Monday, May 7, 2012

April RUNdown and May goals

My goals for April were:
Lose 5+ pounds
Run 95 miles

I lost 6.2 pounds (woo hoo!)
I ran 101 miles

I'd say I met, and exceded my goals :) Some months are better than others and this month rocked for me. I didn't have to squeeze any last minute miles in to make my goal, I really had them spread out and balanced through the entire month.

I think I'm finally breaking through my 2nd plateau. I was up or down with the same 2 pounds for 3 months. I'm finally past it and am losing weight at a much faster pace than I have been. 

As far as my goals for May (which I know has already started!)
Lose 5+ pounds
Run 95 miles

It will be a little harder to meet the mileage goal this month, only because when my half is done with (on May 20) I am going to be cutting my mileage way back. I'm still gonna leave that goal high though and work to meet it. I've been working on distance for the past few months and now I really wanna spend the summer working on my 5k time. I am determined to get sub 30:00.


  1. That's great! I have been reading your blog and was hoping you were doing okay. I love reading and seeing your progress.

  2. Congrats on the weight loss and miles!!! looking great. i love your outfit with the sparkle skirt!! i see your embracing the skirt thing, and it looks abs wonderful on you!!! i am also training for a half, hoping it goes well, mine is in june, and it will be my first but def not my last. oh and i am also working at a sub 28 5k, so im wishing you luck on getting to your goal :) glad that youre back!! keep up the greaat work. :)