Sunday, March 30, 2014

Post-op, Days 9 & 10


Sorry I didn't post last night, I kinda forgot ;)

Wayman had a volleyball tournament all day so I was stuck (literally) at home with the kids all day. It was a gorgeous day and they were full of energy. My parents must have knew I was feeling "stuck" and they drove out to see us. We took the kids to the park, went to lunch and ran a few errands
It was the longest I've walked around and I felt good, but tired.

We came home and I laid down to rest while the kids played in their room. When they came out a couple hours later, my youngest had very visible pink eye and complained his ear hurt. The complaining quickly turned into tears :(

He ate a small dinner and took some Tylenol and ended up falling asleep on te couch in the playroom. Bella was there to make him feel better :)


A little #ootd for ya
Found these shoes for a dollar on clearance!!
Today we woke up, got ready and headed straight to urgent care. I knew he needed to be seen immediately. Almost 3 hours later, we had our prescription and were off to the pharmacy. 

We also did grocery shopping at Target & Costco so I was on my phone literally all day. It felt pretty good!! I definitely tend to favor the side of my foot, instead of the heel where I'm supposed to be walking so I need to work on that. 

Once the kids were in bed I decided I need to workout. It's been 10 days. I feel jiggly, out of shape and just not my energetic self. I did a 10 minute dumbbell and body weight circuit (push-ups, sit ups, modified planks, bicep curls, shoulder presses, leg lifts, squats, tricep extensions, hammer curls) and had planned on doing it 3 times but only made it through twice. I was a bit discouraged but I know I need to build my strength and endurance back up slowly. 

That smile means I burned calories! Only 100, but better than 0. 

After I took a shower I changed my bandage and it's looking really good. I wish I could scrub the ink and dried blood off. Soon enough!! I'm very happy with the way it's healing though.

That's about it! My days are pretty boring so I'm surprised anyone wants to read!! Thanks for sticking around, I appreciate it!!!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Post-op, Day 8

Whew am I glad it's Friday!! That means 2 days with other people in the house!! I get sooo lonely by myself all day. I cannot wait until I can get out and walk and drive again. Even a run to Walmart for toilet paper sounds exciting. And if you know me, you know how much I HATE Walmart!!

Friday is my weigh-in so as soon as I hobbled out of bed I jumped (ok, lightly stepped) on the scale....3.4 pounds LOST!!!! No exercise all week- whatsoever. Really goes to show that weight loss really does happen in the kitchen. My eating was on point all week, I was very proud of myself. Anyway, that made my entire day and I've been on cloud 9 all day (scale obsessed much?!)

I feel a little jigglier and flabbier than I did at this same weight a year or so ago (backstory: lost 70, gained back now I'm working to get those off, plus a few more). It's probably due to the fact that last time I was at this weight I was running like a crazy woman (and loving it).   Not being able to run much these past 4 months has resulted in some seriously jiggly thighs. But I do notice my stomach slowly flattening out. Without clothes on, well that's another story. 
Laid around with my foot up and got some computer work done and some bills paid. Then before I knew it my little guys were home from school!
He keeps reminding me he's gonna be 8 this summer. I keep reminding him that's not allowed. 
Shower tonight led to an unplanned bandage change cause my protective sandal and wrap got wet (whole in bag??) so I had to send my hubby on a late night Walgreens run for more bandaging. Oops. 
It's bruised on several places, pretty sore but more tender. The thought of setting my foot flat on the ground makes me wanna vomit. I just can't even imagine that happening an I'm scared my doctor is gonna make me try next week. 
It's bad lighting but it still looks about the same. The dark blue marks are ink from where the surgeon marked me up. I obviously can't scrub that off yet ;) but the incision looks completely closed and like it's healing well. 

Anyone have any fun plans for the weekend?? Goodness knows I don't! I'm gonna attempt a Costco trip on Sunday if I feel up to (on crutches, obvs) other than that, lots of playtime with my boys!!! 

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Post-op, One Week!!!

One week!! I made it past (hopefully) the hardest part. I have an annoying cough and my back is sore from laying around, so I haven't felt that hot today. Luckily I have a pretty cute snuggle buddy.
I took my protective sandal off for a minute at lunch time and realized my
Toe and foot are starting to bruise.
Of course that led to spending the next 2
Hours on google. I read several blogs of others who had the same surgery that they also experienced this bruising (which by the way is one of the main reasons I'm documenting everything, so others looking for info can read firsthand) 
I just felt blah and kinda light-headed and dizzy when walking around so my sweet boys played all afternoon while mama layed down. I never actually went to sleep but stretching out in bed was nice. 
All week I've made it a point to get up each day, get dressed and make the bed. I lay on the couch or in the recliner, not in bed. That would just make me feel helpless and screw with my sleep cycle. 

Tonight my parents picked the boys and I up and took us down the street to Wayman's game (he coaches high school Volleyball) let me tell you- it was ALL I could do to make dinner, feed the kids and keep them out of trouble (oh the fighting. Please let it end!) and get dressed to go- I was wiped out. That's more than I've done in awhile.
I don't really have any foot pain near the incision, that feels bruised and tender but not painful. The sore part is the outside and heel, from overcompensating when I walk. After my stitches are out, and the dr finds that I'm healing as I'm supposed to, I'll have to start "re-learning" to walk. Heel to toe. Since the bone that was removed provided stability and movement of the big toe, this will be interesting. I physically can't move my big toe, my brain tells it to move, but it just doesn't. It's not numb whatsoever, but it's like non-functioning! Weirdest thing ever! Anyway, the rest of my foot hurts from bearing all the weight since I can't put any weight on the ball. 

I seriously second-guessed going toyje game but I knew he would want me there and I like being there to support him. So I sucked it up. 
I laid on my bed til the absolute last minute!

Besides having to walk across the high school campus (totes my #stopandgivemethirty...I worked up a sweat girls!!). Walking on crutches, holding a purse and trying to herd two
Little boys was no easy and it took a lot out of me. 
And now it's bedtime!!! I am going to take it super easy tomorrow cause I feel like I overdid it today. So...yay for being on Instagram and Pinterest all day tomorrow!!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Post-op, Day 6

Tomorrow makes one week since my sesamoidectomy. I'm doing great besides being bored (hence the 5x a day posts on Instagram, run_this_weigh if you don't follow me) if you do follow me, most of these pictures you've already seen ;)

Breakfast: scrambled eggs with 2 oz ground turkey, Udis GF toast with zero calorie spray butter and fruit
After making the bed, picking up and starting a load of laundry, I retreated to my home away from home. This is my daily view from the couch
Would you believe that besides a few nighttime sitcoms (on the DVR) I have not watched any TV? I don't even turn it on!

I did get a cleaning bug an decide to sweep and mop the floors (just half the house). Mainly because my 7 year old wiped his muddy feet ALL OVER last night in attempt to "clean them off". Umm...where's the common sense kid?? Anyway, I made him clean it up last night but of course it didn't live up to my OCD standards (I did not tell him that) so I cleaned it up when he went to school. Much better. Oh, and he's grounded. Obvs.
I drank 108 ounces of water. And made hourly trips to the potty.

I found this on Pinterest and hopefully with the doctors OK next week, I'll be able to start this (modify the planks, push-ups on knees) and HOPEFULLY he'll let me start walking, even 10 minutes at a time!
Dinner: cabbage and kielbasa! Recipe on Instagram if you want it. SO yummy!!!
And I got brave and had Wayman change my bandage tonight after my shower. No fainting! Pretty dang proud of myself ;)
Yes, I have fat little feet lol. 
I didn't look at it up close this time, but Wayman said it looks about the same as Sunday. I'm not sure why that disappointed me, I guess I was expecting some miraculous healing. 

Anyway- all is well! And tomorrow is a whole lotta the same thing ;)

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Post-op, Day 5

Another good day!!! Same morning routine when the kids and hubs left- made the bed, washed the breakfast dishes, made a protein shake and then cleaned up a few quick messes around the house. It's sounds like a lot for someone who's supposed to have their foot up and elevated round the clock, but in reality it only took me about 20 minutes to do all of that. 

To throw a little transformation Tuesday here, I noticed my stomach felt flatter and less flabby today than it has recently. It's not due to working out obviously, so I have to attribute it to eating a little less than normal (1350 instead of 1500), eating minimal processed food (besides things like QuestBars) and drinking a crap ton of water each day (100+ ounces) SO anyway I took a quick belly shot as I was changing this morning (sorry for the panties!) and compared it to my January 1 pic. I was pleasantly surprised!!
There's probably about a 10 pound difference, I'll know for sure when I weigh on Friday. But i can definitely see a difference and that makes me happy :) the lighting is much better in the 2nd pic but you'll have to trust me that there really is a change ;)

(Who am I?! Posting half naked selfies 2 days in a row?! This won't continue. Promise. Modest Melissa is back. And she will keep her clothes on!)

My future sister in law came over and hung out all afternoon which made the time on the couch pass quickly. My brother did gooooood. Love her to death and she treats him better than I could
Hope for. She is a VERY welcome addition to our family!!

Dinner was a quick shrimp and snap pea stir fry over a little brown rice and about a tbsp of pesto. So good!
And then...I got to get out of the house and go to my version of Disneyland: Target!

Not being able to drive sucks. So my kind husband kindly agreed to drive me and tag along. And I got to scoot around on the electric cart. I felt slightly "special" but wouldn't have been able to walk around obviously 

Target is my happy place. 
And now I'm home, kids in bed, ready for Greek yogurt and strawberries while catching up on shows with my hubby. 

Post-op, Day 4

I'm 4 days out from my sesamoidectomy and I have to say that despite my limitations (walking without assistance, driving) I am doing fabulous.

The swelling is completely gone. The pain is totally manageable without Vicodin and I'm starting to be able to shuffle around without crutches for 5-10 minutes at a time. Just long enough to make the bed, change the laundry, fix a quick dinner, use the bathroom, etc. It's nice to have a little freedom ;)

Hubby and kids went back to school today so I was on my own all day. Soon as everyone left, I got dressed and put on a little makeup just to lift my spirits. Made the bed with the help of this sweet little thing 
After taking "before" pics in my bikini, fully clothed selfies were required to feel better about myself.
Yoga pants and old navy comfort tees are going to be my everyday wardrobe for the next month. Not complaining a bit, I love it!
Mascara and eyeliner can do wonders for your mood!
This thing maybe ugly but I would be helpless without it!!

Monday, March 24, 2014

90 days til Summer

I am {hesitantly} joining Val, Marcy & Jess for the 90 Days Til Summer Swimsuit Challenge. 

I am at a bit of a disadvantage considering I can't exercise much, if at all. But I am NOT letting that be an excuse. I know that weight loss is 80% nutrition, 20% exercise so I am going to give my nutrition 100% of my commitment and dedication. No cheat meals, no nibbles from the kids plates, no being lazy with my meal prep. 

Basically, how the challenge works is you get a bikini (well I assume you can use a one piece, but that doesn't show your progress nearly the same) take pictures of yourself (you do NOT have to post, but it will definitely help with accountability if you do!) and work your hardest during the next 90 days to rock that bikini and feel confident come the first day of summer. 

Now, I will never be confident in a bikini, just not gonna happen. I'm way too modest, have way too much flabby skin and stretch marks and my thighs, yeah...just not cute in a 2 piece. BUT...I got a bikini. And I took these pictures. And trust me, it ain't pretty. Warning you in advance. 

 I want to use them as a frame of reference. In 90 days I want to be able to look back at these pictures and see noticeable changes in my body. 

I look at those pictures and just cringe. And it makes me all anxious and nervous to even post them on the internet. I have to stop and remind myself that I've already lost 60 pounds. The pictures in this same bikini 60 pounds ago would have been even worse! I've come a long way. So even though these "before" pictures are embarrassing, it could be worse. I have 40 more pounds to lose in order to be at a comfortable weight for myself. If I continue to meet my weight loss goal of 1 pound a week in 2014, I will be at my goal by December. 

I will keep repeating to myself "This is a slow process. Results will not happen overnight. You've worked hard to get this far, now keep pushing. Dont. Give. Up."

So, there ya go! Expect to see MUCH less flab come June 21!!


Sunday, March 23, 2014

Post-op, Day 3

Tonight's update will be short and sweet, it's been a long day. 

The kids had their first big race today, a mud run obstacle course! They've been training, exercising and eating all their veggies in preparation for this day ;) they were both so, so excited!!!
It was pretty hard to get up and around so early and drive the hour to the race, but we made it! Wheelchair and all ;) I hated having to sit on the sidelines and not being able to watch them participate. At least I was able to get a good spot at the finish line :)
Kids age 4-8 had to have an adult run with them so my brother and his girlfriend stepped in for me and helped Austin while my husband helped Carson. 
They did awesome and had a blast. They have carried around their medals all day and plan to wear them to school tomorrow!

I came home and took a 4 hour nap which was nice! And looking at pretty tulips from my mother in law really brightens my day :)
Fast forward to tonight. My grandma made dinner and she and my parents came over to eat. It was delicious and so helpful. They left around 7 and we got the kids to bed, a couple loads of laundry folded and then my foot prepped to take a shower. I took a nice, long shower and was pretty wiped out by the end. When you've been sitting and laying 23.5 hours a day for 4 days, standing up without assistance for even 15 minutes is exhausting. I got out and got my pajamas on and sat down on the toilet for my husband to change my bandage. I propped my foot up on the hamper and was ready to get it over with. 
(I have to wear that rubber toe spacer for now because the bone that was removed is one that keeps your big toe from drifting over)

He got the bandages off pretty painlessly, despite it being extremely tender. 
I started feeling really hot and light headed and panicky once he started to prep it to get re-bandaged. I told him I was too hot and couldn't stay in the steamy bathroom any longer.
My foot was completely unprotected so I couldn't hobble to the bed, even with crutches. Not to mention the bathroom floor was wet from my shower. I was literally freaking out and panicking and ending up standing up on one leg, bracing myself against the counter. Wayman picked me up and went to carry me to the bedroom to bandage me up. 

All I remember is him picking me up, entering the bedroom and then....nothing.

I fainted.

He tried to catch me but I still hit my head and back on the wood floor (I fell flat on my back). He said I did some weird thing with my legs and they bent in all directions. (Can you imagine how good this was for my poor foot?!) He said I was only out a minute or so, but it was enough to scare him to death! He stayed so calm and helped me relax when I was woke up scared and confused. I've never passed out before so this was quite scary. I eventually was able to get up to the bed for him to check my foot and bandage it, but it was painful and exhausting. I was shaking and felt so out of it. 

My head and back hurt, as well as my foot. I was so proud of myself for making it all day without pain meds, and I'm back on them ;) 

I am so glad it wasn't worse. I don't think I'll change my bandage til I have to (the nurse said I didn't need to do it often, only if it was bloody/yucky, and it wasn't at all tonight)

I'm hoping for a good nights sleep after such a hectic evening! Hopefully tomorrow's update won't be quite as dramatic ;)

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Post-op, Day 2

Today was a good day. The numbness is gone and so the pain is noticeable, but its nothing unbearable. Just very, very tender and uncomfortable. I woke up around 8 and kindly requested breakfast asap so that I could take my pain meds. I'm pretty lucky to have a husband thats literally been waiting on me hand and foot. Not only that, but hes keeping up with the dishes, laundry and taking care of the kids. He has been a lifesaver! 

After breakfast I was dying to take a shower (its been a few days). He wrappped my foot up so it wouldnt get wet and I took a long hot shower. It was the first time I've stood without my crutches so that was a new feeling. The doctor wants me to put all the weight on my heel, obviously. Its not a normal way to stand/walk so it takes time to think about and actually force myself to do. I wouldn't say it was painful to step down on my heel, but I could definitely feel some uncomfortable tugging at the incision. 

I got dressed (aka clean tshirt and clean yoga pants) and sat down to do my hair, makeup and even a quick mani. Its amazing how much better you feel when you actually do those things. I wasn't doing a dang thing today but man it felt good to clean up and look presentable!

This is my view 90% of the day. I'm thankful to have big windows to look out front during the day. Only problem is the running trail literally runs RIGHT out in front of my house so all day long I get to sit on my butt and watch all my normal running buddies run down the trail in front of me. I tried to distract myself watching Frozen for the 10th time and checking Instagram and Facebook about a million times a day
I did my very best not to take any naps because I know thats what is helping me sleep well at night. I'm so exhausted by the time my head hits the pillow and end up sleeping so well. We watched movies, played games and hung out in the living room all afternoon. 

My wheelchair was also delivered this afternoon. My doctor ordered me one to use for the week, just so that I keep my foot elevated on the leg lift as I get around the house (or wherever) instead of hanging down when using the crutches. Thank goodness cause I am NOT a fan of crutches. Sore arm pits, lots of almost-falls and just annoying and frustrating in general. You will most likely NEVER see me in a picture in the wheelchair because lets face it, there is no flattering view. Major muffin top, ya know? Its not pretty at all, trust me ;) 

My parents brought a delicious dinner over, bbq chicken, mixed veggies and quinoa pilaf. Everything tasted so good and it was so nice to be taken care of. I am so thankful to have such amazing friends and family who are making sure we have everything we could possibly need. 
It was nice to visit with them for awhile and the kids always love when they come over. They left around 7:30, the kids took showers and then went to bed.

They are doing a MudRun tomorrow and so we will be up and out of the house early. I'm a little nervous to get out there amongst a big crowd of people in the wheelchair, I'm so afraid of someone bumping my foot but I just can't bring myself to miss my kids first "real" race. They are so excited and have worked so hard to train for this, that I just have to be there. I can't wait to post pictures!

I'm off to have my frozen bananas drizzled with sugar free syrup. I am logging everything on MyFitnessPal and trying to do my VERY best to stay within my calories, not to snack mindlessly and to keep up on my water intake (especially to try and counteract the nasty side effects of the pain pills). I have done good so far, but it will get harder I'm sure. I've never lost weight without exercising, but I know its possible. I am cutting my calories back a little (just 1400 instead of 1500) and I'm going to see how that affects the scale next Friday when I weigh in. I refuse to let this surgery set me back with my weight loss goals. I'm okay with maintaining, and actually kind of expect that. But I will NOT gain back those pounds that were so hard to lose in the first place. I hope I can report next Friday at least a small loss ;) 

Goodnight friends! 
(PS I'm tired and under the influence of pain meds, no proof reading or spell check is happening. Sorry!)