Saturday, January 25, 2014

The past week

I had the best intentions of posting a few times this week, but I went back to work and so getting back to our schedule and routine didn't leave much time for getting the computer out. I think I'm gonna try blogging from my phone. Anyone tried that? Its a pain to type, especially cause I tend to ramble on a lot, but its so much more convenient than using the computer. 

Anyway- first things first...I'm not sure if I had posted about my foot hurting after all my runs, but it had been for the past couple months or so. It wasn't enough to make me stop running, but enough for me to make an appointment with a Sports Medicine doctor, just to check things out and see what was going on. My appointment was last Monday and after feeling around on my foot and doing lots of X-Rays, he determined I have a sesamoid fracture (you can google it if you're interested). He ordered an MRI to be done, which happened last night, and I'll go back sometime in the next week for my follow up. He originally (pre-MRI) said that if I was adamant about running the half marathon on Feb 9, and could handle running through the pain, then he thinks I'll be ok (in the long run). After he sees the results from the MRI we will discuss the final decision. I don't want to do anything to compromise my health longterm, but I've already signed up, committed to and trained for this race so if there is ANY chance that I am able to run- I will do it! 

As far as my training has been going, I haven't done any long runs in about 2 weeks (9 miles was the longest). I've been running 5-6 days a week anywhere from 2-5 miles each time. I want to make sure I keep a strong base. I don't work this Friday so I'm hoping to get an 11 miler in. The next week I'll be tapering so this is really the last chance I have to get a long one in.

As far as my eating is concerned, I have been keeping track of everything on MyFitnessPal (runthisweigh) and have been sticking to the cleanest diet possible. I'm not doing anything crazy or unmanageable in the long run- just lots of lean produce, fruits and veggies and whole grain. I'll post more on my meals and a few recipes this week. 

So far in January I've lost 5.2 pounds and we still have a week left. I'm meeting (and surpassing) all my short term goals as far as the scale is concerned and my clothes are also starting to fit and look a lot better. My skin is so clear, I sleep great and I have lots of energy. If you are currently in the beginning stages of, or haven't yet started, losing weight- I urge you to clean up your diet first and foremost. That is truly where you will see and feel the results the fastest. Clean eating, paired with lots of water and moderate exercise WORKS. I am living proof. Not only will you look better, but you will FEEL better. Give it a try for 2 weeks and tell me that you don't notice a ton of changes! 

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