Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Setting goals within your reach

Can I get an Amen?!

While I'm definitely guilty of striving to be a size 6, I am working on shifting my focus away from scale and numbers and more towards healthy and fit.

I'm currently a size 12 because I "outgrew" all my 10's during "The Great Weight Gain of 2013" (aka I gained back 15 pounds of the 75 I had lost). I started out at a TIGHT size 20 so I'll take a 12 over that anyday. I still have a LONG way to go, so I am not settling for a size 12 ;)

I was blessed with curves. I have never, and will never be, rail thin. And I am 100% OKAY with that. For me, I would rather a Kim Kardashian/Beyonce/Marilyn Monroe figure over a Leann Rimes/Olsen Twin/Sarah Jessica Parker body any day. 

I am not trying to lose weight in order to be "skinny". I want to be healthy and in the best shape possible. I want to try on anything I see in the store and feel comfortable in it. I want to wear a bathing suit without a coverup. I want to wear shorts without them crawling up. I want to wear form fitting T-shirts without a muffin top while sitting. Sure, a thigh gap would be great...but have you seen my thighs?! I have runners legs mixed with chub. Aint no thigh gap happenin there.

I want to keep my curves. I like having a defined waist and hips and not a pancake booty. I want to be firm and toned (ok and maybe a little smaller, lets be honest). I also want to keep pizza, cheeseburgers and banana split dates with my hubby in my life as well. So theres yet another reason I'm not aiming to be a size 0 in this lifetime. I like food, a lot. I am going to enjoy food and enjoy life, while making good choices that help my body instead of harm it. Pizza everyday? Negative! Pizza once in awhile? Well duh. Its all about moderation friends.

Cheryl Burke (Dancing with the Stars pro) has my dream body. And if I work hard enough and stay committed, I think I can get my body to look somewhat similar. We have the same shape. Granted, I've had two kids and lost a bunch of weight so I have stretch  marks and lose skin, but still- we have the same shape and frame.

Instead of working towards an unattainable goal (Ya know, the typical "I want to weigh 120 pounds and wear a size 2" goal everyone blabbers on about)...I'm striving for something within my reach. I know my body and I know what I'm capable of. So I'm keeping this picture and promising you here and now...that sometime this summer, I will post a side by side picture of myself and this picture and hopefully I won't embarrass myself. It wont be perfect, but it will be my best. Hold me to it girls! ;-)

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  1. I absolutely LOVE this! I feel the exact same way about my body type. My husband actually said something the other day along the lines of, "I don't think you'll ever be as small as you want to be." Of course I immediately whipped my head around at him with a "What?!" And he quickly did the, "No no, I'm just saying, your body has curves. I like them. I don't want them to go away." Lol I want to be comfortable with my curves. Embrace the curves! And not let them spill over lol!