Wednesday, April 25, 2012

See the difference

Yesterday on my 5 mile run- I used both my Nike+ app on my phone and also my Nike+ sportband (with the shoe sensor in my shoe). I have calibrated the watch multiple times but it still isn't giving me a very accurate distance/pace reading. I wish it was- I like the results from the watch better than the app haha. Heres the info from my watch of my run:

Total distance: 5.65 miles
And here's the info from my Nike+ app (which is definitely more accurate)

Total distance: 5.11 miles

I was so excited this past week to see my miles in the 10's and 11's but now I know the truth- I'm not getting any faster- I'm just getting inaccurate info haha! Talk about a let down! I'm going to-once again- calibrate my watch. Maybe it will just take a few times to get it to read my stride accurately?

I'm 90% sure the reason that I'm not getting a spot on distance reading is because I'm not using the foot sensor correctly. I don't have Nike+ shoes, I have Adidas (which fit my feet way better). I did a ton of research and everyone said that if you took industrial strength velcro and attached the sensor to the top of the tongue of your shoe, and then laced over it- it would work fine. Its still laying parallel to the ground and not moving around or being shifted at all. Evidently somethings not right! I wish Nike shoes fit me (my foot is really wide), I might have to try them out again.

Although I'm pretty bummed about my pace being so much slower than I thought, I'll still be able to PR at that pace next month. My overall average for the half in November was 13:39, and I took a ton of walk breaks. This time I think I'll be able to do the whole thing without stopping (hope so at least) and my pace has improved a little since then anyway. Here is my splits from the Two Cities half last November:


You can definitely tell I hit the wall after mile 10. I remember those last 3 miles and they were horrendous. I didn't even want to WALK them, much less run them. I had drank entirely too much water and it was sloshing around in my stomach, making me feel like I was going to throw up. I was exhausted, my foot had a blister and my legs felt like they were attached to bowling balls. I was almost in tears. I felt sick for almost 30 minutes after finishing and swore I'd never do it again.

This time around is different. I'm 15 pounds lighter (which I had hoped would be WAY more...considering its been 6 months and all) and also my endurance has increased a ton. When I did my training runs last time, I ran a 3:1 ratio (ran 3 miles, walked 1 mile). This time- I don't need to stop for walk breaks. I WANT to sometimes, but I don't NEED to. I am confident I'll be able to run the entire 13.1 miles next month, assuming the hill towards the middle doesn't slow me down too much. (lets see if I'm singing the same tune after Saturday's 10 miler!)

I'm not entirely sure what my goal time is going to be- other than just beating my last time of 3:00. I am thinking somewhere in the 2:45 range. Its a different (way more interesting, flatter) course so it shouldn't be too hard to PR. I hope so at least :)


  1. You may be partial to Nike, but once I got my Garmin 305, I was hooked and will never go back to anything else. I can't imagine running without it. Perfectly accurate, easy to use buttons, easily updates my Garmin calendar. See my marathon from February for some of the cool stuff you get (I especially like the player):

    1. I love my Forerunner 305, too! I just started using it last week so I haven't used the training program very much, but wow! I checked out your link and holy crap! It does some cool stuff.

    2. I am thinking about looking in the Garmin. Hearing more great reviews I may check it out!

    3. I'm actually not partial to Nike products (at all!) but the sportband was just cheaper than the 305. I would LOVE a Garmin! I'm saving up :) I've heard nothing but great things about them!

  2. My second half was WAY easier than my first one, i ran it 30 minutes faster :) Plus I didn't have nearly the amount of pain as I did in the first one, you will do awesome, no worries!!

  3. Are you adding in any interval/speed training? I have my 2nd 1/2 in 6 weeks and feel much stronger this time. I am looking forward to my time (maybe not the race itself HA). Good luck with the PR! :)

  4. I highly recommend garmin!!!!! And body glide!