Saturday, January 25, 2014

Runs For Cookies Virtual 5k

I know I have a week or so of blogging to catch up on, but I wanted to get my post done for the Virtual 5k I did today. It was the second annual Runs for Cookies Virtual 5k, in honor of Katie's (author of the blog) birthday. If you aren't already following her blog- you MUST! She is just awesome. Totally down to earth, relatable and an all around inspiration to me when it comes to weight loss and running. 

Anyway, she put together a 5k for all her readers and everyone was supposed to run today, for her birthday. I signed up awhile back, not realizing my foot issue (I'll explain more in the next post- but I have a stress fracture). Even though my foot isn't feeling the greatest, I got out there and ran/walked my 3.11 miles. Its MUCH easier on my foot when I walk every half mile or so.  Its most likely (or definitely...) how I'm going to have to complete my half marathon in a couple weeks. 

It was beautiful and warm today, 71 and sunny. I changed into my running clothes after I got home from Austin's basketball game this morning and hit the trail around my house. I ran through the neighborhood and on the trail and it was a great run. I came home sweaty and tired! 

I mentioned this on Instagram (run_this_weigh if you want to follow me) but the shirt I'm wearing in these pictures is a major NSV. Its a size Medium slim fit tank. Usually in workout tanks like that, I size up because they run so small and form fitting but I found this at Good Will over the summer and it was brand new with the original tags on it, I obviously can't pass up a deal like that! I decided to try it on today and was happy with the changes in my body. A couple months ago, it did NOT look like this. There were lots more lumps and bumps haha. I was very nervous about wearing it outside to run, because not only is tight but its also sheer.  Once I got out there and started running, I didn't care one bit about what everyone else thought (or didn't think, which is more than likely the case) While it definitely doesn't look perfect (yet)- I plan to keep these pictures and re-take them in a few months to compare and see the progress I've made.

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