Monday, April 2, 2012

Setting a healthy example

As the kids get older, it is becoming more and important for us, as parents, to set good, healthy examples for them. Not eating junk food, being active, eating our fruits and veggies, etc. I'm not into the "Do as I say, not as I do" kind of person. I believe in showing them the way we want them to live by modeling it for them, because nine times out of ten- they want to do things that we do. 

They both see us working out and know that Mommy goes for runs, daddy goes on bike rides. They know what the word exercise means and they love when we ask them to workout with us. Many times, Austin will attempt p90x with Wayman (obviously to a 5 year olds skill level). They love when we go on family bike rides, walks down the trail and play pretty  much any sport together. Obviously we aren't making them workout to lose weight or gain muscle- but just to get into the habit of physical activity and to learn to love exercise. I use the word exercise loosely because obviously they aren't running, lifting weights, etc...anything that gets their heart rate up and body moving is considered exercise to me. They usually can't wait for daddy to get home so that he can go outside and play catch or play basketball with them. They love entering races with us and competing against other kids (and of course getting a t-shirt) We are trying to raise health conscious individuals who know how to make informed decisions about what they eat and know the importance of moving their body to make it strong and healthy. They know eating cheetos, candy and cookies isn't good for them. Austin often asks "is this healthy?" before eating something. Carson likes to tell us each morning while drinking his chocolate milk that he can feel his muscles growing. 

One of our favorite family things to do together is anything active- bike rides, playing baseball, soccer, volleyball, walks....basically anything together as a family where we are moving our bodies and not just plopped on the couch in front of the TV. Life is too short to waste being lazy!!!

A few weeks ago we were at my parents house and Wayman was on his long ride of the week (50 miles) so the boys and I had some time to spend together. My mom and I went on a 2.5 mile run (she ran beside me while I ran) and the boys played in the front yard with Papa. When we got back, we rode bikes & played volleyball until it was too cold to stay outside (and also time for dinner!)

(thanks for snapping a picture of my rear end mom) 

 Carsons tactic for getting the ball from Austin: put him in a chokehold...

 and maybe a little ballet? 
We have so much fun together and I want to be remembered as the mom who participated and had fun- not the one sitting on the sidelines watching. I love being involved and playing them- they are fun kids! And before long, playing volleyball and riding bikes with Mom is not gonna be something they want to do. They'll want to be with their friends instead :( I'm going to enjoy the time where they love being with me while I can :) 
What are your thoughts on childhood obesity? Parents fault or childs fault?

What are your favorite activities to do together as a family?

At what age do you believe in teaching kids the importance of eating healthy and exercise? 
For us- from the beginning. Its hard to un-do bad habits so why wait until they are older? Even though we weren't setting the healthiest examples for the first 2 years as parents, we still did our best to teach them how to make good choices. We have always limited their junk food and made sure they are given plenty of opportunities to be active.

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