Friday, April 20, 2012

Sore legs, race talk & more shorts

TGIF everyone!!! Even though I'm not a Monday-Friday working kind of girl...I still work everyday (at home) and raising kids is no easy task! It has gotten a bit easier now that one is in school full time, but there is still always, always something to be done on the homefront. I'm not complaining though because I have the best job in the world :) I get to run when I want, keep the house clean and spend every available moment with my kids. I definitely do not take those things for granted. Money may be tight, but its worth it.

Today I woke up and my legs hurt so, so bad. It was a good kind of hurt- the kind where you know you've worked hard enough to earn the pain. Is that crazy? After doing the elliptical plus strength and running yesterday- I earned those sore legs. I had 5 miles on the schedule today and I was already planning on taking it easy because I've got a 5k tomorrow and I'd really like to pull off a PR. I was planning on doing today's run with a slower pace and just running by the way I felt, without looking at my watch for my pace. However, after running the first mile I decided I probably couldn't run the entire 5 miles because my legs felt like bricks. I didn't want to be miserable tomorrow and ruin my race, so I decided to run/walk every other mile. I didn't pay attention AT ALL to my time, I was just out there enjoying the birds chirping, blue skies, sunshine & blooming flowers. Its the perfect spring day.  Heres what my splits look like, nothing too exciting:


Since I didn't run the entire time, i decided to add a little distance on to the end so I actually did 5.75 miles (kind of annoying that the splits that Nike+ shows doesn't include partial miles, but oh well)

The walking helped my legs but everytime I switched from walking to running, my legs SCREAMED. It took a minute or so to loosen up and feel comfortable. It wasn't an injury type pain, just a soreness/heaviness. I feel much better after coming home and taking a shower, but everytime I get up from sitting they burn pretty good. I'll take it as a token of my hard work! And just for proof that I'm determined to bit the bullet and where shorts/skirts all summer long- heres my outfit today:
I WILL enjoy this summer and not have to suffocate myself in pants and capris, just because I don't like the way my legs look. And as a sweet reader commented- the tan will certainly be nice too! 

I am all set for my 5k tomorrow. I'm going to take it easy for the rest of the day so my legs can rest. Its only 3 miles so its not a huge deal- but since its a short distance I really want to work on my speed. I'd love a sub 30:00 5k someday and right now my official race PR is 33:27 (10:48 average) so I'm hoping to finish right around or under that time. My Nike+ shows my 5k PR as 31:08 but it doesn't give me a date so I'm not sure when it was! It was obviously one of my training runs but I won't count that- I only count my race PR's cause I'm Type A like that ;)

It's supposed to be 93 degrees tomorrow and the race starts at 7:30. I'm sure it will be in the high 70's with full sun by then so its going to be a hot one. We have a full day (outdoors!) planned afterwards so I've gotta load up on the SPF and water bottles- can summer really be starting this early?! 


  1. Hey Melissa, Owen here. Great job on everything you're doing, I really enjoy sharing running experiences with friends. I couldn't help but give you some advice. If you are really serious about getting a PR in a race, you need to taper down your training immediately before the race. For a marathon that involves three weeks of slowly reducing your mileage. For a 5k just the week before is good. If the race is on Saturday, take Wednesday and Thursday off, and just warm up a mile or so on Friday. Good luck tomorrow!

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    2. Okay . . . I know that this comment wasn't intended for me, but I very much appreciate it! I've often wondered what my training should look like the week before a 5k. Thanks so much for sharing!!

    3. Thanks Owen! I definitely appreciate any and all advice! Especially coming from someone like you! You've got a lot of experience under your belt :) I actually didn't decide to try and PR until just a couple days before otherwise I probably would have taken it easier. I'm doing Hal Higdon's half marathon for my next half in a few weeks and today was supposed to be a 3 mile run anyway, so I was happy it worked into my schedule so nicely. I didn't end up PR'ing...that post is coming soon!

  2. Wow, 93 already, crazy! I hate when it gets so hot out, makes running like soooo hard :) Still rocking those shorts girl!!

    1. Yeah the weather was miserable- even at 7:30 in the morning! As you'll see by the pictures I post in a little while, I literally have sweat dripping from my legs. It was disgusting!

  3. The weekend was crazy hot!! Really killer!! Good for you wearing shorts, I've decided to bite the bullet this summer too, I wear capris a lot because I'm self-conscious, but I'm trying to get over it!