Sunday, August 11, 2013

Half Marathon Training program

Tomorrow begins training for my SIXTH half marathon.  I seriously can't believe those words can even come out of my mouth. The chubby girl in high school who made every excuse to get out of running the mile in PE. The obese mom who couldn't even walk half a mile without getting winded.

But I changed my life. For the better, and theres no turning back! I'm happy and healthy and so proud of the changes I've made in my life. I usually train back to back for my races but I've taken a bit more time off this time around, meaning that my training will more than likely be a bit harder, especially in the beginning.

I'm once again using Hal Higdon's Training program because it never fails me and I think its a great plan. Here is what my next 12 weeks of training will look like!
If you're in the Central California area and are looking for a race to run- I'd love for you to join me on November 3 for the Two Cities Marathon & Half Marathon (they also have a relay). You can email me for details if you are interested!