Friday, January 31, 2014

Friday randomness.

Ok first things first- today is Friday which means its....Weigh Day. I have a love/hate relationship with Weigh Day and that status is determined the moment the number on the scale stops flashing and shows the final number. Today- it was a "hate" day.  Up a pound from last Friday. I knew going into it that I probably wouldn't lose much, if any, but I certainly thought I would just stay the same. I lost 3.2 pounds last week and I added a lot of weight lifting to my workouts this week. Whenever I switch up my workouts (aka do anything other than run), the scale always does wonky things. I will say, I cheated and weighed again a few hours again (after eating breakfast, drinking 32 oz of water and running 3 miles) and it was back down to where it was last week, exactly. Usually I weigh more after eating, drinking and working out. Just goes to show you the scale is nuts! I really shouldn't give it so much power, but its hard not to. I like to see the number go down. I like being a smaller number. It makes me feel smaller. Does that sound mental? Anyway, I won't weigh again until next Friday (pinky promise). Heres hoping for a loss this time.

For breakfast my sweet hubby made me an omlette with chopped spinach, sautteed mushrooms and onions and my favorite salsa. Perfect way to start my day. Can't forget about my greek yogurt (despite the sugar and "additives" this is something I just can't give up. 12g of protein and 100 calories and cures my sweet tooth. I've tried just buying plain greek yogurt and adding fresh berries, which is good. But the pre-mixed cups are just yummier and more convenient. 

Once I got home from taking the kids to school, I did a couple chores and started the laundry before heading out to run. It was about 50 degrees and sunny (thats the coldest morning temps its been here in a long time). It was gorgeous, perfect running weather and the sky was bright blue. I wish I would have thought to take a picture. 

I did run/walk intervals and was happy with my overall pace. I haven't run outside in a few days so my legs felt fresh and ready to go. When I run multiple days in a row, my legs start to feel like bricks when I first start out. 

After I ran I came home and did about 20 minutes of strength exercises (squats, lunges, leg lifts, bicep curls, overhead tricep extentions, front & lateral raises, push ups and wall sits). I am really trying to keep up with my strength workouts on days I don't go to the gym. It only took 20 minutes but I still got a great workout. I changed the laundry, took a quick shower and threw some yoga pants and sweats on. As soon as I did, I got a text from my sons teacher asking if I could sub for the rest of the day because she had to leave due to a family emergency. I was already planning on helping in my older son's class later on in the day, so I was headed to the school anyway. I told her that, of course, I would fill in for her, no worries. I got there 20 minutes later and spent the next 3 hours with my son and 25 other 5 year olds. And it was the 100th day of school so there was lots of fun stuff going on :)

Immediately after school I dropped the kids off with my parents so I could make it to my 4:00 MRI follow up appointment. 

What the doctor had previously assumed was sesamoiditis (inflammation of the sesamoid bones in the foot), is actually a fracture. Not only that, but the radiologist found that the bone is full of fluid (edema) and is causing several other problems. Here is a good description of what my doctor told me causes this and it also describes the pain

Stress fractures occur when an athlete applies abnormal repetitive stress to normal bone or applies normal repetitive stress to a weakened bone. Fractures are more common in long-distance runners. Stress fractures account for 40 percent of all sesamoid injuries. These patients will complain of increasing pain and have point tenderness of the involved sesamoid. Keep in mind the pain usually develops gradually and is exacerbated by faster running or walking up and down stairs.

So since this is beyond his expertise (he is not a surgeon), he referred to me a doctor in the same building who is apparently the "only foot and ankle specialist in the Valley". He is very hard to get into, because of that. He said he would go down and speak with him and ask if there was a chance he could see me as soon as possible. Normally the cure for a stress fracture is to reduce the impact (walking, running, etc) dramatically for 4-6 weeks, wear a special rod in your shoe to create rigidity and just take it easy to let it heal. But since mine is so much worse than that, we both decided that waiting the 4-6 weeks for it to potentially heal (with no running) and then still needing to have surgery anyway, with a 6-8 week recovery time- is just a waste of time. We agreed that getting the surgery done sooner rather than later would get me back to running much sooner. So, thats where I'm at. I'm awaiting a call from the surgeon for my consultation appointment and then we'll go from there. I will say that its going to be HARD not to run. He said if I tape and cushion my foot, its okay for me to walk (for exercise) as long as I can handle the pain. As much as I know I shouldn't....I think I'm still going to do the half marathon next weekend. No running, I'll walk. It will be the longest, slowest 13.1 miles but I just cant give it up. I think I can handle walking. 

Ok well that turned out to be a novel, so pat yourself on the back if you got through all that! 

Have a great weekend y'all! 

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