Thursday, February 6, 2014

And the verdict is...

I had my appointment with the orthopedic surgeon yesterday and we reviewed both my x-ray and MRI results together. He agreed with what my original doctors diagnosis was (sesamoid fracture and edema) and he explained the anatomy of toes and feet and what bones and tendons to what and yeah, it was a lot of information. All very interesting and made perfect sense, but I'm sure y'all don't wanna hear all that ;)

Basically, he gave me a couple options but we both agreed that surgery was the best decision at this point. If I just try and let it heal on its own (by not walking or putting any pressure on my foot- explain how I would do that for 2 months?) it will just be a big waste of time. Both the doctor and the surgeon feel like the break is significant enough that it will NOT ever heal. Luckily, there is an outpatient surgery they can perform where they actually remove the sesamoid bone that is broken (those two smaller white circular bones located underneath my big toe, on the pad of my foot)
The picture below measures the break and makes a little more sense 
That curve on the inside of my foot below my big toe is not supposed to be like that. Some have a naturally protruding bone but when you compare it to my left foot, its significantly different. 
I should be gettting a call from the woman who does the scheduling this week, as soon as they get insurance approval. Because of work, I can't have the surgery until after the 21st. I'm hoping I can get in that following week. Not only do I want the pain gone (its really not fun, it hurts pretty bad and I'm doing my best not to complain 24/7) but I also want to start the recovery process sooner rather than later. I am anxious to get back to running and am scared to death what taking 4 months off is gonna do to my fitness levels. The procedure itself will take about 30-45 minutes and I will be released to go home the same day, it a hard cast. If I remember right, I'll have to wear the hard cast for 2 weeks and then come back in to have it taped/soft cast wrapped and wear a walking boot for an additional 6 weeks. He said if my recovery goes as expected, I should be able to run again in about 3 months post-surgery. So, the beginning of June assuming I have surgery the end of Feb/beginning of March. That seems like an eternity. But I'll live. 

I am going to devote the majority of my time to lifting weights (everything except things like calf raises, planks, etc where I'd have to flex my foot) and cross training by doing HIIT on the elliptical or spin bike. I learned tonight that I don't burn nearly as many calories doing that type of workout (compared to running for the same amount of time) but I've been reminded by a couple people that even though you don't burn as many calories lifting weights, you body will continue to burn calories long afterwards. I know thats true, but I'm a numbers girl (hence my obsession with the scale, average mile times, overall pace, etc). 

Along with revamping my workouts and doing what I can while recovering, I'm going to take this opportunity to really clean up my diet. I feel like I eat pretty good to begin with. But there is definitely room for improvement. I wont be able to spare any calories when I'm not burning as many, so I need to be very cautious and keep track of every bite. I have a bad habit of eating bites of the kids or husbands plate and although I log it on MFP, I could save myself several hundred calories over the course of a week if I'd stop doing that. I havent decided if I'm going to lower my calorie goal (currently set at 1500). I think I will keep it for a couple weeks and see how it goes. Any less and I feel starved some days. I'm going to really focus on eating as clean and whole as possible. Up my lean protein, fruits and veggies intake and cut back on the starches (even brown rice and whole wheat bread leaves me feeling bloated almost instantly) I'm not going "low carb", its just I know starches and wheat bloat me and make me feel yuck, so I need to work on eating less of them. 

I hope everyone is having an awesome week! If you haven't joined my #operation3500 on Instagram you definitely should! Our group of girls are rockin it this week and I love seeing everyones workout pics and progress. 

Tomorrow is Friday, people....and its a 3 day weekend! WooHoo!!!!!

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