Sunday, March 23, 2014

Post-op, Day 3

Tonight's update will be short and sweet, it's been a long day. 

The kids had their first big race today, a mud run obstacle course! They've been training, exercising and eating all their veggies in preparation for this day ;) they were both so, so excited!!!
It was pretty hard to get up and around so early and drive the hour to the race, but we made it! Wheelchair and all ;) I hated having to sit on the sidelines and not being able to watch them participate. At least I was able to get a good spot at the finish line :)
Kids age 4-8 had to have an adult run with them so my brother and his girlfriend stepped in for me and helped Austin while my husband helped Carson. 
They did awesome and had a blast. They have carried around their medals all day and plan to wear them to school tomorrow!

I came home and took a 4 hour nap which was nice! And looking at pretty tulips from my mother in law really brightens my day :)
Fast forward to tonight. My grandma made dinner and she and my parents came over to eat. It was delicious and so helpful. They left around 7 and we got the kids to bed, a couple loads of laundry folded and then my foot prepped to take a shower. I took a nice, long shower and was pretty wiped out by the end. When you've been sitting and laying 23.5 hours a day for 4 days, standing up without assistance for even 15 minutes is exhausting. I got out and got my pajamas on and sat down on the toilet for my husband to change my bandage. I propped my foot up on the hamper and was ready to get it over with. 
(I have to wear that rubber toe spacer for now because the bone that was removed is one that keeps your big toe from drifting over)

He got the bandages off pretty painlessly, despite it being extremely tender. 
I started feeling really hot and light headed and panicky once he started to prep it to get re-bandaged. I told him I was too hot and couldn't stay in the steamy bathroom any longer.
My foot was completely unprotected so I couldn't hobble to the bed, even with crutches. Not to mention the bathroom floor was wet from my shower. I was literally freaking out and panicking and ending up standing up on one leg, bracing myself against the counter. Wayman picked me up and went to carry me to the bedroom to bandage me up. 

All I remember is him picking me up, entering the bedroom and then....nothing.

I fainted.

He tried to catch me but I still hit my head and back on the wood floor (I fell flat on my back). He said I did some weird thing with my legs and they bent in all directions. (Can you imagine how good this was for my poor foot?!) He said I was only out a minute or so, but it was enough to scare him to death! He stayed so calm and helped me relax when I was woke up scared and confused. I've never passed out before so this was quite scary. I eventually was able to get up to the bed for him to check my foot and bandage it, but it was painful and exhausting. I was shaking and felt so out of it. 

My head and back hurt, as well as my foot. I was so proud of myself for making it all day without pain meds, and I'm back on them ;) 

I am so glad it wasn't worse. I don't think I'll change my bandage til I have to (the nurse said I didn't need to do it often, only if it was bloody/yucky, and it wasn't at all tonight)

I'm hoping for a good nights sleep after such a hectic evening! Hopefully tomorrow's update won't be quite as dramatic ;)

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  1. Oh no you poor thing:( I hope you got/get some rest and no more fainting.