Friday, February 7, 2014

Weigh day & trying something new

Good evening and HAPPY FRIDAY! 

My weekend started off pretty nicely when I stepped away from the scale with a 2 pound loss this week. I was honestly surprised and still don't really feel it (am the only one that literally FEELS lighter after seeing a lower number on the scale? Like I physically feel lighter as I'm walking down the street, even though its only 1 or 2 pounds...haha  I know, I know its all in my head. Thats ok)

I've been feeling bloated and just low on energy and kinda blah all week. A lot has to do with not being able to run. 

So I'm 56 pounds down, which means I have 45 left to go. I am still on track to meet my goal weight by the end of 2014 by losing 1 pound a week. Obviously I'd love to meet my goal quicker but I'm not rushing it and doing anything unhealthy or unrealistic. This is a lifestyle, I'm not doing anything to drop the pounds that I can't stick with for the rest of my life. A lot of times I feel like a failure since its taken me so long to lose weight. I mean we're going on 4 years this summer and I'm just over halfway to my goal.  It will NOT take me another 4 years to reach my goal ;) I try not to compare myself to others but its both encouraging and also irritating when I see people who've been able to drop 100 pounds in a year, doing the same things I'm doing. I know I haven't been 100% committed the entire 4 years, which would explain year long plateaus and a subsequent weight gain. Thats changing. 2014 is MY year :)

I posted this on IG a little while ago and have already received lots of great feed back. 

Its pretty self explanatory, but its another reason I've felt so blah all week. Whenever I eat anything like bread, rice, pasta (even whole wheat) or potatoes or popcorn, I almost always immediately feel bloated, gassy, sleepy and just wanna crawl in bed and sleep it off. Its a terrible feeling. Its like feeling like you do after Thanksgiving dinner. I don't eat huge portions of those things, even one serving makes me feel that way. 

I'm hoping that removing those things from diet will make me feel better. I know the first week or so will be difficult (who cuts carbs the weekend they are running a half marathon? This genius here.) but I am doing this in hopes to feel better. If it does help and I notiee significant changes, then its something I'm willing to change and deal with for the rest of my life. If I don't notice a difference, ya better believe I'm celebrating the end of 30 the days with fettucine alfredo and garlic bread on Day 31! Kidding (kind of). 

Hope everyone has a great weekend! I'll be back on Sunday night (most likely Monday) with a half marathon re-cap!


  1. Don't feel bad at having not reached your "final" goal. You've came a long way, baby! :) Good luck on stepping away from carbs; that would be so tough for me.

  2. Just wanted to say that I am so happy to see you blogging again :) I was following you/commenting awhile back and just noticed that you are writing again via Kara at Two Ton Teacher. Looking good lady!!