Friday, April 27, 2012


Hello :) Is everyone as excited as I am that today is FRIDAY?! I loooove weekends. This one is going to be particularly spectacular :) I'm doing a 10 mile race tomorrow morning that starts really, really early so I'm going to spend the night in Fresno- solo! I love my husband and kids to death, but "me" time is invaluable. I'm staying at my parents house and then after the race we're going out to breakfast and then my brother and I are going to get massages. I am giddy I'm so excited. Now  if I can just get through that 10 miles I'll be good to go! 

I don't have lots to say today (shocker, I know) but I do have a few pictures I wanted to post. A few pictures from last weeks 5k were just put up on FB so here they are. I don't often get mid-race pictures so these were kind of fun. All my pictures are usually of the start and finish line.
It was a beautiful shaded trail, not completely flat but definitely not horrible

Coming up the last hill before the finish line. 
Another exciting thing happened this week too! On Wednesday, I got to run with my friend from high school who now lives in North Carolina. She and her husband have also started running over the last couple years, have lots a lot of weight and they both look awesome. They are here in California to run the Big Sur MARATHON on Sunday!!! I was originally going to do this with her but because of a lot of other things going on, I had to back out. We met up at the park late Wednesday afternoon for a 3 mile run. It was humid and overcast and start raining right as we finished. It was so fun to run with her and catch up. It's been at least 5 years since I've seen her, but even longer since we've actually hung out for longer than a minute! 
I'm so excited to hear all about their marathon and see all the pictures. I know they will both do great. Good luck Owen and Malissa!
I did my 5 mile run this morning and since I have a long run tomorrow I decided to take it super easy today. I'm not trying to PR by any means tomorrow- I just want to try and maintain my half marathon pace (12:00-12:30) and use it as a training run, instead of a "race". Today's run was easy and my legs still feel fresh and ready to go for tomorrow. Now its time for me to get a few loads of laundry done, pick up the house and pack my stuff for the weekend. I'm so excited :) I won't have my laptop with me so I probably won't be posting a race recap until late tomorrow night when I get home. If you follow me on FB, I'm sure I'll update there soon after the race. Goal time: between 2:00-2:10. 


  1. "Me" time is the best! Good luck at the race, and enjoy the massage! Definitely needed after a race!

  2. I need my 'me' time too! Good luck on the 10 miles, can't wait to hear all about it!