Saturday, March 22, 2014

Post-op, Day 1

I woke up the day after surgery feeling well rested and the pain was very minimal. It was more uncomfortable from the swelling than anything else. 

My youngest son was staying home sick with cold, so my husband (who took the day off) just had my oldest to get ready for school. After he took him to school, he came back home and made me breakfast in bed (woohoo! and its not even Mothers Day!!!)
Bella kinda likes mommy laying around all day :)
I got up and got dressed for the doctor, still feeling pretty good. I took a pain pill with breakfast and we left the house about 8:45

My appointment was at 9:30 and the nurse who assisted with my surgery removed the bandage to clean the incision.

WARNING: If you are squeamish about blood/incisions/stitches and that sort of thing, you might want to look away. Its not terrible but its still kinda gross

It started bleeding once she removed the bandage but she said it was probably just a scab that got pulled off. I didn't feel anything because my foot was still numb
She said the incision looked great but the swelling was pretty significant (normal and expected). Her instructions were to keep my foot elevated at all times and to stay off it it. Even my ankle is really swollen. When my foot hangs down (when I'm sitting upright) the throbbing is almost unbearable. It definitely feels a ton better when its elevated.

We stopped by the pharmacy and then got lunch and I was truly exhausted afterwards. For a girl who is always on the go with a ton of energy, I am not used to (nor do I like) being limited in my activity. I know itll get better each day though and my body needs as much rest as possible to heal. I spent the remainder of the afternoon on the couch. Iced coffee and puppy snuggles :) PS my walls really aren't bright green as would appear in the crappy iphone picture

My mother-in-law brought us dinner and a beautiful tulip plant for me. She stayed and visited for awhile and then it was bedtime for the kids. After they went to bed, I had a glass of wine and played a few games of backgammon with my husband and then I was OUT. I went to bed and slept great again. I am so relieved to be sleeping good because I was so worried I'd be too uncomfortable or be in too much pain. So far, so good. 

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