Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Building Endurance

So I have about 2 weeks left until half marathon training begins and once that starts, my shortest run will be 2 miles during the first week and then 3 miles from then on out. I haven't done any kind of distrance running in months so to think I'm going to be building mileage soon scares me just a little. On a good day with perfect conditions (weathers good, adequate fuel/hydration, clothes fit right, etc) I can run a couple miles and still feel good. But I almost always have to take a walk break for 20-30 seconds every now and then. Not that theres anything wrong with walk breaks, but last fall I was running 15+ miles without a single walk break so to think that I can't make it just 2 measly miles now is a little disheartening. I know I will gain my endurace back though, just takes some time and perseverance
I'm going to try this on my next run- make a 45 minute playlist before I head out and run without stopping until its done...NO EXCUSES. That would be about 3.5-4 miles for me (I run 12 minute miles usually). 

Any good songs I should add to my playlist? I need something new!


  1. I am not sure what kind of music you are into but I Love pandoras workout station. They do play some slow songs probably for cool downs but mainly that keeps me going. I haven't got to listen to music and workout for awhile since my kids lost my special earphones boo! Long the blog by the way!!!!! excited to read it often!!!

  2. I'm a long time reader. Please tell me what you put in your coffee??