Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Owl Be Sweatin- review!

I'm not usually a headband kind of girl. I have a TON of thick, long hair and headbands just don't do a great job at containing it all! I saw Kara at Two Ton Teacher mention how much she loved her Owl Be Sweatin headbands and decided I would give them a try! I contacted one of the owners and she generously sent me one to try out and review on the blog! 

I wore my headband for the first time to work last week. I am a big fan of the "haven't washed my hair in 3 days, messy bun look" so it was a nice sparkly addition ;) Kind of dressed up my homeless look. (In all seriousness, the girls I work and Wayman both like my hair in a messy bun the best. I am glad they can appreciate my laziness and not wanting to wash and dry this long, thick hair every single day).

Usually headbands won't stay on, as soon as I move my head back they usually start creeping up and eventually snap off the back of my head. I wore this one from 7 am until at least 9 pm and never had to adjust or re-place it on head. It stayed in place. One great feature of all the Owl Be Sweatin headbands is that they are adjustable. I might have had mine adjusted too tight cause I did have a slight headache by the end of the day. But I have no idea if it was actually from the headband. I loosed it up when I took it off so that the next time I wore it, it wouldn't be as tight. 

I also wore it for my race on Sunday. If theres anything I can't stand while running, its my hair blowing in my face. I have A LOT of hair. I mean a lot. It takes 2, sometimes 3 rubberbands to hold up my messy buns or pony tails. So this headband had a big job :)

This was taken at 3:45 am as I was getting ready to leave for the race!
I wore it a little too far back on my head (I like it very close to my hairline) so I did take it off and re-do it around mile 9. Otherwise, I never felt it move. It didn't itch or tug or slip around. 
I am a new Owl Be Sweatin fan, and I was given this headband for free in exchange for an honest review. I will definitely be ordering more, you should see the selection of super cute patterns! Chevron, polka dots, owls, sparkles...you have to check out their Etsy shop (OwlbeSweatin) to see what I'm talking about and follow them on Instagram (owlbesweatin) too!

The sweet owners have offered my readers 15% off their order, good through March 31. Use the coupon code RUNTHISWEIGH2014 at checkout.  Take advantage and order one (or ten!) of these (already very reasonably priced) headbands and I promise you will love it. I am going to buy a few more (for running and for everyday use). When you order, let me know which one you picked! Or tag me in a pic on Instagram so I can see it! (run_this_weigh)


  1. I am so glad you liked it! I seriously think I should be a PR rep for Owl Be Sweatin', I love their headbands so much! LOL! :) If you order more, post pics so I can see!

  2. Lots of hair girls unite. Ha! I have the same problem. Usually two in the pony and one for the messy bun. Thanks for the review I'm always on the look out for a great head band to keep my birds (fly-aways) in check.

    1. yep! im the same way! takes multiple rubber bands for a bun! and i cant even begin to tell you how many rubber bands ive broken lol!