Monday, January 13, 2014


{NSV=Non-Scale Victory}

In going along with not having an obsession with a certain number on the scale (which is OH so hard for me to do) I've been trying to see progress in other areas, non scale related.

For instance today- I had a 3.11 (5k) run on the schedule and I left my driveway as soon as I had dropped the kids off at school. It was 7:45 am, 34 degrees and foggy and all I had was a cup of coffee before running (it wasn't a long run and I like to do fasted cardio a few times a week). Everything in me wanted to go inside and get started on the laundry where it was nice and warm. But I knew how I'd feel if I did that and I knew if I put it off, I probably would end up getting my run done at all.

I'm not sure what exactly it was, most likely because I've had 2 rest days in a row (after my 8 miler on Friday). My legs felt amazing when I started out and I was able to keep up a quicker pace than my runs all month. Because of my knee (overtrained last year- its given me problems since my half in November 2012) I have decided for at least this next half marathon (less than a month away!) I am going to run intervals instead of attempting to run the 13.1 miles without stopping. Not only am I not in the best shape that I've been in, but it also helps the knee pain tremendously. I don't do anything specifically when it comes to the times of the intervals, I've found what works best for me is to put my ipod on shuffle and power walk a song and then run a song, alternating until I reach my mileage goal. Most songs average 3-5 minutes long or so, so it ends up being perfect (except for when Justin Timberlake "Mirrors" comes on and its a run interval...I could cry. I swear that song is like 15 minutes long)

Anyhow- because of my intervals, my average pace usually sits about 14:30-14:45 (compared to my normal long run average is about 13:00/mile- I'm not fast!). Today- even with the walking intervals accounted for, my average pace for the 3.11 miles was 13:19. That may seem like no big deal or like a snails pace, but for me, it was just what I needed to feel like a legit runner again. I don't care that I'll never finish first, as long as I can consistently work at being the best I can be- I'm happy and succeeding. 

So- although the scale might not have changed today (don't know-only weigh on Fridays), my mood and attitude certainly did! 

What are some of your NSV lately?


  1. Good for you! I'm as slow as can be myself. I just try to beat my own times and let the rest work itself out. Since starting this Jillian challenge I have only run once though because it hurts my hip. Hoping to get back at it soon though.

  2. I'm a long time reader. Please tell me what you put in your coffee??