Thursday, February 27, 2014

Baring arms

So Kara posted a picture of her arms the other day and said that they are her trouble spot. 

My arms (along with my thighs, hips and belly) are my trouble spot as well

Usually when I lose weight, I notice it first in my face and then in my arms. This time around? Not so much

My forearms don't bother me
My upper arms (shoulder to elbow) bother me a lot

This picture is actually flattering cause I'm flexing (I know you can't even tell) 
Theres lots of wiggle and jiggle and hang going on

I've been trying out different arm workouts but haven't found one I just LOVE yet. 

I want some Mama Laughlin arms! 

Anyone have an arm workout that they love and feel like it actually works? I want results! Not overnight, but just eventually

I feel like no matter how heavy I left, how many new exercises I do or how many times I up my reps, my arms are rarely sore the next day

I want that soreness. I wanna feel like I'm doing something!


  1. I found you through #fajitagate and #stopandgivemethirty as well (cityfarmmom).

    Have you tried ML arm workout she posted? I feel like it's a pretty good workout, but I, too, am often not sore the next day. Maybe that means we're just strong bad a$$es to begin with?!

    1. haha yes I'm SURE thats what it means :) no i havent tried ML workout, ill have to search her blog and find it!

  2. Lift heavy girl. Heavy enough that you can fail by 10 reps. I do my little rotation with 10-20lb weights. Seriously I don't have fabulous guns yet but I see definition in my flyceps. LOL

    1. i just bought a 15 lb dumbbell. i need to sit down and figure out a good rotation and then stick to it. i get so bored working my upper body!

  3. OMG. Your arms are NOT bad at all. If I posted a picture of my arm flat against my side, you would dry heave. Gross.

    I luuuurve you!! We will get sweet arms someday!!!!

  4. Search XHIT on You Tube! Quick workouts that I absolutely love!!! She has a coupke different arm ones, plus all kinds of others....and they are free!

  5. Are your sure your form is correct when you are lifting? I started taking a weight lifting class a few months ago and I learned that everything I had been doing with weights on my own was pretty much ineffective because I wasn't doing it right. Biggest thing I know I was doing wrong was lifting my elbow or allowing my elbow to move out when I was supposedly focusing on bicep or tricep muscles. One example, if when doing a bicep curl, your weight ends up by your shoulder or chin, you're moving your elbow too much. Keep that elbow tucked into your side and it should be at the exact position when you end as when you started. I know that when I look in the mirror when I'm lifting, it makes me certain that my form is correct. Hope that helps!

    P.S. I just wish my arms were your size! haha My upper arms are definitely one of my trouble spots! Along with my "spare tire". Ugh.