Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Maybe I spoke too soon yesterday when I said my knee pain was under control. I thought that the combo of glucosamine, icing, stretching and rest was the magic ticket but today I've been proven wrong. It hurts. Its sore and tender and even when I'm not walking- it hurts.

Since I'm also doing The 30 Day Shred along with my marathon training, its hard to pinpoint just how I hurt it. I have a very good feeling its from Jillian though. Just one more reason not to like her (I kid). There is a lot of jumping in Level 2 and its very likely I landed wrong. So today when I did the Shred, I did just the upper body and ab workouts. I did the cardio but I modified it so that I had to use my knee/legs as little as possible. It was still a tough workout, maybe even tougher because I focused all my attention on my arms, shoulders, abs and back (which tend to be my weakest points). I'm hoping that if I do that for the next few days, the pain in my knee will lessen or go away. Hoping-Hoping-Hoping.

I only have one training run left this week (a 4 miler) besides my long run (14 miler) on Friday. Im planning on going out for a nice, easy 4 miles tonight after dinner so that I'll have Wednesday and Thursday to rest my legs before my long run. I've been barefoot or in flip flops all day, which always makes my knee feel worse. Usually the second I put on my running shoes (or other similar, supportive shoes) the pain lessens immediately when I walk. If I start running and the pain is just to much- I'll stop. I'm not willing to risk a long-term injury on a short training run. I'm going to wear my husbands knee band  and see if it helps any. And then my plans for the rest of the night include icing, elevating and pinteresting (you know that last one had to be thrown in there).


  1. I'm sorry your knee is bugging you. I think that cutting back to just a few days a week with Jillian may help. Also, try adding glutamine, I use it when I'm running long and it helps a lot.

  2. How was your marathon?