Saturday, April 21, 2012


As I was uploading my runs to the Nike+ website, I noticed that you can now view your splits (maybe you always have been and I just didn't pay attention) I looked through a few of my runs, just to get an idea of what my normal splits are on my long runs and found it really, really interesting. Everyone in the blogosphere and running magazines talk about "negative splits" and how the second half of your run should be equal or less in time than your first half. Basically the idea is to start out slow and conserve energy so that you can pick it up and run hard towards the end without feeling completely burned out. I never really knew if I did or didn't do that- but now I do....and I'm proud of myself!! I always start out with a 5 minute warm up walk and so thats why the first mile time is always significantly slower than the others.

My 8 mile run last week:


My 9 mile run this week: (it only goes up to 8 instead of 9 because I hadn't calibrated it yet, it calculated 8.68 miles but really it was an even 9)


First lets talk about the 8 mile run....ummm how in the heck did I manage an 8:05 mile?! That amazes me, specifically cause I don't really remember exerting anymore energy than normal and thats the run that I posted about as being my BEST RUN EVER because I felt awesome and wasn't even tired afterwards. I'm beyond amazed that I pulled that off. As for the rest- I definitely managed to have negative splits- for the most part, my miles got faster each time all the way to the end (with the exception of mile 6)

Now for the 9 mile run- that is exactly what I'd like to my splits to look like for the half marathon. Each mile getting a few seconds faster all the way to the end. I've always said that the first couple of miles are the absolute hardest for me- it takes me about 2.5 miles to get into my groove and get my breathing and pacing down. Once I hit mile 4 or so- its smooth sailing and so much easier for me. I think if I keep up that same pace for the half (which I should be able to, because it was comfortable for me) than I should be able to finish under my goal of 2:40. My last half time was 3:00 so I'd be cutting 20 minutes off. Eventually I'd love to run a sub 2:30 but for next month- my goal is 2:40.

Now that I've figured out how to view and embed my split times right onto the blog- be expecting to see them more often. Running is SO about the numbers to me- times, paces, miles, calories burned, split times....its all so fascinating to me and I am soooo not a math person! 

I will post later today with pictures and results from my 5k this morning! 

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