Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The run that never happened

I'm gonna make this short and sweet cause I'm on my way to bed.

Today I had a 4.5 run on schedule. I woke up REALLY sore from my hike yesterday- as in my hips and butt hurt so bad I didn't think I'd ever get out of bed much less walk out the door for a run. I tried to stay moving as much as possible throughout the day- cleaning the house, doing laundry, etc. but not gonna lie, the majority of the afternoon was spent on the couch. I am learning to just listen to my body and not push it. 

After dinner (salmon burgers, sweet potato fries & cole slaw) I felt a little better and was in the mood for a workout. I still wasn't up for running 4.5 miles so I switched my workouts and did my cross-training today and I'll do my 4.5 tomorrow. I took the dogs on a 2.25 mile walk which wasn't at a very fast pace, but my arms got a better workout than my legs. We have a double leash (one leash, two dogs) and they are still learning to walk on it. They pull and tug my arms every which way. Its not fun being yanked around by 125 pounds worth of dog. When I got home, I fed the dogs and decided to do a little more since my muscles were warmed up and feeling good. I jump roped for 5 minutes straight (try it, harder than it sounds!) and then did the elliptical at a 10 incline, 2 resistance for 20 minutes. Pretty easy and barely broke a sweat, but my heart rate was up in the fat-burning zone and my muscles were feelin it.

I'm still sore and I'm sure I'll wake up feeling about the same tomorrow. I think running will actually stretch me out and help with the soreness, its just getting started that I'm dreading. I'm gonna spend the day in town with Austin (doctor appointments and getting things for Easter Sunday) so my run is gonna be an early one- 6:30. I will NOT ignore my alarm....promise :)

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  1. Jump roping for 5 mins is IMPRESSIVE! I can barely make a minute and I always mess up the rope!