Tuesday, May 21, 2013

California Classic 2013

This past Sunday I participated in my 5th half marathon, but my first as a relay participant. 

I ran the first leg (6.93 miles) and my husband ran the 2nd leg (6.17) to make up the full 13.1 half marathon distance.I chose the first leg for a couple of reasons- a) it's earlier and therefore cooler (high of 90 that day) b) even though its longer than the 2nd leg, it's flatter & more scenic and c) I knew crossing the actual finish line would be fun for my husband since its finishes in baseball stadium and you get to run across the field. So basically, it was a no-brainer for me to pick the 1st leg.

The race started at 7:15 and although I had trained and prepared for the run, I still spent the 15 minutes before the race a nervous wreck (I always do)

Breakfast was a banana eaten in the car. Not a lot, but I can't eat much before running without feeling sick 
Standing around at the start line. He waited with me until right before the gun went off and then I took off running and e jumped on the shuttle that took him to the relay exchange point
It was a pretty easy 7 miles, I stopped 3 times to walk, but only for about 30 seconds each time. Mostly to adjust my shorts that were crawling up (annoying!) or to stop at a water station and drink without choking. I finished strong and handed the baton (or bracelet in this case) off to Wayman and he was off to finish the last half. I averaged 12:28 miles which is right on target for a good run for me. I had wanted to try for 11 min miles but after the first couple faster miles (11:XX) I knew I didn't have it in me. It was warm and my legs felt like bricks! So I just decided to run my normal pace and I felt good about that decision. 

Here are my "after" pictures, taken on the shuttle going back to the finish line
Here's the finish line, it's a really fun race!

And then the post-race breakfast that I was definitely ready for!!!

I love running this race and I really love doing the relay with my husband! Its not as challenging as the full half marathon distance but given my knee issues, its perfect! 

Friday, May 17, 2013

California Classic #2

Ok so I'm using a new blogging app on my iPhone/iPad and I'm not exactly sure how to re-arrange my pictures, so you'll have to bear with me til I figure that out :-) 

Sunday morning at 7:00 am I will be running in the  California Classic for the second year in a row. Only this year I'm only doing the relay, my hubby is gonna run with me! I've been focusing on Insanity and realized halfway through my marathon training that I didn't have time to train for both (and my knees weren't liking it either) Since I have a pretty could cardio base built up, going out and running 4-6 miles on a regular basis isn't that difficult for me. However, Running that distance at race pace (which for me is 10:00-11:00/mile) is definitely a challenge. My  comfortable running (jogging!) pace is 12:30-13:00. I can keep a steady pace, maintain my breathing and feel good the entire run. I will be pushing the pace out of my comfort zone and into race zone on Sunday so I'm both nervous and excited for the challenge. And you can expect a full race report with pictures afterwards :-)

I want to get back to weekly weigh ins because that really held me accountable when I was going it before. Those will start up next week!! 

I'm excited to be back into the blogging world :-)

Monday, May 13, 2013

Look who's back to blogging!!!

Ok well its been like 7 months since I've blogged but I miss it, and I've had lots of people ask me to start it up again....so I caved! I am still working at losing that last 40 pounds and feeling great! I've joined Team Beachbody as a coach and I feel like a new person. I'm healthier and happier than I've been in my whole adult life and I am on a mission to help others achieve that same thing! I won't get too wordy today, instead I'll share a few pictures over the last several months since I've been away!