Monday, July 29, 2013

No Excuses

So if you follow me on Instagram (Run_This_Weigh) or you've been a blog reader for any period of time, you know that "No Excuses" is my thing. I made excuses for 26 years of my life before coming to the realization that excuses get you NO where besides deeper in hole you've dug for yourself. 

So in this season of my life, NO EXCUSES is my motto. I repeat it when I feel myself bargaining with myself to delay a workout or eat something I know I shouldn't.

There are lots of excuses out there- but for every excuse, there is a compromise. A solution.

The number one excuse I hear from family and friends is they can't afford a gym membership or they are embarassed/uncomfortable to workout in a gym in front of other people. 

I'm hear to tell you that you DO NOT need a gym membership or fancy equipment to lose weight and get in shape. I didn't step foot in a gym until I had lost at least 65 pounds. And the only reason I go now is because we got an awesome deal and its less than a mile from my house. I only workout there a couple days a week at most, I still do the majority of my workouts at home (Insanity, elliptical, no-equipment circuits) or outside (running & walking)

I'm going to complete the 60 days of Insanity again beginning August 5 and my half-marathon training begins August 12. So that leaves me a couple weeks of just doing my own thing. Also- my half training calls for 1-2 days of strength training and/or cross training.

I found this workout on Pinterest and I'm going to try it out these next few days. I'm a big believer in muscle confusion (not doing the same exact thing over and over causing your muscles to "memorize" the movement and therefore not make a difference)
This is a workout that you can do AT HOME and you don't need a single piece of equipment.

{For jumping rope, if you don't have an actual jump rope, just mimick the movement with your hands, pretending your turning a jump rope and jumping over it}

If you don't know what a certain exercise it- google can be your best friend. Look it up!

If this workout isn't for you, I have several other at-home workouts pinned on my "Workouts" board. Check them out!

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