Saturday, April 28, 2012

Shinzen 10 mile race

This morning my alarm went off at 5:45 and by 6:20 I was standing on the starting line. Thats why I like staying with my parents on race weekends- they live so much closer than we do! My dad dropped me off so I wouldn't have to find parking (which ends up, wouldn't have been too difficult). He saw me off and then he went back home to pick up my mom and Grandma to come back and watch me run. They planned on coming to the mile 5 turnaround but the course ended up being on a trail, off the road, so they would have had to park and walk quite a ways. They ended up catching me towards the end instead. 

Alright- basically today was the absolute perfect day for a race. I wore a running skirt and tank top and I never got hot or cold the entire run. It started out kind of chilly, but it felt awesome (it was in the 60's the whole time). 

Standing around, waiting for the start

 I brought my little point and shoot camera with me during the run and took a few pictures of the course. It was a pretty small turnout for the 10 miler (40 people?), thats why it looks so empty :) There were a ton of 5 miler racers

 It was supposed to be a "fast and flat" course. It was a ton of rolling hills which killed me. I train on flat, flat, flat and so the hills threw me for a loop. I didn't mind, but it did slow me down a little
 I felt really, really good the whole 10 miles. I got tired and my legs hurt, but my breathing was 100% under control the entire time. I never "hit the wall" and was happy to be there and running (sometimes during a race I curse myself for deciding to pick running as a hobby lol)
 My parents caught me at mile 8.5, right as I was about to make the final loop around the park to the finish line

 Coming through the finishers area

 I don't have my official results yet, but according to my Nike+ (on my phone) I finished in 2:04. I wanted to finish between 2:00-2:10 so I was happy with that. I had to stop and walk twice- once around mile 6 (to adjust my shorts under my skirt that were riding up, and then also to drink water) and then again right before mile 9. I walked for 2 minutes and then picked it up again

 My grandma and I after the race
 My parents and I

We came back to their house so I could take a shower and get ready for breakfast! We went to our favorite restaurant and let me tell you, just the thought of it was keeping me from hitting the wall during the run haha

 After breakfast, my mom and I did some grocery shopping and went to visit my grandma. My brother and I got our massages this afternoon (HEAVEN!!!!) and then he wanted to go to REI and the running store.  We also stopped for some fro-yo :) My bowl: tiny bit of cookies and cream with mini chocolate chips and french vanilla with fresh strawberries. It was soo good!
 Obviously I can't smile with the sun in my eyes
 Brother let me borrow his glasses :)
 I had a really full day and I was on my feet for 12 hours straight, but it really helped me from getting stiff and sore. I feel awesome tonight and am even considering doing the elliptical for 45 minutes before bed (I wanna catch up on my Hulu shows!).


  1. Great job on the run. I am getting ready for a 10K this morning :)

  2. Congrats on your 10 mile race! Happy to hear you had good weather! Love your racing outfit.

  3. Great Job! 10 miles seams like SUCH a long run to me at this point! I'm working towards a 4.4 mile race on Memorial Day, and that will be my longest yet.

  4. What training program do you use for your half?

  5. Great job! You look beautiful and I love your running outfit!