Monday, August 27, 2012

Marathon Monday: Week 6

I have completed week 6 of 16 of my training schedule. As the weeks go on, the training is getting much more rigorous and time consuming. I think I've decided that this will be my first and last marathon for awhile. At least a year or so. I just don't have the time it takes to dedicate to a strict training schedule, and I feel like its taking some of the fun and enjoyment I got out of running. Who knows, maybe I'll change my mind- but right now- I feel like I'm just going through the motions. I don't have that awesome runners high afterwards, I just feel exhausted. I can't run to clear my mind and sort my thoughts like I used to- now I'm too busy thinking about paces and averages and mile markers and elevation and refueling. 

Sunday: Rest Day
Monday: 4 miles
Tuesday: 30 minutes elliptical + 30 Day Shred
Wednesday: 5 miles + 30 Day Shred
Thursday: 3 miles + 30 Day Shred
Friday: 11 miles + 30 Day Shred
Saturday: 4.64 miles + 30 Day Shred (this was actually supposed to be a rest day, but I've got a busy week and had some free time that day, so I got one of my 4 mile runs for the upcoming week out of the way)

Total Miles:  28 miles

*My right knee always starts hurting about mile 5. If I stop and take a 5 minute walk break, it eases up and I can start running another mile or two without any problems. 
*I have found that walking breaks is the only way I'm going to successfully complete 26.2 miles. I feel like I'm cheating when I walk, and I know thats not the case. I just really hoped to RUN 26.2 miles. No one "walks a marathon". I'm not fast by any means. If I can keep my running between 11:00-12:00 pace, then my 14:30ish walk breaks don't bring down my overall pace too terribly bad. I just want to finish under 6 hours, thats my only goal. The clock runs for 8 hours but the streets are only closed off to traffic for 6. I just can't even fathom people who run 3-4 hour marathons. I'm jealous, I don't think I will ever, ever be that fast!
*The toe next to my big toe has been causing me some problems. I think it started out with cutting my nail too short, but now the nail is lifting off my toe and it feels bruised. Im going to the doctor at the end of the week
*I will be SO glad when the temperatures cool down and I don't have to run with the miserably hot sun beating down on me. 

I'm back...I think :)

Ok friends- are any  of you still out there?!

I took a much needed summer off from blogging. I had planned on at least announcing it, but apparently I never got around to it ;) With the husband and kids home from school/work all summer, I consciously planned on making family and fun a priority, and not blogging. I love blogging, I love the friends I've made, the opportunities I've been given and sharing my journey with everyone, but every once in awhile its nice to just to take some time off. I'm back though! Everyone has gone back to school and I once again have a little extra time on my hands. So, there you have it. I can't promise I'll post every single day, but I'll post as often as I can.

And now for the important part, pictures. Right? Haha here are a few pictures of my summer

Austin's 6th birthday
 Trying out the whole hat thing...can't decide if it works for me or not
 LOTS of hikes this summer!
 4th of July. Yes I take lots of self-pics. It helps me choose my outfit for the day...dont judge haha
 A night hike 
 Running with Carson. He ran 1/2 mile with me! (hes four years old)

 Probably the one time I straightened my hair and wore it down all summer. Who has the time or energy when its 110 outside?
 On our way to Yosemite National Park to climb Half Dome. Well, attempt.
 My brother and I right before we started the 12+ hour hike/climb.
 We started at 11 pm and planned to make it to the top of Half Dome around sunrise. Unfortunately, I got horribly sick from the altitude about 2.5 hours into the hike and ended up having to go back to the car for the rest of the night. It was a terrible disappointment, I was very frustrated and I felt like a failure. Physically, my body could have kept going. It was a HARD hike, VERY hard. But I felt like I was in good enough shape to accomplish it. Unfortunately, that didn't help me when it came to the altitude sickness. If you've ever had it, you know what I mean. Horrible, smashing headache, dizziness, ear & sinus pressure, nausea. I knew I wouldn't be able to make it to the top and I didn't want to push myself into the "danger zone" so I stopped when I felt like it was safe for me. I can't say I'll ever try again, it was a traumatic experience. Out of our group of 6, my brother was the only one who actually made it all the way to the top (his second time doing this). If you've never seen pictures of Half Dome, please google it or look it up on YouTube, its crazy! 

Myself, Rebecca & Allison

Ok, and now for the real reason everyone is still reading: Have I lost, gained, maintained?

Today I weigh 1 pound more than I did when I ran my half marathon in May. I gained 4 pounds over the summer, mainly due to my marathon training but I have managed to get those off and am working on the last 30 til I'm at goal weight. 

Marathon training is hard. Its not only physically challenging but its mentally challenging as well. Not to mention it takes up a ton of time. I've read many things about marathoners never losing weight while training, despite the increase in mileage/running time. I didn't believe it at first, because it seems like common sense: more running= more calories burned= more weight lost. So not true. Sure you burn more calories, but you also consume more than normal because all that extra physical activity makes you ravenous. I crave peanut butter like a pregnant woman craves pickles and ice cream. Only I'm not pregnant, I promise. We all know peanut butter isn't the lowest calorie food either. I listen to my body though and I have been having 1 serving of peanut butter pretty much everyday. Natural, no salt added, organic peanut butter. That makes me feel a little better ;) 

About a week ago I decided I really, really wanted to get the ball rolling with these last 30 pounds and so I decided to add in MORE exercise along with my running 4 times a week. I have lost 80 pounds (in about 2 years, lots of maintenance/plateau months throughout those 2 years) so 30 should be a piece of cake, right? It seems like it would be but so far, notsomuch. 

I have challenged myself to doing Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred everyday for 30 days. I started last Tuesday and September 20th will be my 30th day. This morning I completed Day 6 and as Jillian says, if you stick with it, it really does get easier. I'm planning on doing 10 Days of level 1, 10 days of  level 2 and 10 days of level 3. I'll keep you posted on my progress. I took before pictures and will take after pictures as well. Not sure if I'll be posting them for the whole world to see, but I guess I'll wait and see what kind of changes I see at the end ;)

Ok, well I think thats a long enough update for now. I'm planning on posting my Marathon training progress each Monday, so look for that post later this afternoon.

P.S. Even though I haven't been blogging all summer, I have still been keeping up with my google reader and reading everyones posts- keep up the good work friends!!!