Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sunday Funday

I got this Victorias Secret catalogue in the mail yesterday and when I got to this page- I handed it to Wayman and said "this is my Christmas list!" I love working out in clothes that make me feel good, not just a baggy t-shirt and sweats. (75% of my workout clothes are from Target and the other 25% are thrift store finds). I feel like by Christmas, especially if Im on track with my goal- I deserve a splurge outfit! Luckily, Wayman agreed :-)
After church we came home and I gave the kids haircuts & then made lunch. I had a Boca veggie burger on a whole wheat sandwich round with yogurt (my first non-greek yogurt in months...I'll stick to my Chobani) and roasted brussel sprouts (and my mason jar of water with crystal light)
This afternoon we're taking it easy and watching a couple movies because unbeknownst to the kids- we're having a surprise birthday party at my in-laws tonight for my big almost-7-year old! He decided (after lots of contemplation) that he'd rather go to Boomers (a local amusement park/arcade) than have a birthday party this year. I feel like he's still little and deserves a party, even if its not a huge one, so we've invited family and all his little cousins over to my in-laws for a Pirates treasure hunt and swim party. He has NO idea and will be so, so excited!!! 

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