Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Curly Girly

The post in which includes 5, 346 selfies. Your welcome. ;)

My hair is really thick and up until a few  years ago would not hold a curl. If I just let my hair air dry, it looks like this: 
Not bad, but not exactly the "sexy, beachy waves" look I wish I could accomplish. It works on days I'm running late. And I have really grown to hate blow drying and straightening my hair because it takes SO long and I end up not liking the way it looks. It just looks blah to me. Heres a picture of it straightened, day 2 (didn't wash it the second day)

If I'm going to wear my hair down I would much prefer to have it curled. I have the curling wand which I love, but sometimes I'm not in the mood for super tight curls and I'm sooo not talented when it comes to using curling irons. I know how to do the basics. Barely. 

This is with my curling wand:

I found a 1 1/2" BedHead curling iron at Marshalls the other day and decided to try it. So naturally, when I put the kids to bed that night, I curled my hair before going to bed. Waste of time much?!

These are terrible quality pictures taken with my cell phone but you get the point ;)
One side natural waves, no brushing, air dried
Other side loose, big curls

Yes? No? Did I even curl it the right direction?

I thought it looked okay, I'll see how it looks once I curl both sides of my head :)


  1. I think it looks good. You're lucky to have some natural wave. My hair air dried looks like a kinked up mess. Seriously though. LOL

    1. mine does too, most days lol. those are the most flattering pics i could find haha. its so long and heavy the wave just settles at the bottom.

  2. Girl! You are gorgeous and i am totally jealous of your awesome selfie capabilities. 😛

  3. I'm pretty sure you deserve an award for taking the most amazing selfies! You look stunning in your pics. And I totally love the big curls on your hair, it suits you way better! Just don't forget to let it rest after every treatment; hair can get stressed too!

    Mattie @ The-Hair-Solution