.
 The runners waiting to start. No joke- there were probably 30 of us total. There was also a 2 mile walk that started 30 minutes later and quite a bit more people participated in that.
 Race Director
 Standing around ready for the gun. 
 I know it looks like I'm 6 months pregnant, but I can assure you- I'm not :) My shorts are too big and I had them hiked up really high so they wouldn't fall down and the combo of that and my tight shirt is not a pretty sight. Mental note- don't wear that outfit again ;)
 My cheering squad

 Since there weren't very many people running, it was really hard not to be discouraged by all the people passing us. Most were young guys (late teens, early 20's) and clearly in good shape. There were a few older people towards the back with us and I kind of laughed that my biggest competition was a 75 year old man :) I started out slow(er) and tried to save some energy for the end. At one point we were in the very back but by the turn around point, there were at least 5-6 people behind us. Wayman did a good job of keeping me on pace, even though the pace itself was off! We went according to my new Nike+ sportband which I've been waiting to calibrate til I knew the exact distance I was running (such as today, when the course was obviously marked off to exactly 3.1 miles). It was off my about .40 of a mile and so the pace was showing quicker than I was actually running- because it thought I had covered more ground than I really had. It consistently read anywhere from 9:26-10:00 and there were an occasional 8:XX (going down the hill, trying to pass someone). My legs were burning, but moreso from the soreness from this weeks workouts. I was physically tired and ready to take a walk break when we got to 2.9 miles but I was SO close that there was no way I was going to stop and walk. The pace I was maintaining was much quicker than I normally run and so it was a challenge. When we crossed the finish line and he shouted out our times, I was VERY disappointed to hear him shout out 33:40! How in the world is that possible?! Thats when I figured out the whole watch calibration issue and realized I wasn't running as fast as I had thought. It was off by less than a minute, but added up those minutes made a difference! I knew it was a far fetched goal to shoot for a sub 30:00 when my PR is 33:27. I was hoping to at least beat that time, but I was off by 13 seconds. I'm certainly not going to beat myself up about it, but I won't lie- I was pretty upset for awhile afterwards! 
Here are the splits (with the times obviously not completely correct- probably off by 30 seconds)

Here we come, almost to the finish line

 I was covered in sweat and Wayman hardly broke a sweat. Typical! 
 Overall, it was a fun race although I probably won't ever do it again. I like bigger races with more participants. Not that this one was bad in any way- very organized, nice goodie bag & shirt, good snacks afterwards, entertainment, clearly marked course....just a little small for my liking. 

After the race we went back to my parents house to shower and get ready for the day. We had planned on going to Vintage Days at Fresno State but Carson got sick again so we decided to stay at my parents and let him rest. My mom and I ran errands most of the morning/afternoon while the boys were lazy and played. Later this afternoon once it got a little cooler, we went out back and played with Carson's new water toys he got for his birthday. My dad barbequed chicken and we had a nice dinner on the patio and watched the kids play. Definitely one of my favorite parts about summer!

And now we're home and the boys are sound asleep at Grandma and Papa's! Quiet night for us!!!

I'm going to move my rest day from Sunday to Wednesday this week since I wont have a chance to workout on Wednesday. I'm getting up before church in the morning to do 5 miles before it gets unbearably hot. Temperatures this close to 100 and we're only in've got to be kidding me! 

Time for me to go to bed- its been a full day. Goodnight!


  1. There were so many things in this post that resonated with me! I can't tell you how often my circumstance would lead me to conclude that I shouldn't expect the day's run to be a good one (i.e. I've been sick, it's really hot, I didn't get enough sleep,etc . . . ) but I am still so disappointed when it is. That's just a huge bummer when that happens on race day! I'm also in the same boat with you with my husband. We both ran a race yesterday. This was his first, and he ran it after training for one week. (Yes ONE week). He finished a full 10 minutes ahead of me : )

  2. Congrats on the race! That sounds like the type of race I would like since I'm new to running- less people to beat me, haha! My husband is an awesome runner too (did track in high school, and he's tall and skinny), so he always beats me when we run since I am definitely not good at it yet. So I know how you feel! It was nice of him to run with you though. Looks like you did great! You'll be running together soon enough.

    Hope your son is feeling better! Looks like you guys ended up having a nice day.

  3. Great job on your 5K! I enjoy the little races, but wouldn't go out of my way to run one.